15:01:03 <quaid> #startmeeting oVirt Infra weekly
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15:01:41 <quaid> #chair eedri_ Rydekull ewoud
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15:01:51 <quaid> ewoud: I see you are out, hope you feel better soon!
15:02:19 <quaid> #topic Roll call & agenda
15:03:35 <quaid> hmm, no revised agenda
15:03:41 * Rydekull is here
15:03:43 <quaid> * Introductions
15:03:52 <quaid> * Hosting
15:03:55 <quaid> * Puppet
15:03:57 <quaid> * Jenkins
15:04:03 <quaid> * Other business
15:04:07 <quaid> * Trac ticket review
15:04:16 * Rydekull is in a installation of a infiniband cluster, but is here
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15:05:26 <quaid> looks like we might be scant of people,
15:05:34 <quaid> so I'll try to be quick :)
15:06:33 * dcaro is here
15:07:04 <quaid> ok, let's roll on
15:07:08 <quaid> howdy dcaro
15:07:19 <quaid> #topic Introductions
15:07:38 <quaid> is there anyone new here who wants to introduce themselves?
15:08:32 <quaid> I'll take that as a no
15:08:50 <quaid> http://etherpad.ovirt.org/p/new-infra-member-steps
15:09:05 <quaid> #info still working on the new infra member documentation
15:09:13 <quaid> moving on ...
15:09:16 <bigclouds> what do you mean?
15:09:20 <bigclouds> quaid:
15:09:33 <quaid> bigclouds: sorry, which part?
15:09:50 <Rydekull> bigclouds: We are having a oVirt Infrastructure team meeting :-)
15:10:06 <Rydekull> bigclouds: if you're wondering what's happening
15:10:10 <quaid> oh, right, that may not be clear :)
15:11:05 <quaid> #topic Hosting
15:11:37 <quaid> #info I'm still working my way through getting proper access & understanding how to do stuff with RackSpace; I'll get that auth cleared up today
15:11:44 <Rydekull> \o/
15:12:29 <quaid> #info we have an open point on the mailing list about "why not use CentOS 6.4 and the latest 3.2.1 oVirt packages instead of F18"
15:13:02 <Rydekull> The only reason, afaik, nested virtualization, I havnt had time to try it with CentOS 6.4 yet
15:13:21 <dcaro> eedri told me that he's starting to install an engine on alterway2, but he's having some problems and needs to debug it
15:13:47 <dcaro> (all in one got installed but host installation failed)
15:14:29 <quaid> #info eedri working on installing engine on alterway02, running in to some problems
15:14:50 <quaid> Rydekull: right, we were going for F18 to get nested virt
15:14:56 <Rydekull> Afaik
15:15:09 <Rydekull> But if that works with CentOS 6.4, we dont have a reason
15:15:31 <quaid> right
15:16:44 <Rydekull> (but, I havnt had time to check oVirt-mails the last few days either)
15:16:51 <Rydekull> Im lagging behind on that
15:17:21 <quaid> heh, well, I'll probably do whatever is easy when I get to that point, probably go back to CentOS for it
15:18:13 <quaid> ok, anything more on hosting topic?
15:18:23 <Rydekull> Not as far as I know
15:18:49 <dcaro> not on my side
15:20:08 <quaid> #topic Puppet
15:20:29 <quaid> #info we need to get VMs on alterway02 to start creating the Puppet services
15:21:48 <quaid> I don't have anything else on Puppet :)
15:22:53 <quaid> and ewoud isn't here, so we can move on
15:23:16 <quaid> #topic Jenkins
15:23:24 <quaid> #info Jenkins master has moved, EC2 instance is shutdown
15:23:41 <quaid> #info Jenkins slaves are still waiting on rackspace01 installation
15:24:00 <quaid> anyone using the new Jenkins?
15:24:07 <quaid> found it to be any faster, better, any difference?
15:24:33 <dcaro> I think it's a little faster, but not too much
15:26:44 <quaid> ok, time will tell :)
15:26:50 <quaid> anything else on this topic?
15:28:20 <quaid> #topic Any other business?
