14:00:34 <quaid> #startmeeting
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14:00:40 <quaid> #meetingname oVirt Infra weekly
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14:00:46 <quaid> #topic Agenda & roll call
14:01:04 * RobertM here
14:01:20 <quaid> http://wiki.ovirt.org/wiki/Infrastructure_team_meetings
14:01:33 <quaid> for today we have:
14:01:35 <quaid> * Hosting
14:01:35 <quaid> * Task tracking
14:01:35 <quaid> * Website updates
14:01:35 <quaid> * Puppet status
14:01:37 <quaid> * jenkins.ovirt.info
14:02:34 * quaid is here too :)
14:02:40 <quaid> ewoud can't make it
14:02:56 <quaid> well RobertM and I can make it a fast meeting :)
14:03:02 <quaid> #topic Hosting
14:03:29 <quaid> RobertM: should we schedule a few hours together on IRC to choose a hosting provider?
14:03:50 <quaid> #info quaid meeting with Red Hat IT this week to talk about possible provided hosting
14:04:38 * eedri_ here
14:04:50 <RobertM> quaid, That works.
14:04:52 * eedri_ last meeting for before vacation...
14:05:18 * mburns late
14:05:48 <quaid> np
14:05:55 <quaid> RobertM: what is a good potential time for you?
14:06:31 <RobertM> quaid, With the exception of Tuesday at 11:00 AM I am flexable.
14:06:36 <quaid> I could do 9 am EDT tomorrow, or something starting a few hours from now
14:06:37 <quaid> heh
14:07:06 <quaid> RobertM: how about 9 am EDT tomorrow for a few hours?
14:07:06 <RobertM> 9:00 am tomorrow
14:07:40 <quaid> #action RobertM and quaid to work on choosing a hosting provider on 12 Sep at 9 am EDT
14:07:52 <quaid> oh, that goes through the oVirt meeting
14:08:11 <quaid> well, we'll see where we are at that time of the day - pause or etc.
14:08:25 <RobertM> quaid, we can do a separate channel
14:08:28 <quaid> yes
14:08:49 <quaid> we could use Freenode :)
14:08:53 * quaid ducks
14:08:54 <mburns> no irc meeting on thursday, afaik
14:09:29 <quaid> right, well, I don't want to pass too much more time
14:09:30 <mburns> but thursday is also like friday in tlv
14:09:50 <quaid> yep
14:09:57 <eedri_> well.. not exactly,...
14:10:06 <eedri_> but lot of people work from home that day
14:10:14 <eedri_> or leave bit early
14:10:29 <mburns> eedri_: the leave early and going into the weekend was the point...
14:10:34 <RobertM> But me an quaid are both inside the US :)
14:10:46 <eedri_> yea..
14:10:49 <quaid> ok, that's all I have on this topic today
14:11:11 <eedri_> i won't attend the next 3 weeks meeting .. i'll be on vacation OOO
14:11:35 <eedri_> holidays in israel..
14:11:44 <quaid> eedri_: good for you! I guess a few folks will be joining you eh?
14:12:11 <eedri_> quaid, well.. not sure about the dates, but we've got lots of jewish holidays this month
14:12:23 <eedri_> quaid, that land on working days (about time :)...
14:12:35 * quaid envious from the country with not many holidays
14:12:38 <RobertM> eedri, Is there a national holiday or this like labor day in the use everyone just like this timeframe to go on Vaction?
14:13:06 <eedri_> there is some national holidays ... and specificly this year it lands in mid-weeks
14:13:27 <eedri_> so lots of day off.. , since it's according to the jewish calendar, every year it can be on different dates
14:14:03 <eedri_> so lots of people take advantage of it to go on vacation and save on PTO days..
14:14:36 <quaid> ok, next topic :)
14:14:51 <eedri_> jenkins ?
14:15:11 <quaid> well, not in order, but do you want to talk Jenkins right now?
14:16:06 <eedri_> just wanted to ask RobertM about the patch server, whats the status..
14:16:13 <eedri_> but it can wait
14:16:24 <quaid> ok, we'll move quickly
14:16:37 <quaid> #topic Task tracking
14:16:58 <quaid> just remind me, we're all Ok with taking over the fedorahosted.org/ovirt Trac instance, right?
14:17:32 <RobertM> quaid, Someone will have to show me how to use it but I don't see an issue using it.
