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14:01:07 <quaid> #meetingname oVirt Infra Team weekly
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14:01:22 <quaid> #topic roll call aka "quick howdies"
14:01:24 <quaid> howdy!
14:01:29 * mburns in
14:01:30 * RobertM here
14:01:31 <sgordon_> !ydwoh
14:01:35 * eedri here
14:01:40 * sgordon_ here
14:02:04 * ewoud here
14:02:30 <quaid> I realized I didn't write down an agenda, I was just thinking of running from last week, but could have written it down
14:02:54 * ewoud opens the minutes from last week
14:02:54 * eedri got some stuff to talk about
14:03:09 <quaid> http://ovirt.org/meetings/ovirt/2012/ovirt.2012-07-03-14.00.html
14:03:23 <ewoud> quaid: ty
14:03:40 <quaid> ok, I'm going to take from the middle where we left off, eedri et al can add
14:03:43 <quaid> #topic agenda
14:03:54 <quaid> * sub-project idea & status
14:03:58 <quaid> * team mission
14:04:05 <quaid> eedri: go ahead please
14:04:23 <eedri> ok, we finally got this week a new physical server as jenkins slave
14:04:42 <ewoud> eedri: if you mean the one I made available, it's not physical but a VM in our RHEV3 cluster
14:04:48 <dneary> Hi all
14:04:59 <dneary> sgordon_, Hi there
14:05:02 <eedri> ok, ok sorry it was that fast, i was sure it was physical :)
14:05:08 <quaid> heh
14:05:11 <eedri> change that last mark
14:05:22 <ewoud> no, it's a dell R710 now
14:05:22 <eedri> anyway, we should decide how to best use it
14:05:35 <ewoud> think the SAN is on SATA even
14:05:35 <quaid> glad you brought that up, I was trying to work on the "migrate main Jenkins from EC2 plan" and would like to discuss that, too
14:05:51 <eedri> 1st priority imo is trying to run at least one gerrit task on it, since they can't run on ec2 vms
14:06:07 <quaid> ok
14:06:11 <quaid> any other agenda items?
14:06:33 <quaid> eedri: we'll move through the first items quickly, then spend the rest of the time talking Jenkins - it's our most important current topic, I think
14:06:34 <eedri> i think we can push forward the ovirt-engine rpms sync to ovirt.org
14:06:55 <RobertM> Are we going to be having an open forum at the end for new business?
14:07:07 <eedri> quaid, agreed
14:07:23 <quaid> RobertM: yes, but we can put things on the agenda now to increase chance of talking about if you have something in mind right now?
14:07:32 * quaid about to save the agenda page
14:07:48 <RobertM> quaid, That is fine
14:07:51 <ewoud> quaid: puppet as sub from sub-project?
14:08:10 <quaid> ewoud: can you explain what you mean?
14:08:25 <ewoud> quaid: as agenda item
14:08:48 <quaid> ok, I'll put it up, you can explain it further when we get there
14:08:50 <ovirtbot> 14[[07Infrastructure team task list14]]4 !10 02http://www.ovirt.org/w/index.php?diff=3836&oldid=3746&rcid=3930 5* 03Rmiddle 5* (+24) 10/* One time tasks */ 
14:09:11 <ovirtbot> 14[[07Infrastructure team meetings14]]4 !10 02http://ovirt.org/w/index.php?diff=3837&oldid=3734&rcid=3931 5* 03Quaid 5* (+530) 10agenda for today
14:09:37 <quaid> if anyone has more, we can add it to that page, and work fast to get there today :)
14:09:48 <quaid> #topic Sub-project idea & status
14:09:52 <eedri> trust/seed?
14:10:01 <eedri> as a topic to the agenda?
