15:50:00 <knesenko> #startmeeting oVirt Infra
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15:50:08 <knesenko> #topic Hosting
15:50:30 <knesenko> #chair ewoud eedri
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15:50:33 <knesenko> Rydekull: here ?
15:51:27 <knesenko> #chair obasan
15:51:27 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: eedri ewoud knesenko obasan
15:51:31 * orc_orc is here
15:51:35 <knesenko> #chair orc_orc
15:51:35 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: eedri ewoud knesenko obasan orc_orc
15:52:06 <knesenko> anyone from Kimchi project here ?
15:53:55 <knesenko> ok
15:54:00 <knesenko> so what do we have on hosting ?
15:54:08 <knesenko> eedri: want to update us a little bit ?
15:54:27 <eedri> knesenko, yes
15:54:43 <eedri> knesenko, well, as you all know we've been looking into migrating to another vendor
15:55:07 <eedri> knesenko, while current vendor didn't provide the support and performance we expected
15:55:51 <eedri> knesenko, we currently have an option to move to softlayer, but it seems that with the availiable budgent i'm not sure we'll be able to fully migrate like we want to
15:56:02 <jmoskovc> hey guys, the admin interface in my ovirt installation doesn't show any VM, the progress bar just doesn't go away, anyone has the same problem with the latest git? or possibly a solution?
15:56:14 <eedri> knesenko, i.e building a strong and reliable infra to hold all our servers and vms
15:56:47 <eedri> knesenko, so we're still looking into another possible hosting option that might solve it, but i don't have updates on it yet
15:57:04 <knesenko> eedri: ok
15:57:05 <knesenko> thanks
15:57:13 <eedri> knesenko, so i'm tending to wait a bit and try to get an answer soon rather than start migration to a new vendor
15:57:17 <fabiand> eedri, are there any special requirements a hosting options needs to fullfill for us?
15:57:21 <eedri> knesenko, and getting stuck in the middile
15:57:27 <knesenko> #info eedri is looking for a best solution for the infra. no updates yet
15:57:36 <eedri> fabiand, well, we talked about it quite a bit, but in general what we need is:
15:57:48 <eedri> fabiand, 1 strong VM to host the ovirt-engine 3.3 stable
15:58:10 <eedri> fabiand, 3 strong hypervisors to run jenkins slaves with various os's
15:58:36 <eedri> fabiand, and most important a storage server to support nfs/iscsi to serve both for automation tests and also as storage domain
15:59:08 <eedri> fabiand, hopefully we can add a production DC over the new engine and migrate all the vm currently on alterway to there as well and mange the alterway servers from it also
15:59:34 <eedri> fabiand, so we'll end up with a single manager that manages a few DCs
15:59:39 <fabiand> eedri, okay - thanks for the summary
15:59:42 <alinefm> knesenko, yeap! I am from kimchi
15:59:47 <eedri> fabiand, i'll also migrate the jenkins master into a vm once we can
15:59:49 <alinefm> knesenko, sorry for the late message
15:59:54 <knesenko> alinefm: hey
16:00:04 <knesenko> alinefm: want to join our meeting /
16:00:05 <knesenko> ?
16:00:17 <alinefm> knesenko, sure
16:00:18 <knesenko> alinefm: and after we can discuss the details what do you need etc. ?
16:00:22 <knesenko> #chair alinefm
16:00:22 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: alinefm eedri ewoud knesenko obasan orc_orc
16:00:40 <knesenko> alinefm: would you like to introduce yourself ?
16:01:16 <alinefm> knesenko, well, my name is Aline. I am Kimchi maintainer
16:01:29 <alinefm> Kimchi is a web-based application to manage virtual machines
16:01:39 <alinefm> https://github.com/kimchi-project/kimchi
16:02:06 <knesenko> alinefm: great ... !
16:02:09 <knesenko> thanks ...
16:02:15 <knesenko> lets continue guys
16:02:20 <knesenko> so anything else on hosting ?
16:02:38 <knesenko> ok
16:02:50 <knesenko> #topic Foreman and Puppet
16:03:03 <knesenko> ewoud: hello ! how are you ? any updates for us ?
16:03:22 <knesenko> obasan: ?
