13:59:07 <knesenko> #startmeeting Infra Weekly
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13:59:08 <dneary> (I mean, you have that right in the wiki)
13:59:12 <dneary> hi
13:59:13 <mburns> eedri: knesenko: that was my assumption, but wanted to ask to be sure.  thanks
13:59:19 <itamar> dneary, I'm not sure if to be happy or sad ;)
13:59:19 <knesenko> #chair ewoud eedri dcaro
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13:59:24 <knesenko> Rydekull: here ?
13:59:40 <knesenko> #chair obasan
13:59:40 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: dcaro eedri ewoud knesenko obasan
13:59:50 <dneary> itamar, You're welcome, I think :-)
13:59:55 <bilias> thnx
13:59:57 <knesenko> dneary: hello ... want to join ?
14:00:48 <knesenko> #topic Hosting and Issues
14:00:53 <knesenko> Hi all
14:00:57 <dcaro> knesenko: now Im here :)
14:01:03 <knesenko> so lets start
14:01:17 <knesenko> last week dcaro installed new HDs on rackspace servers .
14:01:23 <knesenko> dcaro: want to update us ?
14:01:59 <ewoud> knesenko: I think Rydekull was looking at setting up gluster on it
14:02:17 <eedri> knesenko, yes, the HDs are already installed for 2 weeks iirc
14:02:18 <ewoud> knesenko: but he found out someone created a filesystem on it and ran into issues there
14:02:21 <knesenko> ewoud: yes I know ... I tried to ping him ...
14:02:36 <dcaro> yep, it seems that the hd on rackspace 2 was 'connected' but it lacks the raid configuration, I opened a ticket and we are gonna make sure we can use it after
14:02:52 <knesenko> dcaro: ok thanks
14:03:08 <knesenko> so team .. we need to decide what should we do with these HDs
14:03:20 <knesenko> dcaro: on which server we have RAID ?
14:03:32 <dcaro> knesenko: 01 has raid configured
14:03:44 <dneary> knesenko, As a chair, you mean?
14:03:47 <knesenko> ok so I assume 01 will be used for backups
14:03:51 <knesenko> dneary: yes
14:04:10 <knesenko> but what about gluster ?
14:04:17 <knesenko> which mode do we want to run there ?
14:04:18 * dneary is not bothered about being a chair
14:05:55 <ewoud> knesenko: I'd say we create gluster on it and create a backup VM on top of that
14:06:12 <ewoud> knesenko: I'd rather not log in to the hypervisor for backups
14:06:52 <knesenko> ewoud: so you mean we need to change the setup that we are running on rackspace servers right now
14:06:52 <eedri> ewoud, +1
14:07:03 <knesenko> right now we have local storage there ...
14:07:14 <ewoud> knesenko: we can combine them
14:07:34 <ewoud> knesenko: leave the current jenkins slaves on local storage, create a gluster volume on the new storage
14:07:45 <knesenko> ewoud: its impossible to add more than one storage domain into the local DC
14:07:46 <ewoud> knesenko: that's an extra storage pool we can create VMs from
14:07:50 <ewoud> knesenko: argh
14:08:05 <knesenko> ewoud: that's why we need to change the setup
14:08:08 <eedri> knesenko, can't we create another DC?
14:08:17 <knesenko> we don't have hosts for that
14:08:52 <knesenko> I think that we should export the slaves we have right now
14:08:59 <knesenko> remove the setup ...
14:09:03 <ewoud> knesenko: I think it could be worth it to change it, but I have insufficient experience with gluster to know if our jenkins slaves will run on them
14:09:03 <knesenko> create a gluster
14:09:17 <eedri> knesenko, where will you export it to?
14:09:17 <knesenko> and use this gluster volume for the engine setup
14:09:44 <knesenko> will create some tmp export domain or something
14:09:44 <eedri> knesenko, and since almost all of our jenkins slaves is running on rackspace now, how much downtime of the slaves are we talking about
14:09:59 <knesenko> hehee .... it depends ...