14:10:08 <quaid> eedri: sure
14:10:33 <quaid> yesterday I sent email to board@
14:10:35 <quaid> http://lists.ovirt.org/pipermail/board/2012-July/000570.html
14:10:57 <quaid> opening the topic of what to do to i) recognize Infra formally, and ii) resolve this for all non-coding focused sub-projects
14:12:21 <quaid> so that will play out on board@ but I don't think we'll get any objections to the idea, just clarity
14:12:32 <quaid> if anyone wants to participate, that is an open list
14:12:39 <quaid> http://lists.ovirt.org/mailman/listinfo/board
14:12:49 <quaid> other thoughts on this topic?
14:12:50 <ewoud> I think we first need to decide on a mission
14:12:51 <RobertM> The charter takes into account none programming maintainer so the sub projects should as well.
14:13:07 <quaid> RobertM: good point
14:13:26 <ovirtbot> 14[[07Infrastructure team meetings14]]4 !10 02http://ovirt.org/w/index.php?diff=3838&oldid=3837&rcid=3932 5* 03Quaid 5* (+13) 10/* 2012-07-10 */ adding trust seed agenda item
14:13:46 <quaid> then let's move on to mission :)
14:14:14 <RobertM> #info The charter takes into account none programming maintainer so the sub projects should as well.
14:14:56 <quaid> +1
14:15:19 <quaid> ok, let's move on
14:15:23 <quaid> #topic Team mission
14:15:45 <quaid> This was my first pass, what is missing?
14:15:48 <quaid> Strawdog: "To provide a free/open source infrastructure of participation that supports the development of the oVirt project, and to do so by providing full free/open access to the entire infrastructure as a collaboration."
14:16:31 <eedri> provide full/free access sounds like anyone can manage the infra, no?
14:16:36 <ewoud> I think the goal should be to optimally support the development process, so we agree on that
14:17:05 <RobertM> This is what is in the wiki and I like it lang better.
14:17:06 <ewoud> eedri: I think the open access to the infra means everyone can access the wiki, gerrit, jenkins
14:17:08 <RobertM> This is a community services infrastructure team. That means the project infrastructure is maintained to a professional level by a group of system administrators who are contributing their time. (That time may be contributed as part of their job role, it might be part of a class or workshop, it might be purely voluntary, and so forth.)
14:17:19 <eedri> ewoud, ok
14:18:07 * eedri thinks on the way we should ask community to ask infra for help
14:18:24 <eedri> should it be via email/jira/redmine?
14:18:30 <eedri> sorry if this off topic
14:18:52 <quaid> eedri: it's a good topic, but yes I think a bit off-topic for now
14:19:04 <mburns> i think eventually, yes, but sufficient to request on infra@ for now
14:19:22 <quaid> eedri: how about, anyone should be able to manage the infra, but not everyone is permitted to :)
14:19:26 <mburns> we'll want something better long term as we grow
14:19:38 <eedri> quaid, sounds good :)
14:19:45 <quaid> RobertM: can we turn that statement in to a mission? is it mission-y enough?
14:20:05 <quaid> this is a great topic for the mailing list, but it's good to quickly see where we stand now
14:21:00 <RobertM> Mission statements are ment to be vague since missions change over time.  I this we could rework what is in the wiki pretty easily.
14:21:14 <eedri> should we include in the mission a statement that implies the way someone can join infra team?
14:21:14 <RobertM> this=think
14:21:16 <quaid> cool, good point
14:21:26 <ewoud> eedri does touch another topic: how far do we push new technology vs on request
14:21:42 <quaid> eedri: or at least make it clear there is a reasonable barrier and link to details on how to join?
14:22:14 <quaid> ewoud: agreed; I get concerned about stretching ourselves too far
14:22:24 <eedri> quaid, it should be leveled, on one hand we want to state we're proffesional and won't let anyone on, on the other we do want more to get it
14:22:41 <eedri> s/it/in
14:22:46 <RobertM> Personal opinion is that isn't in the scope of a mission statement.  Mission statements are basicly your reason for being.
14:22:47 <ewoud> in the end most of us will have a pet project anyway, that's a fairly natural thing
14:23:22 <ewoud> however, it is important to als keep redundancy in people who can maintain systems
14:24:14 <RobertM> The best option is to automate as much as you can to limit the need to people to need access to the machine.