15:28:23 <apuimedo_> vszocs: http://paulrouget.com/e/devtoolsnext/
15:28:32 <quaid> I'll leave that open for a moment while I get up the Trac tickets
15:29:03 <quaid> I'm working on http://etherpad.ovirt.org/p/new-infra-member-steps right now too
15:29:15 <quaid> will paste that to a wiki page and link it in at the end of the meeting today
15:29:33 <Rydekull> Ok, I havnt had time to review
15:29:38 <Rydekull> been a really busy last week :-)
15:30:24 <quaid> no worries
15:30:46 <quaid> #topic Trac ticket review
15:30:48 <quaid> https://fedorahosted.org/ovirt/report/1
15:31:06 <quaid> I'll just run through the open tickets, give some context here, might help when others read the minutes
15:31:29 <quaid> https://fedorahosted.org/ovirt/ticket/17
15:31:33 <Rydekull> Let me know if there is any ticket you think I should focus on
15:31:37 <quaid> #info Backups - what, where, when
15:32:38 <quaid> Rydekull: that might be a good one, we need to figure out a backup solution with the new hosting
15:33:08 <Rydekull> Right, so you want me to draw up an architechture for the backup for everything? Or some specific items?
15:33:26 <Rydekull> Cause well, if we want it for 'everything' we need to first specify what 'everything' is
15:33:31 <quaid> I guess everything, for now, so we can look at the whole picture
15:33:34 <quaid> exactly :)
15:34:21 <quaid> do you want to throw some ideas out to the mailing list first?
15:34:39 <Rydekull> I'll start in the end of documentation of current hosts
15:34:58 <quaid> ok
15:35:13 <Rydekull> Cause for each host we need to specify the services running
15:35:21 <Rydekull> and when we've got that, we can figure out, which one we want to backup
15:35:30 <Rydekull> and when we've got that, I can work on getting it backed up
15:35:42 <quaid> right
15:36:23 <quaid> http://etherpad.ovirt.org/p/new_hosting_design_Jan_2013 is probably the closest picture of what is/will be
15:37:17 <quaid> https://fedorahosted.org/ovirt/ticket/25
15:37:25 <quaid> #info Fix users@ovirt.org archives
15:37:49 <quaid> #info quaid lost the copy of the archive he was using to restore, needs to get a new copy
15:39:46 <quaid> https://fedorahosted.org/ovirt/ticket/31
15:40:08 <quaid> #info Licensing (rights) link disappears when graphic is not used
15:40:35 <quaid> garrett_: we've got a few open wiki theme items, I wonder ... should we be updating to a new version?
15:40:47 <garrett_> quaid: yes, good question
15:41:00 <garrett_> quaid: I've merged in fixes and fixed a few myself over the past week
15:41:24 <garrett_> even fixed one about an hour or so ago (and need to push that one back "upstream" to the strapping repo on OSAS)
15:41:47 <garrett_> quaid: so: TL;DR: yes! (:
15:42:08 <quaid> garrett_: after we update we can confirm if we still have these few bugs, if we do, where can I report them?
15:42:10 <garrett_> quaid: we might find some more issues porting it back over, but it should work
15:42:24 <garrett_> https://github.com/OSAS/strapping-mediawiki/issues
15:42:42 <quaid> #info use github to file any issues with mediawiki theme
15:42:43 <quaid> thanks
15:43:49 <quaid> https://fedorahosted.org/ovirt/ticket/6
15:43:55 <garrett_> quaid: I am actively working on Strapping for the next few weeks
15:43:59 <quaid> #info Setup puppet and foreman
15:44:03 <garrett_> (fwiw)
15:44:05 <quaid> garrett_: great
15:44:21 <quaid> #info Puppet and Foreman setup is in the works on the new servers
15:44:34 <quaid> https://fedorahosted.org/ovirt/ticket/27
15:44:51 <quaid> #info Obtain entitlements for RHEL for Infrastructure hosts at RackSpace
15:45:01 <quaid> #info quaid taking over this ticket, getting some progress
15:45:26 <quaid> https://fedorahosted.org/ovirt/ticket/28
15:45:35 <quaid> #info SSL for ovirt.org subdomains
15:45:50 <quaid> #action quaid needs to file a ticket with the RHT IT folks to work through this
15:46:32 <quaid> https://fedorahosted.org/ovirt/ticket/21
15:46:41 <quaid> #info Search field made visible when window is slim
15:46:52 <quaid> #info another item to doublcheck after updating theme
15:47:12 <quaid> https://fedorahosted.org/ovirt/ticket/38
15:47:24 <quaid> #info nightly job issue at fedora-18?
15:48:56 <quaid> alonbl: is that still a problem?
15:50:54 <alonbl> quaid: no
15:51:05 <alonbl> quaid: nothing was fixed, and it started to work...
15:51:36 <alonbl> quaid: thanks.
15:53:09 <quaid> ok, I'll close it, thanks
15:53:52 <quaid> ok, I'm  going to stop going through tickets
15:54:01 <quaid> as we're nearly done with the hour
15:54:14 <quaid> I want to finish up the few things I have open
15:54:26 <quaid> I'll close the meeting in a minute or so too
15:54:35 <Rydekull> :-)
16:05:14 <quaid> #endmeeting