14:10:18 <knesenko> we need to prepare a plan for it
14:10:46 <knesenko> I think that the project can take 3-4 hours
14:10:47 <ewoud> exportdomain can be NFS
14:12:05 <knesenko> I think that it should be pushed asap
14:12:12 <knesenko> +1 from me
14:12:18 <ewoud> +1 from me as well
14:12:37 <eedri> i have a suggestion
14:12:44 <knesenko> eedri: yes please
14:12:45 <eedri> why not test it on a single host 1st?
14:12:53 <knesenko> eedri: test what ?
14:12:55 <eedri> so we'll still have a few vms running
14:13:03 <eedri> adding gluster storage
14:13:11 <ewoud> eedri: sounds like a good plan
14:13:13 <danken> sorry for popping into the meeting - could you add the EL6 gluster-3.4.0 packages to the nightly repo? ybronhei asked for that in vdsm meeting.
14:13:19 <eedri> you can create a new DC
14:13:25 <eedri> and move one host to there
14:13:33 <eedri> also - might worth asking rackspace for a 3rd host
14:13:36 <knesenko> eedri: possible ...
14:13:40 <eedri> only if for temporary
14:13:42 <eedri> for migration
14:13:49 <knesenko> eedri: that's why we need a plan
14:14:02 <eedri> dneary, can we request an additional host from rackspace?
14:14:15 <dneary> eedri, It's a question of budget
14:14:15 <ewoud> eedri: given the trouble we had with getting running, would that be better this time?
14:14:16 <eedri> dneary, it will reduce risk and downtime for migrating our DC to gluster storage
14:14:31 <ewoud> danken: I think that's possible, but is it for every EL6 host?
14:14:31 <dneary> eedri, Do you know how much it would cost?
14:14:36 <eedri> dneary, if only as temporaray
14:14:42 <eedri> dneary, no idea
14:15:00 <knesenko> #action knesenko create a plan for gluster and engine installation/migration for rackspace servers
14:15:04 <knesenko> next ....
14:15:07 <dneary> eedri, We can take it up with Red Hat IT; we could also take it up with the board
14:15:10 <knesenko> anything else on hosting ?
14:15:16 <eedri> danken, nighlies builds are for projects built from jenkins
14:15:25 <dneary> We'd need to document everything that's on the existing servers first, to show they're all over-subscribed
14:15:35 <eedri> danken, since we're not building gluster, i don't think that the place for it.
14:15:55 <eedri> danken, users should have another repo enabled with those (we can add it to stable/testing(
14:16:11 <knesenko> #topic Foreman and Puppet
14:16:18 <knesenko> ewoud: dcaro any news here ?
14:16:26 <eedri> dneary, yes, any specific contact?
14:16:40 <dneary> eedri, I've been dealing with Jim Strong in the past
14:16:43 <knesenko> ewoud: dcaro any chance we merge this 0- http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/16907/ :) :)
14:16:45 <dneary> We should CC Itamar too
14:16:46 <eedri> dneary, same here
14:16:58 <dcaro> knesenko: not on my side, I played a littel with r10k, but haven't finished anything yet
14:17:06 <ewoud> knesenko: same here
14:17:20 <knesenko> so lets merge the patch ...
14:17:21 <eedri> #action eedri to query on request an additonal server on rackspace for migration to gluster DC
14:17:22 <knesenko> :) ?
14:17:28 <knesenko> eedri: +1
14:17:47 <knesenko> eedri: update me with the answer ... or cc me to the email ...
14:17:47 <dneary> We could also ask on the board list
14:18:29 <Yamakasi> mburns: yes I looked into that but I was not able to figure it out
14:18:43 <Yamakasi> mburns: some sort of screencast ?
14:18:55 <knesenko> #topic Jenkins
14:18:57 <danken> eedri: frankly, I find this convincing. If you work with nightlies, you're probably crazy enough to download gluster yourself.
14:19:01 <danken> eedri: thanks.
14:19:09 <knesenko> eedri: dcaro obasan news here ?
