15:11:54 <knesenko> #startmeeting oVirt Infra
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15:12:05 <knesenko> #topic Hosting
15:12:16 <knesenko> #chair ewoud dcaro|mtg
15:12:16 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: dcaro|mtg ewoud knesenko
15:12:23 <knesenko> #chair orc_orc obasan
15:12:23 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: dcaro|mtg ewoud knesenko obasan orc_orc
15:13:19 <knesenko> ok
15:13:24 <knesenko> hello guys
15:13:27 <obasan> Hello
15:13:38 <knesenko> so ew are still working on hosting changes
15:14:12 <ByteSore> karimb: now it sais: Firefox can't connect to server on: wss://address:6100
15:14:21 <knesenko> dcaro|mtg: we have rackspace03 host that we are not using curently
15:14:29 <knesenko> dcaro|mtg: can we use it for something ?
15:14:37 <bkp> knesenko Here
15:14:46 <knesenko> #chair bkp
15:14:46 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: bkp dcaro|mtg ewoud knesenko obasan orc_orc
15:15:02 <dcaro|mtg> knesenko: was it reserved for gluster or something?
15:15:13 <ewoud> dcaro|mtg: it was intended to host more slaves
15:15:53 <knesenko> dcaro|mtg: it was reserved to expand our rackspace ovirt instance
15:16:15 <knesenko> dcaro|mtg: but we decided to move from this provider, so rackpsace03 is currently not in use
15:17:19 <knesenko> dcaro|mtg: any ideas where we can use it ?
15:17:21 <ByteSore> karimb: should i upgrade the hypervisors / clients for making this work?
15:17:57 <karimb> ByteSore, dont think so, it has nothing to do with them
15:18:25 <dcaro|mtg> knesenko: If it's not hard to do, adding it to our ovirt instance is still a nice work, we can use it for a new ubuntu slave, and one slave for network guys to test the functional tests
15:18:30 <karimb> ByteSore, you might be sure you can reach your hipervisors on their display ports fron the manager
15:19:12 <ByteSore> karimb: yeah i can, the normal Spice does work
15:19:13 <knesenko> dcaro|mtg: last time I tried to add it into our instance we were blockd on a ip address or something
15:19:24 <knesenko> dcaro|mtg: don't know ...
15:19:35 <dcaro|mtg> :/
15:19:50 <knesenko> #info need to check if we can add rackspace03 to rackspace instance
15:20:01 <knesenko> dcaro|mtg: any other option if we fail ?
15:20:27 <abaron_> iranzo: please file the bug
15:20:58 <dcaro|mtg> knesenko: we can use it whole as a slave
15:21:06 <iranzo> abaron_: sure
15:21:10 <knesenko> dcaro|mtg: +1 !
15:21:11 <iranzo> thanks abaron++
15:21:40 <karimb> abaron++
15:21:45 <knesenko> dcaro|mtg: I will try to install it as a hypervisor and if I fail will use it as slave
15:21:52 <knesenko> dcaro|mtg: it has 36 GB ram
15:21:54 <dcaro|mtg> (and free one of the vms so network guys can break that vm with the tests xd)
15:22:26 <dcaro|mtg> we might be able to enable gerrit triggered jobs again then, how many cpus?
15:22:36 <knesenko> #action knesenko try to install rackspace03 as hypervisor. if fails use it as jenkins slave
15:22:47 <knesenko> ok , I think no news on hosting
15:22:51 <knesenko> no more news ...
15:22:58 <knesenko> anyone wants to add something ?
15:23:43 <knesenko> #topic Foreman and Puppet
15:23:53 <knesenko> dcaro|mtg: ewoud something new ?
15:23:57 <dcaro|mtg> knesenko: we are still having some issues with the downsream minidells and the network.. the link between tlv and  brq is also oaded...
15:24:16 <obasan> dcaro|mtg, do you know what causes the problems?
15:24:40 <dcaro|mtg> obasan: I think that the link between tlv and brq is having too much load too
15:25:05 <obasan> dcaro|mtg, I hope it's resolved one the link @the office is upgraded
15:25:20 <dcaro|mtg> obasan: is still gonna be this week?
15:25:28 <obasan> dcaro|mtg, I think that if not this week then next week
15:26:41 <ewoud> knesenko: foreman was also updated to 1.4.0
15:26:58 <dcaro|mtg> \o/
15:27:05 <ewoud> knesenko: we had an issue where a cronjob was catching up with itself, but that doesn't appear to happen again
15:27:06 <knesenko> #info foreman was updated to 1.4.0
15:27:11 <dcaro|mtg> looks awwesome :)
15:27:14 <knesenko> ewoud: ok
15:29:30 <ewoud> knesenko: other than that not that much news
15:30:26 <knesenko> ewoud: ok thanks for the update
15:30:31 <knesenko> #topic Jenkins
15:31:13 <dcaro|mtg> it's upgraded to 1.548, but we have to upgrade again due a security issue, will do this evening
15:31:14 <obasan> hello
15:31:35 <obasan> I don't know if any of you saw the patch I sent for gluterfs for f19
15:31:44 <obasan> danken, you replied to my email asked why is the gluster not installed
15:32:09 <obasan> danken, it's a good chance ask , why should it be? if it's a dependency and the repository is configured it will be fetched automatically
15:32:25 <obasan> currently it breaks the vdsm storage tests
15:33:43 <dcaro|mtg> #info jenkins updated to 1.548
15:33:45 <ewoud> how are the dependencies installed now?
15:34:05 <ewoud> yum install vdsm?