14:25:03 <eedri> RobertM, agreed, some initial effort needs to be done in order to achive that goal (i.e puppet, better jenkins infra,etc..)
14:25:15 <quaid> yep, yep
14:25:58 <quaid> let's start by reworking from the existing wiki content
14:26:00 <eedri> RobertM, and still even if all is automated, you'll still get random errors in those systems
14:26:02 <ovirtbot> 14[[07Documentation14]]4 !10 02http://www.ovirt.org/w/index.php?diff=3839&oldid=3828&rcid=3933 5* 03Sgordon 5* (+255) 10/* Source Control */ 
14:26:15 <ewoud> I think we should organize as follows: a container project named infra with internal projects like puppet, jenkins
14:26:50 <quaid> eedri: it's a fair point about professional as a barrier, we'll try to make it a welcoming mission
14:27:09 <quaid> for example, acting professional doesn't mean one is in the profession - we want intern-level people, too, etc.
14:27:10 <eedri> quaid, +1
14:27:19 <RobertM> eedri, Yes.  You do but you might be surprised at how few those are once you get things locked down and more signal task oriented.
14:27:32 <quaid> RobertM: can't wait!
14:27:41 * quaid excited by the idea of our new Puppet Overlord
14:28:04 <eedri> RobertM, we'll need to decide on update policies (i.e. when to update jenkins/gerrit/plugins versions..)
14:28:15 <RobertM> Some still has to write those pupper recipes :)
14:28:16 <eedri> RobertM, which will greatly affect stableness of the infra
14:28:20 <quaid> #info need to decide on update policies
14:28:34 <quaid> #action need to find one or more Puppet chiefs to lead us from the darkness
14:28:55 <ewoud> at $employer I'm also working on a project with puppet and foreman
14:28:58 <quaid> ewoud: ah, I see! yes, that's what I was thinking
14:28:59 <ewoud> so I have some experience
14:29:10 <quaid> ewoud: about containers, I mean
14:29:14 <RobertM> eedri, I agree but that brings use to the ugly topic of budgets.
14:29:14 * eedri just gave a lecture about integrating jenkins + foreman + puppet
14:29:31 <quaid> ewoud: we can then split up permissions a bit by Infra project team, etc.
14:29:35 <ovirtbot> 14[[07Documentation14]]4 !10 02http://www.ovirt.org/w/index.php?diff=3840&oldid=3839&rcid=3934 5* 03Sgordon 5* (+61) 10/* Brand */ 
14:30:09 <ewoud> quaid: yes
14:30:12 <ovirtbot> 14[[07Documentation14]]4 !10 02http://www.ovirt.org/w/index.php?diff=3841&oldid=3840&rcid=3935 5* 03Sgordon 5* (-3) 10/* Installing the oVirt Brand */ 
14:30:14 <quaid> ok, does anyone feel interested enough to take the "What is our mission? What our our goals? What our our methods?" to the infra list?
14:30:27 <quaid> i.e., volunteer to lead that thread?
14:31:21 * RobertM volunteers
14:31:59 <quaid> #action RobertM to open & run thread about mission/goals/methods
14:32:02 <quaid> thanks RobertM
14:32:24 <quaid> ok, ready to talk Jenkins?
14:32:38 <eedri> you bet
14:32:45 <quaid> #topic New Jenkins server
14:33:02 <quaid> eedri: can you start us, please?
14:33:16 <eedri> sure
14:33:38 <eedri> few issues on the table
14:34:07 <eedri> 1. jenkins infra (i.e. current ec2 slaves and what our plan to move from it )
14:34:42 <eedri> current vms are very slow and can barely handle load of jobs
14:34:42 <ewoud> I can add that my employer is sponsoring a VM in our RHEV3 cluster with 8 GB RAM, 50GB SATA storage and 4 cores and eedri has added it to jenkins.ovirt.org
14:35:15 <eedri> ewoud, that was the 1st good improvment to the infra, if we have more of those we'll be in a much better state
14:35:28 <eedri> now that we have a strong vm, we need to decide how to best use it
14:35:51 <eedri> any ideas?