14:20:54 <quaid> ok, I know Trac and can tweak and train
14:21:14 <quaid> mburns: can you get me admin there? My FAS account is (surprise!) quaid
14:21:28 <mburns> quaid: just have to figure out how to do that, but yes
14:21:56 <RobertM> quaid, Well mine is rmiddle :)
14:23:15 <quaid> #action mburns to get quaid admin on fedorahosted.org/trac
14:23:25 <quaid> #undo
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14:23:31 <quaid> #action mburns to get quaid admin on fedorahosted.org/ovirt
14:23:52 <quaid> #action quaid to tweak Trac, provide basic how-to steps for everyone to use for how Infra will use it
14:27:37 <quaid> ok, moving along
14:27:50 <quaid> #topic Website updates
14:28:02 <quaid> I don't know if garrett_ is around and has anything to add
14:28:23 <garrett_> oh I'm here
14:28:24 <garrett_> sorry
14:28:27 <quaid> #info Back-end website changes are still undecided
14:28:43 <garrett_> (was working on a MediaWiki theme for oVirt)
14:28:49 <quaid> garrett_: I didn't warn ya you might be on the agenda, but we'll keep it on the agenda until we're done :)
14:28:56 <garrett_> (:
14:29:02 <garrett_> that sounds good
14:29:59 <RobertM> I still think getting ride of wordpress is a bad idea but I didn't see a tread come up on either infra or arch on the topic.
14:30:24 <quaid> yeah, we're having a bit of a hard time getting the minds together via mailing list
14:30:55 <quaid> RobertM: I gathered from last week your main objection is MediaWiki looking like MediaWiki; I think garrett_ intends to handle that objection, so you may find your concern is addressed.
14:31:26 <garrett_> whatever we do, I do not want the site to look like MediaWiki
14:31:39 <garrett_> that *might* mean going back to a WP-powered site + Wiki
14:31:45 <garrett_> but I'd rather have 1 site for everything
14:31:45 <RobertM> quaid, I haven't seen an example of mediawiki where the front page was changed to not look like mediawiki where there wern't issues.
14:31:53 <garrett_> so I'm trying to make MediaWiki work for everything right now
14:32:38 <quaid> RobertM: that's not an answer :)
14:32:57 <quaid> RobertM: but I gather you'll wait to see it to be convinced, that's understandable
14:33:47 <quaid> #info Infra needs to be prepared for just one or multiple platforms being used for www.ovirt.org and wiki.ovirt.org
14:34:05 <quaid> ok, nothing more here then, moving on ...
14:34:22 <quaid> we lost ewoud so I'm going to leave Puppet discussion for the mailing list
14:34:28 <quaid> we can move on to Jenkins, ok?
14:34:31 <RobertM> quaid, All the sites I was showing had issues. Mono project site if you go an look the news tab is broken. I have seen that before with sites that tweak the wiki.  The problem is to make mediawiki not suck you have to do a lot of html but mediawiki is very good at using redirect and breaking links
14:34:50 <quaid> ic
14:35:58 <garrett_> the mono project's website in its current state is not a great example, as it hasn't had someone maintaining the website so much over the past several years, so the functionality might be broken — I know the fonts, the look, and other details certainly are
14:36:27 <garrett_> we're not going to redo the site just to make it broken
14:36:39 <garrett_> and if there are issues, you are welcome to point them out and to also help fix them
14:36:46 <garrett_> but we'll try to not have issues
14:36:54 <garrett_> regardless of platform(s)
14:37:56 <RobertM> garrett_, I am thinking of 6 month and longer out and concerned about the maintainability of the site.
14:38:42 <quaid> well, not even WP themes survive every upgrade
14:38:46 <garrett_> right ^^
14:38:52 <garrett_> sites need to be maintained
14:39:12 <garrett_> and if there's 1 public facing site versus 2 or 3, then it's easier to maintain
14:39:18 <quaid> #info Infra needs to coordinate back-end site maintenance with design
14:41:34 <quaid> ok, now on to Jenkins
14:41:41 <quaid> #topic Jenkins
14:41:55 <quaid> eedri_: you had something for this topic?
14:42:30 <eedri_> quaid, well.. wanted to ask about what are the plans for jenkins.ovirt.info and how we should handle patch level jobs
14:42:38 <RobertM> jenkins.ovirt.org is running fine but we need to make sure we doing upgrade the underlining OS since Jenkins,ovirt.info is offline do to a java/jetty upgrade
14:42:59 <eedri_> quaid, before the server crashed, i think RobertM and i saw it was running with a very large backlog
14:43:08 <RobertM> we doing = we don't
14:43:55 <eedri_> RobertM, quaid i think that there were too many jobs running than the current slaves can handle
14:44:08 <RobertM> eedri, Correct.  To run it we would really need about 40 ex
14:44:12 <eedri_> RobertM, so after jenkins.ovirt.info loads back, i suggest enabling only a small portion
14:44:19 <eedri_> RobertM, maybe 3-4 jobs only
14:44:25 <eedri_> RobertM, and letting it run for a week
14:44:38 <eedri_> RobertM, try to get a sense of how many jobs can run per slave
14:45:44 <eedri_> RobertM, maybe it's a good oppertunity to write a wiki on DRP for jenkins...
