15:03:24 <quaid> #startmeeting oVirt Infra weekly
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15:03:27 <Rydekull> the only question is, what timezone is the meeting following :-P
15:03:32 <quaid> right
15:03:33 <Rydekull> I always assume CET
15:03:51 <quaid> oh, it actually is written down as following EST
15:04:08 <quaid> but that can change to match the needs of the actual regular attendees, i think
15:04:33 <quaid> #chair ewoud Rydekull dcaro eedri
15:04:33 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: Rydekull dcaro eedri ewoud quaid
15:04:34 <ewoud> let's do the agenda and make the meeting time a topic
15:04:40 <quaid> +1
15:04:45 <quaid> go ahead if you are ready
15:04:53 * quaid not organized :)
15:04:57 <dcaro> +1
15:05:00 * ewoud neither
15:05:15 <ewoud> normally at $dayjob where I have bookmarks, but a day off isn't bad either
15:05:42 <ewoud> from http://www.ovirt.org/Infrastructure_team_meetings#2013-03-11
15:05:47 <ewoud> Introductions
15:05:47 <ewoud> New member process
15:05:47 <ewoud> New documentation live?
15:05:47 <ewoud> Hosting
15:05:47 <ewoud> rackspace01 installed?
15:05:50 <ewoud> Puppet
15:05:52 <ewoud> Summarize the ML thread
15:05:55 <ewoud> Jenkins
15:05:57 <ewoud> How is migration? Ready for DNS switch?
15:06:00 <ewoud> Other business?
15:06:02 <ewoud> Trac review
15:06:16 <ewoud> and meeting time before Other business
15:06:26 <ewoud> anything else?
15:06:46 <ewoud> I'll take that as a no
15:06:50 <ewoud> #topic introductions
15:07:01 <ewoud> any new people?
15:07:49 <ewoud> guessing not
15:07:54 <ewoud> #topic new member process
15:07:54 <Rydekull> Not as far as I know
15:08:07 <ewoud> I did not see any replies to my mail
15:08:45 <Rydekull> no intention to be a /ignore, just a /busy :-)
15:08:55 <ewoud> also noticed http://www.ovirt.org/Infrastructure_team_administrators has a list of SSH keys, but that may be dangerous if anyone can edit it and people copy paste
15:09:32 <quaid> ah, that's a good point
15:09:38 <quaid> we could protect the page, or just be careful with history
15:10:07 <Rydekull> Well
15:10:08 <Rydekull> honestly
15:10:16 <Rydekull> if people use keys without a password
15:10:22 <Rydekull> they ought to be shot anyway, imho
15:10:28 <ewoud> how about we add the public keys to a puppet git repo
15:10:39 <ewoud> Rydekull: that's not the point
15:10:41 <Rydekull> I think its good to have it centrally collected, but we dont have to have it on the wiki, a pointer on the wiki though
15:10:53 <quaid> whichever way actually works for us, puppet makes sense since we're going to create accounts from it
15:11:06 <ewoud> if someone gives them access by copy-pasting the public key from that page you give that key access
15:11:34 <ewoud> but if some attacked changed the key on the wiki page, you've given the attacker access
15:11:36 * eedri here
15:11:45 <eedri> sorry my irc client got freezed
15:12:18 <ewoud> I intended to start work on the puppet repo, but /busy here as well
15:12:50 <ewoud> I did update my foreman instance and installed ovirt on my desktop to play, but haven't gotten around to combining the 2, but that's for a later topic
15:12:57 <Rydekull> Anyway, $topic?
15:13:30 <ewoud> yes, I'd like a simple list of steps we follow when we have a new infra team member
15:13:59 <Rydekull> I agree, I wanted that when I started ;-)
15:14:10 <quaid> should we do that in etherpad right now?