14:36:18 * eedri thinks trying to run basic tests (unit test/findbugs) per gerrit patch
14:36:29 <RobertM> ewoud, How much control do we have over the VM?
14:36:39 <quaid> eedri: ok, I've got the "migrate Jenkins" as the next topic, just so we don't miss anything with each topic
14:37:14 <ewoud> RobertM: atm only I have full root, eedri has SSH access to the jenkins user
14:37:22 <joncox> Hello, I am getting this error.. anybody have any idea whats wrong? Exit message: unable to open disk path /rhev/data-center/f666ff44-9e5a-442c-b2d2-747cdbcd745d/c62c9255-83f4-4c1 Permission Denied
14:37:31 <eedri> we'll need sudo access for some of the jobs
14:37:33 <ewoud> I have no objections on sharing root, but I wanted to wait till we have thie discussion
14:37:51 <RobertM> ewoud, What OS is installed in the VM?
14:37:58 <ewoud> RobertM: atm fedora 17
14:38:24 <RobertM> How hard is a rebuild?
14:38:32 <ewoud> mostly because right now that's the main ovirt target platform
14:38:39 <rgolan> foגשאק
14:39:10 <ewoud> joncox: right now we're in a meeting here, so might not be the best time for support
14:39:24 <joncox> ok thx
14:39:33 <ewoud> RobertM: not that hard, I tried to install it with a local puppet profile
14:39:41 <quaid> joncox: we'll be done in 20 minutes
14:39:50 * eedri tested running 5 parallel gerrit jobs for unit tests on new vm, took ~ 30 min each
14:39:51 <ewoud> it will ensure the proper user exists, packages installed, SSH keys installed
14:39:59 <eedri> so not optimal
14:40:41 * eedri thinks that one VM won't be able to provide full support to gerrit patch, maybe best to wait for addional servers?
14:41:03 <eedri> and utilize the current one to speed us current jobs
14:41:12 <ewoud> eedri: if I look at http://jenkins.ekohl.nl/munin/ekohl.nl/jenkins.ekohl.nl/index.html it seems to be mostly IO bound, which was somewhat to be expected with SATA storage
14:41:17 <mburns> eedri: we can enable gerrit patch for some projects with smaller patch rate?
14:41:32 <eedri> mburns, good idea, instead of ovirt-engine
14:41:56 <eedri> mburns, we can start with ovirt-node, how long does an ovirt-node job takes usually?
14:41:57 <mburns> eedri: or break up the engine repo into multiple sub-components...
14:42:39 <mburns> eedri: on my internal systems, ~21 min
14:42:54 <eedri> mburns, you mean run unit test per sub-module in maven?
14:42:55 <mburns> on bare metal, ~10 min
14:43:10 <eedri> mburns, not full unit test on main pom?
14:43:26 <mburns> ~25 min for jenkins.ovirt
14:43:54 <mburns> eedri: yes, something like that, then run full find-bugs, etc on merge
14:44:42 <eedri> #action eedri to try to split up current jobs on jenkins.ovirt.org to try to speed us run time
14:44:54 <mburns> eedri: or you could go one step further
14:45:02 <mburns> and break it all out into multiple git repos
14:45:09 <mburns> i.e. have something for the gui
14:45:14 <mburns> something separate for core
14:45:24 <mburns> something else for api...
14:45:25 <eedri> mburns, that won't be so trivial..
14:45:25 <mburns> etc...
14:45:32 <mburns> i realize that
14:45:36 <eedri> mburns, i don't think it will be accepped
14:45:45 <mburns> but might be worthwhile effort
14:46:01 <eedri> mburns, let's raise this in ovirt weekly?