14:45:55 <RobertM> eedri, The jobs themselves really makes a diff.  Once the DAO_unit test were fixed the two gwt jobs use a lot more resources compared to the rest.
14:45:56 <eedri_> RobertM, how to restore it from backup
14:46:30 <eedri_> RobertM, yea.. maybe we can run only one gwt job..
14:47:06 <eedri_> RobertM, we can also try to run gwt jobs only on gwt patches..
14:47:24 <RobertM> eedri, I am not sure I need to rebuild I just to role back the last round of updates.
14:47:28 <eedri_> RobertM, this can be done by monitoring only the 'frontend' folder
14:47:48 <quaid> #chair RobertM eedri_ mburns
14:47:48 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: RobertM eedri_ mburns quaid
14:48:55 <dneary> quaid, re hosting - do we have a timetable on when we expect a server to become available for Jenkins?
14:49:06 <dneary> (sorry to revisit an old topic)
14:49:07 <RobertM> The biggest issue is time right now.  I am knee deep in a project at the day job and just haven't had a lot of time to work on reverting the OS.  Jenkins mailing list and IRC have been less them helpful
14:49:30 <quaid> wow, reverting OS version is the only choice? ugh
14:49:53 <eedri_> RobertM, i wouldn't try reverting the os
14:49:58 <quaid> dneary: if RobertM & I can find a good hosting solution tomorrow, we can get the bare iron available very soon
14:50:09 <eedri_> RobertM, i would just just to reintsall the os, or just yum update to latest
14:50:16 <eedri_> RobertM, then install a fresh jenkins
14:50:21 <quaid> dneary: then it just becomes the timing of eedri_ and RobertM et al in setting it up
14:50:23 <eedri_> RobertM, and restore all the jobs
14:50:24 <RobertM> quaid, Reverting packages to a prior version.  But finding what packages need reverted is the fun part.
14:50:44 <dneary> quaid, With Israeli vacation time coming up, sounds like it's not realistically going to happen for about a month
14:51:03 <eedri_> i'll be avaliable only till sunday
14:51:09 <dneary> quaid, What would prevent it happening as soon as eedri_ gets back from vacation?
14:51:11 <eedri_> after that 3 weeks without access
14:52:04 <eedri_> RobertM, did you try to deploy a new jenkins ?
14:52:05 <RobertM> dneary, If we can get the hosting building a new host and migrationing the jobs over want be an issue.
14:52:34 <RobertM> eedri, Not yet.  Really need to plan some time.
14:52:37 <dneary> RobertM, quaid, We have a standing hosting offer from NetApp - is that good enough for our needs? Or am I mixing things up?
14:53:10 <RobertM> dneary, What kind of hosting does NetApp provide?
14:53:17 <dneary> (not trying to put pressure on you guys, just trying to fully understand what needs to be done & how long we can expect it to take)
14:53:50 <dneary> RobertM, I don't recall the details - IIRC this was an offer on the board@ list when the problem of slow Jenkins came up
14:54:08 <RobertM> dneary, We need a server with the profile of a DB server to run Jenkins master on and another beefy server to run Gerrit on.
14:54:29 <quaid> dneary: I've never heard of a hosting offer from NetApp
14:54:59 <quaid> should definitely follow-up on that
14:55:21 <quaid> dneary: do you want to contact Jon and see where that went?
14:58:28 <RobertM> If we can get a proper master for Jenkins a lot of our issue will go away since we could handle a lot more slaves.
14:58:48 <quaid> right, either with a new for-pay host or with donated space
14:59:01 <quaid> #action quaid to follow-up with Jon & NetApp about potential hosting offer
14:59:13 <quaid> I think we've done our part here for the day :)
14:59:25 <quaid> also, it's coming up on the hour and I'd like to try not to run over if we can
14:59:32 <quaid> but if there is anything else ...
14:59:41 <quaid> now is the time to bring it up, or use infra@ovirt.org
14:59:52 <RobertM> None from me
15:00:33 <RobertM> eedri, Have a nice New Year :)
15:00:48 <quaid> rockin'
15:00:50 <quaid> #endmeeting