14:19:17 <mburns> Yamakasi: basically, yes
14:19:34 <knesenko> ewoud: please merge the ntp patch ... or abandon it :)
14:19:36 <ewoud> danken: I am wondering, since we use the EL6 slaves for all versions if it won't conflict
14:19:47 <eedri> knesenko, we had an open issue on migrating network functional test to per patch
14:19:53 <ewoud> knesenko: will do after the meeting
14:19:58 <dcaro> knesenko: we have a new job for ovirt-log-collector, just checks pep8
14:20:28 <knesenko> dcaro: yes saw it today :) and it works :)
14:20:34 <eedri> danken, anyone picking up on that? i think giseppua isn't available anymore?
14:21:50 <danken> eedri: sorry for not being attentive - I need some context.
14:22:15 <eedri> danken, last week giusspa (sorry for misspelling) enabled the network function tests on jenkins
14:22:26 <eedri> danken, we talked about converting it to run per patch on only network patches
14:22:47 <eedri> danken, so he had an action item to provide us a way to different network patches from others
14:22:57 <eedri> knesenko, we have another issue on jenkins
14:23:29 <eedri> knesenko, http://jenkins.ovirt.org/job/ovirt_db_report_engine/ stopped working after the f18-vm02 from ec2 went offline
14:23:47 <eedri> knesenko, it seems that it used local install / files on that specific vm
14:24:11 <eedri> knesenko, i'm not sure if anyone is still using that job, but we need to send email to engine-devel and ask if it's still relevant
14:24:46 <eedri> in that case, we can either start the vm and restore that data or the owner of the job should create a puppet class to enable running that job on any vm
14:24:58 <knesenko> eedri: yes ...
14:25:00 <dcaro> eedri: I think that job was created by Libor, he also left
14:25:02 <danken> eedri: I see no reason to limit it to network patches.
14:25:07 <knesenko> eedri: are you taling about - /var/lib/dbreport/schemaspy.sh ?
14:25:12 <eedri> knesenko, yes
14:25:24 <knesenko> eedri: ok .... can you send the email regarding the job ?
14:25:29 <danken> eedri: if the test eats too much cpu we can limit its rate to once an hour
14:25:30 <eedri> knesenko, not sure if it's something custom or install
14:25:41 <eedri> danken, it's not cpu i'm worried about
14:25:46 <eedri> danken, it's capacity
14:25:53 <knesenko> #action eedri send email regarding http://jenkins.ovirt.org/job/ovirt_db_report_engine
14:26:00 <eedri> danken, and amount of patches running on jenkins
14:26:09 <knesenko> other issues regarding jenkins ?
14:26:35 <danken> so limit this job's rate to once in 2 hours.
14:26:55 <knesenko> #topic Other Issues
14:26:58 <eedri> danken, i'm not sure we can, dcaro ^
14:27:03 <knesenko> ok guys .... other issues ?
14:27:05 <eedri> knesenko, wait, there's another jenkins issue
14:27:17 <eedri> knesenko, i've enabled another per patch job - engine unit tests
14:27:37 <eedri> knesenko, so now we have 3 verifies on each patch (findbugs, unit tests, checkstyle)
14:27:53 <eedri> knesenko, actually we can disable checkstyle if unit tests now runs
14:28:02 <knesenko> eedri: sounds good
14:28:29 <dcaro> eedri: danken: I don't know of any way of limiting the number of job runs per hour, not sure if it's useful either, will you queue them ot just discard the ones out of quota?
14:28:56 <eedri> dcaro, danken i agree, i think jenkins will trigger a job once a gerrit event will happen
14:29:52 <knesenko> anything else guys ?
14:31:19 <eedri> knesenko, trac tickets?
14:32:11 <knesenko> I don't think that somebody touched tickets
14:32:45 <knesenko> eedri: we can check the status of the assigned tickets
14:32:47 <eedri> knesenko, we should probably review them, so if some can be closed
14:32:52 <eedri> knesenko, or are still relevant
14:33:00 <knesenko> I didn't had time to work on my tickets
14:33:24 <knesenko> eedri: ok
14:36:44 <knesenko> #endmeeting