14:46:14 <mburns> eedri: probably more a topic for engine weekly call
14:46:28 <eedri> mburns, also, there might be depenencies between some of them
14:46:37 <mburns> eedri: ack
14:46:57 <mburns> i know it's not trivial, but might be worth it to bring it up with lpeer and doron_
14:47:08 <mburns> but that's a tangent that we don't need to discuss now
14:47:14 <eedri> mburns, ok, let's bring it up in the ovirt weekly
14:47:46 <eedri> to summarize this topic
14:47:50 * quaid trying to tell if we've settled the question of what to do with new Jenkins server
14:48:04 <eedri> ewoud, would you be willing to allow sudo access to jenkins user on that server?
14:48:18 <eedri> ewoud, and disable require tty in sudoers file
14:48:48 <mburns> quaid: step 1 is to enable per patch builds on ovirt-node, then watch load
14:48:57 <mburns> step 2, add per patch builds of vdsm
14:49:07 <mburns> assuming it can handle that
14:49:18 <eedri> ewoud, this is the steps we usually do for ec2 jenkins slaves: http://www.ovirt.org/wiki/Jenkins
14:49:51 <mburns> ewoud: i can generate a list of what i need sudo access for if you would prefer it to be restricted...
14:50:07 <eedri> vdsm should also provide a list of what it needs
14:50:13 <eedri> danken, can you provide this?
14:50:30 <mburns> eedri: sudo yum access should be sufficient for most builds
14:50:40 <mburns> node is different because it builds an iso which needs root access
14:51:17 <quaid> how does this sound:
14:51:23 <eedri> ewoud, also there is a list of rpms needed to be installed in order to run vdsm tests
14:51:38 <quaid> #agreed new Jenkins server" enable per patch builds on ovirt-node, watch load, then add per patch builds of vdsm
14:52:08 <mburns> eedri: we should enforce a section in the build where it yum installs it's dependencies...
14:52:21 <gestahlt> hiho
14:52:29 <gestahlt> I cant add a host to my cluster
14:52:34 <quaid> wb gestahlt
14:52:45 <eedri> mburns, we can create a pre-step to parse the spec file and install all required rpms
14:52:47 <gestahlt> The status always switches from installing to failed install
14:52:50 <quaid> gestahlt: just finishing a meeting, so people might be distracted ...
14:53:07 <mburns> eedri: exactly
14:53:10 <gestahlt> quaid: i ask anyway ;) Maybe i will attract an answer
14:53:13 <mburns> i did something like this for node
14:53:16 <eedri> mburns, assuming we have sudo access to run yum
14:53:21 <quaid> eedri: mburns ewoud How are we on that above #agreed?
14:53:27 <quaid> gestahlt: no problem, just letting you know :)
14:53:30 <ewoud> sorry, back
14:53:31 <mburns> eedri: right, need sudo yum access
14:53:40 <ewoud> collaegue needed me
14:53:41 <mburns> quaid: ack for me...
14:53:47 <eedri> quaid, ack
14:55:01 <quaid> ok, I want to get to the other jenkins topic
14:55:12 <quaid> #topic Migrating Jenkins from EC2
14:55:13 <ewoud> to respond to the backlog
14:55:14 <ewoud> eedri: I'm willing to allow sudo
14:55:53 <quaid> Itamar pointed me at an article a while ago that showed how Jenkins is 10x slower for 10x the cost, which convinced me :) if our experience already wasn't convincing enough
14:55:53 <RobertM> quaid, What options do we have to Migrate to?
14:56:20 <quaid> we discussed getting a dedicated host, maybe a real bare metal server with enough that we can Do Whatever
14:56:46 <quaid> I think eventually we'll see more servers come available from Red Hat IT, but we have a few months to cover at least
14:56:50 <eedri> the master server doesn't need to be a monster server
14:57:01 <eedri> at long as we'll have powerful slaves to run the jobs on
14:57:10 <eedri> master should run any jobs as best practise
14:57:18 <quaid> RobertM: so ... something like $75/mon+ to get a hosted server
14:57:26 <eedri> it should have enough disk size to hold history and configuration
14:57:31 <gestahlt> Guys
14:57:36 <quaid> eedri: we could keep Master on EC2? just create a big slave server?