15:14:38 <ewoud> not sure if we should do it now or after the meeting
15:14:48 <quaid> http://etherpad.ovirt.org/p/new-infra-member-steps
15:14:50 <Rydekull> After, +1
15:15:00 <quaid> how about we do it in parallel, we can move on topics, but if anyone wants to work that we can
15:15:11 <ewoud> can we quickly go through the agenda and at the end we come back
15:15:24 <dcaro> ok
15:15:37 <ewoud> #topic hosting
15:15:43 <ewoud> quaid: is rackspace01 installed?
15:15:59 * quaid hangs his head in shame
15:16:05 <quaid> nope /busy here too
15:16:20 <quaid> but I do foresee a nice block of time today !
15:16:54 <quaid> I'm honestly not sure if I can just hand off the task to someone else, I haven't determined how the access works yet
15:17:18 <Rydekull> well, you're the only one who can determine that :-P
15:17:33 <quaid> #action quaid to figure out the mystery of RackSpace today to make progress on the install
15:17:37 <quaid> true that
15:17:44 <ewoud> I have some time today since in March and April I'm taking the mondays off
15:18:09 * ewoud built up some spare vacation days he has to use before July
15:18:28 <ewoud> quaid: so please ping me if you need help
15:19:00 <ewoud> I think there's nothing else to discuss on hosting, we just need to do the work now
15:19:08 <Rydekull> yes
15:20:04 <ewoud> #topic puppet
15:20:59 <ewoud> as I said before, updated foreman.ekohl.nl and now in the process of adding a few clients so we can set up our puppet git repo
15:21:25 <ewoud> if you want an account there, poke me in a query
15:22:12 <ewoud> anything else?
15:22:22 <dcaro> I vote for using programmatic puppet modules (no data inside) and using foreman as a data source, using parameters or even as hiera backend
15:22:34 <ohadlevy> dcaro: +1
15:22:35 <ewoud> dcaro: +1
15:22:57 <ewoud> not sure how easy we can achieve this in the start, but it should certainly be a goal
15:23:41 <ewoud> the first thing I'd like to puppetize is the user accounts btw
15:23:58 <ewoud> least invasive for running services and we need it everywhere
15:24:12 <quaid> #agreed to us programmatic puppet modules (no data inside) and use foreman as a data source
15:24:20 <dcaro> ok, I can help there too
15:24:20 <eedri> +1
15:24:25 <eedri> me too
15:24:25 <quaid> +1
15:24:53 <ewoud> ok, next topic?
15:25:04 <ewoud> #topic jenkins
15:25:15 <ewoud> the DNS is over
15:25:33 <ewoud> is the VM also off?
15:25:41 <ewoud> old amazon master that is
15:26:04 <eedri> i sent request to itamar
15:26:09 <eedri> to shut it
15:26:35 <quaid> yay
15:26:44 <ewoud> very good :)
15:26:55 <eedri> hopefully we'll shut them all! (after we have ovirt running :)
15:27:20 <ewoud> I'm not aware of anything else we need to discuss
15:27:31 <eedri> functional tests?
15:27:42 <eedri> i saw a thread on it, not sure its for infra though
15:27:46 <ewoud> that needed disk space?
15:28:00 <eedri> no, adding new tests to jenkins using igord service
15:28:03 <ewoud> oh right, that one
15:28:03 <eedri> similar to ovirt-node
15:28:55 <ewoud> http://lists.ovirt.org/pipermail/infra/2013-March/002292.html
15:29:03 <eedri> and yea, the f18 slave needs addtional space
15:29:05 <eedri> either that, or we can force ovirt-node to run only on one f18 slave (the one with the 100gb disk)
15:30:14 <ewoud> my preference would be to add additional space, but I have no idea if that's possible
15:31:00 <ewoud> and how well does igord work together with ovirt?
15:31:51 <ewoud> we want ovirt on rackspace01 and use nested virt there, can we have a jenkins slave in there that launches the VMs which in turn test vdsm with creating VMs or is it something that has to happen on the host?