15:34:09 <obasan> ewoud, yes
15:34:17 <obasan> ewoud, this job is new. and it fails when installing
15:35:00 <ewoud> then maybe it indicates a bug in the packaging?
15:35:28 <dcaro|mtg> #action dcaro to update jenkins to 1.551
15:35:35 <obasan> maybe. or an additional repository has to be provided to the f19 machines.
15:35:48 <obasan> I will reply again to the email.
15:37:06 <knesenko> #action knesenko create 3.4 nightly publishers for the 3.4 jobs
15:37:27 <knesenko> #action knesenko configure repomanage on resources.ovirt.org
15:37:32 <knesenko> anything else here ?
15:38:40 <knesenko> #topic release engineering and builds
15:38:55 <knesenko> sbonazzo: would you mind to join ?
15:39:04 <knesenko> release engineering and builds
15:40:09 * sbonazzo here
15:40:51 <knesenko> I want to discuss releases and builds here in our meeting since we need to provide an infra for it
15:40:51 <sbonazzo> knesenko:  we're composing 3.4.0 beta 3 since we have too many blockers for a RC
15:40:58 <knesenko> sbonazzo: ok
15:41:19 <sbonazzo> knesenko: ok
15:41:19 <knesenko> and I assume test day will be based on 3.4.0 beta you will compose
15:41:26 <sbonazzo> knesenko: yes
15:41:30 <knesenko> sbonazzo: ok good
15:41:43 <dcaro|mtg> knesenko: sbonazzo let me know if you need help
15:42:01 <knesenko> dcaro|mtg: ETA when you are going to merge between our tools to download builds form jenkins and koji ?
15:42:05 <sbonazzo> dcaro|mtg: actually I need patches to be merged and packages to be built :-)
15:42:12 <knesenko> dcaro|mtg: I can do it as well if you don't have time for it
15:43:01 <dcaro|mtg> knesenko: no idea, you can do if you want, and I'll review
15:43:23 <knesenko> dcaro|mtg: ok
15:43:53 <knesenko> #action knesenko merge between tools for composing repos on resources.oivrt.org
15:43:59 <dcaro|mtg> sbonazzo: hehehe, not sure if I can help with the patches, but if you have problems with the rpms I can take a look
15:44:19 <knesenko> also I would like to formalize build process for the releases
15:44:45 <knesenko> we have some maintainers that build their pkgs in koji and some of them are doing it via jenkins job
15:44:48 <sbonazzo> dcaro|mtg: thanks, but we're just waiting on vdsm rebuild and 6 patches to be merged for dwh, reports and engine
15:45:08 <knesenko> sbonazzo: is it possible to build engine in koji ?
15:45:30 <sbonazzo> knesenko: I don't think so
15:45:45 <sbonazzo> knesenko: we're not fedora building compliant
15:45:55 <knesenko> sbonazzo: ok ...
15:46:06 <sbonazzo> knesenko: but we can try and try to fill the gap
15:46:26 <knesenko> sbonazzo: I am just thinking what is the best for the project and what is the best for us to manage this
15:47:17 <sbonazzo> knesenko: I think that for packages shipped by fedora repository we should move the build on fedora koji system
15:47:36 <knesenko> sbonazzo: I have no ide awhat do we ship with fedora
15:48:02 <sbonazzo> knesenko: -sdk, vdsm, -cli, guest-agent
15:48:12 <sbonazzo> knesenko: and mom
15:48:25 <sbonazzo> knesenko: maybe others but I'm not really sure
15:48:34 <knesenko> sbonazzo: do we build them currently in koji ?
15:48:45 <knesenko> I know that vdsm we do build there
15:48:54 <sbonazzo> knesenko: they're built on koji for releases and on jenkins for nightly
15:49:04 <knesenko> sbonazzo: good ...
15:49:04 <knesenko> ok
15:49:39 <orc_orc> sbonazzo: after the meeding, if you have a pointer to some summary or bug of what is 'not fedora building compliant', I would appreciate seeing it
15:49:42 <knesenko> what else we can do to make our life easier ?
15:50:00 <knesenko> orc_orc: hey !
15:50:08 <orc_orc> knesenko: ;)
15:50:13 <knesenko> I remember you told me once you are good in packaging
15:50:15 <knesenko> right ? :)
15:50:29 <sbonazzo> orc_orc: I don't think we've a tracker for that, but to be fedora building compliant we should build all jars we ship from source as external packages
15:50:34 <orc_orc> knesenko: yes -- I did all but one of the nre stats reporting packages before I left for a week vacaion in the sun
15:50:41 <sbonazzo> orc_orc GWT included
15:51:23 <orc_orc> sbonazzo: I will poke at them then to see if I can relieve that constraint
15:51:32 <orc_orc> knesenko:  packaing and buildsystems
15:51:51 <knesenko> orc_orc: +1
15:52:03 <knesenko> orc_orc: let us know please
15:52:14 <knesenko> so what is left:
15:52:27 <knesenko> 1. Apply tarball rename to all jobs ... right sbonazzo ?
15:52:37 <knesenko> 2. Create 3.4 publisher
15:52:54 <knesenko> 3. test new layout with repoclosure and see what is missing and needed to be fixed
15:53:10 <knesenko> 4. Merge knesenko and dcaro|mtg tools
15:53:40 <knesenko> 5. Configure repomanage for the new layout
15:53:46 <knesenko> I think that's all ... right ?
15:54:19 <sbonazzo> knesenko: right
15:55:17 <knesenko> sbonazzo: dcaro|mtg ok will try to push all these
15:55:18 <knesenko> :)
15:55:56 <knesenko> thanks guys
15:56:04 <knesenko> have nice week
15:56:55 <knesenko> #endmeeting