14:57:37 <gestahlt> If you need VMs with power
14:57:40 <gestahlt> i gladly provide
14:57:52 <quaid> well, what I was going to ask was ...
14:57:59 <eedri> quaid, i prefer not ec2, just a better VM or a stadard physical server
14:58:15 <quaid> can a few of us convene on infra@ and discuss some options? can anyone help put together a migration plan?
14:58:18 <ewoud> eedri: what do you mean by 'master should run any jobs'?
14:58:29 <eedri> s/should/shouldn't
14:58:31 <quaid> gestahlt: are you on infra@ovirt.org mailing list? because that is a great offer :)
14:58:33 <ewoud> oh yes :)
14:58:41 <gestahlt> no, im not on the mailing list
14:59:03 <dneary> eedri, What are the requirements for Jenkins (number of servers/VMs, specs for them, etc)
14:59:04 <quaid> http://lists.ovirt.org/mailman/listinfo/infra
14:59:18 <gestahlt> quaid: I only need help setting it up. For the help and continuing support, i am willing to offer you free VM hosting
14:59:36 <ewoud> gestahlt: running a jenkins slave is suprisingly easy
14:59:42 <quaid> definitely want to get to dneary's question, but perhaps we should do that on list?
14:59:58 <ewoud> just create a user, add the SSH keys, install the right packages
15:00:28 <gestahlt> never used jenkins and dont know what it is, if you need VMs for it, i can provide.. IF i get oVirt running
15:00:30 <eedri> quaid, +1 on that, need to check it more thourally. for now we'll do with 4-5 stronger servers/vms that existing ec2
15:00:36 <dneary> quaid, Fair enough
15:00:42 * dneary has another meeting now
15:00:55 <gestahlt> Guys, how much CPU / RAM and Storage do you need?
15:00:57 * quaid too ...
15:01:23 <RobertM> I have another meeting I need to get to as well
15:01:24 <ewoud> gestahlt: the more the better, but a lot seems to be IO/RAM bound
15:01:43 <eedri> storage on each slave can be 100gb
15:01:54 <eedri> only master server needs higher storage to keep history builds
15:01:56 <ewoud> btw, next week I'll be on vacation
15:02:15 <eedri> memory i would go on 16GB at least per server
15:02:24 <MiKom> gestahlt: that would be ovirt team eating it's own dog food
15:02:31 <gestahlt> i have 192 cores and 3TB Ram avail
15:02:34 <eedri> if possible, currently we're running on 8GB
15:02:50 <gestahlt> I need like 10-20% total
15:02:55 <gestahlt> the rest i can spare
15:02:58 <eedri> not sure if jenkins is a real CPU consumer
15:03:06 <eedri> dependes on the jobs that runs on it
15:03:20 <eedri> mostly IO
15:03:41 <quaid> I'm a bit distracted now, but this is a fine idea to work out the details right now, just need to migrate the conclusion to the mailing list
15:03:48 <mburns> yes, master is pretty light for the most part
15:03:49 <RobertM> I have to run.  quaid If you need me to volunteer for somethings else you can generally assume yes.
15:03:54 <gestahlt> IO i can offer iSCSI (4gbit bonded) or 8 gbit FC
15:03:57 <quaid> RobertM: thank you very much!
15:04:11 <quaid> #chair eedri ewoud mburns
15:04:11 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: eedri ewoud mburns quaid
15:04:13 <ewoud> eedri: http://jenkins.ekohl.nl/munin/ekohl.nl/jenkins.ekohl.nl/cpu.html tells me it can use some CPU, but generally isn't
15:04:18 <quaid> just in case so you all can close, do #agreed, etc.