16:03:42 <obasan> knesenko, no updates from my end due to lack of time :(
16:04:07 <knesenko> ewoud: here ?
16:04:53 <knesenko> #info No updates for foreman and puppet
16:05:13 <knesenko> #action we need to work on slaves puppet classes to configure repos etc.
16:05:19 <knesenko> #topic Jenkins
16:05:32 <knesenko> eedri: obasan want to update us a little bit ?
16:06:33 <eedri> knesenko, well
16:06:44 <eedri> knesenko, i think dcaro mostly can update but since he's not around, i'll try to fill in
16:06:57 <eedri> knesenko, there has been a very disturbing jenkins issues in the past weeks
16:07:02 <knesenko> eedri: I will add my notes as well
16:07:13 <eedri> knesenko, mostly due to shifting to 3.4 and a high load of patches sent to master
16:07:38 <eedri> knesenko, in addition, network problems on tlv site which hosts all the minidells caused slaves to disconnect and fail tests
16:07:44 <eedri> knesenko, blocking patches from being merged
16:08:07 <eedri> knesenko, solution was to 1st disable some of the heavy jobs like findbugs per patch
16:08:30 <eedri> knesenko, second the executors on the minidells were reduced to 2, to avoid context switch an overloading the servers
16:08:47 <eedri> knesenko, also, dcaro installed ssh tunneling which improved the connectivity of the hosts
16:09:13 <eedri> knesenko, in general status is much stable now and better, though i think there are more slaves on rackspace that needs reprovision
16:09:18 <knesenko> eedri: so now all slaves from tlv site are using ssh tunnels ?
16:09:24 <eedri> knesenko, afaik, yes
16:09:26 <knesenko> instead of java ?
16:09:29 <knesenko> eedri: ok ...
16:09:33 <eedri> knesenko, need to sync with dcaro
16:09:46 <eedri> knesenko, in addition lots of jobs were cloned to run on 3.4 stable branch
16:09:51 <knesenko> #info dcaro updated the tlv slaves to use ssh tunnels instead of java
16:09:53 <eedri> knesenko, so we have now 3 versions supported
16:09:57 <eedri> knesenko, 3.3/3.4/master
16:10:19 <knesenko> #info jenkins support 3 versions 3.3/3.4/master=3.5
16:10:22 <knesenko> great
16:10:27 <knesenko> eedri: finished ?
16:10:28 <eedri> knesenko, also space was increased on resources.ovirt.org to support new rpms
16:10:41 <eedri> knesenko, i think we need to upgrade jenkins asap
16:10:45 <eedri> knesenko, to latetest LTS
16:10:50 <eedri> knesenko, and also update some plugins there
16:10:51 <knesenko> #info space was increased by quaid  on resources.ovirt.org
16:11:03 <knesenko> obasan: want to do that ?
16:11:13 <obasan> knesenko, sure
16:11:30 <knesenko> #action obasan upgrade jenkins server to latest LTS. send email before the outage
16:11:48 <eedri> obasan, please sync with dcaro and notify list before doing so
16:12:03 <obasan> eedri, +1
16:12:07 <knesenko> few updates from my side now
16:12:21 <knesenko> I am working hard to support a new layout for the repos
16:12:52 <knesenko> #info new git repo was created for release engineering purposes releng-tools
16:13:14 <knesenko> #info mom project was moved to autotools
16:13:44 <knesenko> #info new publishers were added to support 3.3 and master nightly
16:14:13 <knesenko> #info each job under packaging tab will collect a metadata for the job
16:14:38 <knesenko> #action knesenko prepare 3.4 jobs under packaging tab
16:15:05 <knesenko> I hope a new layout will be announced soon
16:15:13 <knesenko> that's all from my side
16:15:15 <knesenko> questions ?
16:15:45 <orc_orc> knesenko: there are a bunch of tools for repository management in yul-utils as I recall -- will the new layou6t integrate with those?
16:15:51 <orc_orc> yum-utils*
16:16:18 <eedri> orc_orc, i think knesenko code manages the layout of the dirs and copying of files
16:16:19 <orc_orc> they handle lifecycle, closure, and such
16:16:30 <eedri> orc_orc, less on repository mgmt, which afaiu is a post phase of it
16:16:37 <eedri> orc_orc, and maybe we can add it once it's ready, knesenko ?