15:31:52 <dcaro> maybe we can add a flag for slaves with extra space and use that, so if anytime we have hosts that o not have that space the job will not run there and will not fail
15:32:54 <ewoud> +1 for a flag if that's easy
15:33:00 <ewoud> it sounds like it can happen fast
15:33:36 <eedri> ewoud, not sure you need the nested vm as jenkins slave
15:33:45 <eedri> ewoud, the engine will be jenkins slave and it will use the nested as host
15:34:27 <eedri> ewoud, the is no logic that a host will be jenkins slave... since the test runs on the engine side (rest/cli/sdk commands)
15:35:57 <ewoud> but it talks to libvirt and vdsm wants to be the sole owner of libvirt
15:37:36 <ewoud> eedri: shall we revive the mail thread and discuss it there?
15:38:17 <eedri> ewoud, ok, it doesn't contrtics it
15:38:30 <eedri> ewoud, we should ensure that a host is used only by one host
15:38:47 <eedri> ewoud, i have lots of experience with it running tests on rhevm
15:38:54 <ewoud> eedri: ok
15:39:13 <ewoud> #action ewoud eedri reply to the vdsm functional tests thread
15:40:02 <ewoud> eedri: dcaro other jenkins issues we should be aware of?
15:40:55 <eedri> ewoud, not that i can think of at the moment
15:41:00 <eedri> ewoud, i think new server works faster
15:41:04 <eedri> ewoud, for sure
15:41:07 <dcaro> ewoud: It was a little hacky to set up the python nose libraries to work....
15:41:17 <ewoud> eedri: good that it's faster :)
15:41:30 <ewoud> dcaro: yes, I don't like that
15:41:59 <eedri> ewoud, we should direct that to the vdsm maintaiers then
15:42:10 <eedri> ewoud, since it was thier unit tests failing due to that
15:42:28 <ewoud> eedri: could you?
15:42:40 <eedri> ewoud, i did, didn't got a real answer or solution
15:42:46 <eedri> ewoud, they proposed the link to new nose
15:42:58 <eedri> ewoud, so we could either make the change or not run the tests...
15:43:35 <ewoud> eedri: I do think you did the right thing, but now it's up to vdsm devs to do the right thing and detect the newer nose if possible
15:45:35 <ewoud> we'll revisit it later I suppose
15:46:10 <eedri> sure
15:46:18 <ewoud> #topic meeting time
15:46:40 <ewoud> as said earlier, there was some confusion about DST
15:46:58 <ewoud> what's the preference here?
15:47:15 <ewoud> I think quaid is the only one here actually in the US
15:48:29 <Rydekull> Well, to me, personally. This time have a tendence to conflict with my schedule in general
15:48:33 <eedri> i'm fine either way,.
15:48:41 <Rydekull> but as for the confusing about timezones, just say which timezone the meeting follows
15:48:59 <ewoud> Rydekull: any other time that would generally be better?
15:49:14 <quaid> it does say EST, but I'm OK with changing to what works for others, i don't have a conflict
15:50:43 <ewoud> since it's only for 2 or 3 meetings I don't have a strong preference either
15:52:18 <YamaKasY> anyone some ideas about partitioning Linux ? I'm reviewing my way of doing that
15:52:33 <ewoud> maybe it's odd that we ask during the meeting if the time is OK since people who aren't here may not be able to make
15:52:45 <quaid> ewoud: +1
15:53:07 <Rydekull> Well, I guess it depends on how we view peoples time. Should we have it during "office hours" in europe/america
15:53:11 <ewoud> but since I see no preferences here let's keep it on EST for now and I'll send a mail about the meeting time since Rydekull said this wasn't optimal
15:53:17 <Rydekull> or do we want to have it outside of "office hours"?