15:04:54 <mburns> ok, so priority is to get gestahlt up and running with ovirt 3.1
15:04:55 <ewoud> quaid: thanks for your time :)
15:05:00 <gestahlt> ;)
15:05:25 <eedri> ewoud, good to know you've got monitoring on it, we can use this to get an idea for what is needed
15:05:27 <gestahlt> mburns: Sounds like a deal to me. How many VMs and which config you need?
15:05:40 <eedri> ewoud, i assume that the cpu was high while jobs were running
15:05:50 <mburns> gestahlt: i'll defer that decision to eedri and other infra people
15:05:56 <gestahlt> we got a 100Mbit line to the company
15:06:04 <gestahlt> If thats enough for you
15:06:19 <eedri> gestahlt, anything will be probably better than the current ec2 infra :)
15:06:27 <ewoud> gestahlt: generally should be
15:06:48 <gestahlt> Great
15:07:08 <eedri> gestahlt, we can start with one server/vm and see how it goes
15:07:14 <quaid> gestahlt: just FYI, we try to make all decisions ultimately on the mailing list, so we'll want to migrate you/ewoud/eedri's discussion there for conclusion, I think
15:07:28 <mburns> #info gestahlt has offered free vm hosting for jenkins slaves
15:07:32 <quaid> just so we can work out the details, it also shows others what those details are so it's not as much of a mystery, etc.
15:07:45 <ewoud> quaid: true
15:07:55 <mburns> #info just need to get ovirt running in gestahlt 's environment
15:08:50 <mburns> #info may get hardware available from Red Hat IT eventually, but not for a couple months...
15:09:28 <ewoud> somewhat related, are there plans to support nested virtualisation in ovirt?
15:10:04 <mburns> ewoud: nothing specific, that i'm aware of
15:10:21 <ewoud> if you want to test creating VMs in VDSM that would be a useful feature to have
15:10:43 <mburns> but i'm not sure how much effort is really needed beyond enabling it in ovirt-node and the various other distros we run vdsm on
15:11:00 <mburns> ewoud: yes, we do have some ways to do that now
15:11:10 <mburns> using vdsm-hook-faqemu
15:11:23 <mburns> they're not *real* vm's but close enough
15:11:51 <mburns> and, fwiw, this may even work today with AMD hardware which has nested virt on by default
15:12:11 <ewoud> it does?
15:12:35 <mburns> ewoud: pretty sure it does
15:12:45 <mburns> intel hardware doesn't
15:12:49 <ewoud> how about intel? I know the implementation is more complex
15:13:13 <mburns> but i think intel hardware just needs a kernel flag set
15:13:24 <ewoud> yes, it does work but manually
15:13:32 <tj> Hello all, any word on the 3.1 release?  Didn't see any updates on the ovirt site.
15:13:40 <ewoud> anyway, this seems to go offtopic and I think we can end this meeting
15:13:43 <mburns> ewoud: my info comes from http://kashyapc.wordpress.com/2012/01/14/nested-virtualization-with-kvm-intel/
15:14:02 <gestahlt> Okay back
15:14:04 <ewoud> mburns: mine from seeing a collaegue do it on his desktop
15:14:07 <gestahlt> I will join that mailing list
15:14:14 <mburns> gestahlt: excellent
15:14:23 <mburns> we'll take this discussion to infra then
15:14:32 <mburns> tj: will answer in 2 min after we finish this meeting
15:14:48 <mburns> ewoud: eedri:  anything else to cover?
15:15:00 <gestahlt> Where do i sign up?
15:15:16 <eedri> mburns, there are other topics for jenkins, but i'm afraid we'll have to talk about in our next meeting?
15:15:26 <mburns> gestahlt: http://lists.ovirt.org/mailman/listinfo/infra
15:15:37 <mburns> eedri: yes, or take them to infra@
15:15:59 <eedri> mburns, ok
15:16:08 <mburns> ok, wrapping up in 30 sec
15:16:35 <gestahlt> okay done
15:16:58 <gestahlt> <- Joachim Jabs
15:17:22 <mburns> ok, /me ends the meeting
15:17:26 <mburns> #endmeeting