16:16:51 <eedri> orc_orc, also maybe implementing a UI interface to it
16:16:59 <knesenko> orc_orc: I didn't looked into that ....mostly I worked on pusblishing rpms from nightly jobs to resources.voirt.org
16:17:16 <knesenko> orc_orc: but I am pretty sure I need to take a look on yum-utils ...
16:17:44 <knesenko> but that's will be my next step
16:18:07 <orc_orc> knesenko: ask if you need help as I am familiar with them and it does simplify automated lifecycle
16:18:13 <eedri> knesenko, orc_orc, i think once we have it ready, we can look into managing the repos with an existing utility, which was suggested by sbonazzo or brian in the list
16:18:34 <knesenko> #action talk to orc_orc regarding yum-utils tools to manage repos on a new layout
16:18:41 <knesenko> orc_orc: be sure I will ... soon :)
16:20:01 <knesenko> anything else ?
16:21:19 <knesenko> ok
16:21:39 <knesenko> I think we are done here .... a lot of updates and a lot of work to be done
16:22:09 <eedri> knesenko, what about kimchi
16:22:26 <knesenko> eedri: I am on it ... let me understand first what is needed
16:24:02 <knesenko> alinefm: :)
16:24:25 <alinefm> eedri, knesenko, we would like to have access to a jenkins server to create jobs for kimchi
16:24:30 <alinefm> nightly builds, builds before applying patches from mail list, ect
16:24:36 <alinefm> I know ovirt already has a jenkins server, maybe we could have a project for kimchi there
16:24:57 <knesenko> alinefm: we are limited in resources ....
16:25:11 <knesenko> do you have machines that we can add as slaves ?
16:25:56 <alinefm> knesenko, I can try to get ones
16:26:11 <knesenko> alinefm: that will be great ...
16:26:19 <alinefm> they need to have a specific configuration?
16:26:34 <alinefm> I think I saw something related to that on ovirt wiki
16:26:40 <knesenko> alinefm: no ... regular os el6 or fedora19/20
16:26:48 <knesenko> alinefm: we will handle the configuration ...
16:27:07 <eedri> alinefm, what we usually do is give project maintainers "power user" access to add jobs for the project on jenkins
16:27:07 <knesenko> alinefm: or one of your guys :) up to you
16:27:17 <eedri> alinefm, but like knesenko said, we're kind of low on reources right now
16:27:28 <eedri> alinefm, maybe as first step you can introduce yourself on the list
16:27:47 <eedri> alinefm, and talk about the kimchi project and what do you expect from jenkins/reousrces needed etc..
16:28:21 <alinefm> eedri, sure - I will do that as well
16:28:32 <eedri> alinefm, so once we'll understand what are facing we can plan it better and allocate resources
16:28:45 <alinefm> knesenko, eedri, do you have slave per projects?
16:28:53 <knesenko> #action alinefm send introduction email to infra@ovirt.org
16:29:03 <eedri> alinefm, in addition, you're more than welcome to join the infra team on a regular basis
16:29:09 <knesenko> alinefm: we have slaves that serves all jobs
16:29:13 <knesenko> all projects
16:29:20 <eedri> alinefm, we don't host too many projects that are seperate from ovirt
16:29:21 <knesenko> we are using labels for slaves ...
16:29:34 <eedri> alinefm, most of the jobs are testing core ovirt components like ovirt-engine & vdsm
16:29:49 <eedri> alinefm, all other jobs are mainly for packaging, except ovirt-node jobs
16:29:54 <knesenko> each OS has its own label ...
16:29:55 <eedri> alinefm, which has been there from the start
16:30:21 <alinefm> right, because more than fedora and rhel, kimchi also supports ubuntu and opensuse
16:30:38 <alinefm> in that case, I think a virtual machine with those OS can work
16:30:47 <alinefm> but more you already had this scenario
16:31:00 <alinefm> *but not sure
16:31:01 <knesenko> alinefm: eedri I am ending the meeting
16:31:05 <knesenko> #endmeeting