15:53:34 <ewoud> #action ewoud start a thread on the ML about the meeting time
15:53:38 <quaid> heh, this is pretty outside of office hours for me in America :)
15:53:46 <quaid> well, the 7 am time is anyway
15:54:02 <ewoud> #agreed keep meeting time at EST for now
15:54:40 <ewoud> quaid: come to europe then, we have beer and cookies :)
15:55:11 <quaid> one is tempted
15:55:27 <quaid> if we can get a house swap for the summer to spend it in Venice ... :)
15:56:05 <ewoud> I've been to venice once; great city but not sure if I want to live there
15:56:11 <ewoud> but that's slightly offtopic I suppose :)
15:56:26 <ewoud> as a reminder: http://etherpad.ovirt.org/p/new-infra-member-steps
15:56:41 <ewoud> #topic other business
15:56:59 <Rydekull> So, now the ssh-keys fit in here
15:57:05 <Rydekull> Who fixes that?
15:57:27 <ewoud> I'm going to prepare something with puppet, which is hopefully a better solution
15:57:49 <ewoud> #action ewoud sort out the ssh-keys location instead of the wiki
15:58:01 <Rydekull> Leave pointer at wiki though
15:58:10 <ewoud> ofc
15:58:32 <ewoud> I sort of took over the meeting from quaid and I'm interested how you have experienced it so far
15:58:55 <quaid> I enjoy it :)
15:58:56 <ewoud> I know I try to rush through it a bit, but seeing as we still spend an hour I think it's needed
15:59:27 <quaid> I think the pace is fine, it's good to respect the timing needs of everyone
15:59:31 <ewoud> quaid: don't try to spare my feelings ;)
15:59:41 <Rydekull> I think it goes way to slow...
15:59:46 <Rydekull> to be honest :-)
15:59:49 <quaid> heh, see!
16:00:03 <Rydekull> Im mostly sitting here pacing
16:00:31 <ewoud> I get that
16:00:51 <eedri> what's the problem with public keys being public?
16:00:59 <ewoud> problem is that maybe not everyone is dedicated to this meeing and has to multitask $dayjob
16:01:09 <Rydekull> eedri: them getting easily exchanged to someone elses
16:01:20 <ewoud> eedri: short summary from earlier: the wiki is not a secure place since everyone can alter them now
16:01:23 <Rydekull> eedri: its not a problem if the page is watched
16:01:23 <eedri> Rydekull, so? as long as they don't have private key.. what's the hard?
16:01:39 <dcaro> can't we make one wiki page not editable but for the infra team?
16:01:47 <eedri> s /hard/harm
16:02:07 <Rydekull> eedri: Switch my public key to Mr. X, ewoud later finds the need to add my key, adds Mr. X, key, Mr. X gets access
16:02:24 <ewoud> exactly
16:02:35 <eedri> Rydekull, how mr x can access if he doesn have the private ket?
16:02:44 <ewoud> eedri: he can access the wiki
16:02:52 <eedri> but can can't access the vms
16:03:01 <Rydekull> eedri: Like I said, switch my public key to his, he can do that on the wiki
16:03:06 <eedri> ok, got it
16:03:08 <Rydekull> eedri: as soon as that's switched, he just have to wait
16:03:47 <eedri> it needs one of the infra memeber to change it
16:03:47 <ewoud> my preference would be to have it in puppet and let puppet install the keys; that way we can use gerrit for reviews and iterate from there
16:03:50 <Rydekull> Im all for having the public keys easily accesible, I agree that its bad when its publicly switchable
16:03:54 <eedri> in order to enter
16:04:11 <ewoud> but as dcaro said, protecting the page may be the quick fix
16:04:32 <Rydekull> ewoud: well, if that's your worry, you can just aswell watch the history page like quaid said
16:05:09 <Rydekull> I guess the up-side to the repo is that its checked in with a key aswell
16:05:11 <ewoud> Rydekull: I am now :)
16:05:24 <quaid> wiki was just a temporary idea to make it easier to add users until puppet
16:05:44 <ewoud> ok
16:06:06 <ewoud> I see we don't have time for trac ticket review
16:07:13 <ewoud> shall we finish the meeting now?
16:07:20 <Rydekull> 5Yes please
16:07:23 * Rydekull is pacing :-P
16:07:28 <ewoud> going once
16:07:36 <ewoud> going twice
16:07:41 * Rydekull disappears
16:07:45 <ewoud> #endmeeting