15:02:38 <doron> #startmeeting oVirt Weekly Sync
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15:02:41 <lbianc> here
15:02:56 <outi> here
15:02:56 <doron> #topic Agenda and roll Call
15:02:58 <doron> #info conferences and workshops
15:02:59 <doron> #info 3.3 update releases
15:03:01 <doron> #info 3.4 progress
15:03:02 <doron> #info conferences and workshops
15:03:04 * lvernia here
15:03:04 <doron> #info infra update
15:03:05 <doron> #info other topics
15:03:22 <doron> ybronhei: here?
15:03:24 <sgotliv> sgotliv here
15:03:42 <doron> sgotliv: hi
15:03:51 <sgotliv> doron, hi
15:04:13 <doron> bkp: here?
15:04:26 <bkp> Just walked in
15:04:32 <doron> bkp: gr8, hi
15:04:33 <bkp> dneary is here too
15:04:40 <doron> is dave also around?
15:04:46 <bkp> Yup
15:04:46 <doron> gr8
15:04:49 <doron> so let's start
15:04:53 * ofrenkel here
15:04:58 <doron> #topic conferences and workshops
15:04:59 <dneary> Hi all
15:05:01 * dneary here
15:05:05 <doron> dneary: hi
15:05:09 <doron> updates?
15:05:15 * jb_netapp here
15:05:15 <dneary> doron, Yes
15:05:41 <dneary> doron, oVirt had a stand accepted for FOSDEM! We will have a table for demos, giveaways, and more
15:05:53 <doron> yey!
15:06:09 <doron> #info ovirt got a stand in FOSDEM.
15:06:09 <dneary> Also, bkp and myself would like to have an oVirt meet-up on Saturday evening in Brussels
15:07:00 <doron> #info there's a plan for an ovirt meet-up on  Saturday evening in Brussels
15:07:08 <dneary> We also got the talk confirmations back from the virt & IaaS devroom - there are 6 oVirt presentations
15:07:26 <dneary> #info 6 oVirt presentations were accepted for Virt & IaaS DevRoom
15:07:34 <doron> thanks ;)
15:07:56 <doron> anything you need /. want for the meetup?
15:08:03 <dneary> #info The presentations cover oVirt & OpenStack integration, extending oVirt with plug-ins, APIs & hooks
15:08:08 <dneary> doron, People!
15:08:10 <dneary> Beer
15:08:13 <dneary> Maybe food
15:08:28 * orc_orc here
15:08:32 <doron> So any action items here?
15:08:32 <dneary> We'll firm it up in early January, I just want to get it on people's radar
15:08:59 <doron> very well.
15:09:24 <doron> post fosdem events?
15:09:49 <dneary> #info Also, PPC porting, Neutron integration, and self-hosted engine
15:09:56 <dneary> Hold on - still catching up
15:10:45 <dneary> #info We will also participate in a cloud day in Ghent on Wednesday after FOSDEM (right after cfgmgmtcamp, in the same venue)
15:11:18 <dneary> #info We will be looking for content on oVirt, OpenStack, Gluster, and other projects
15:11:58 <dneary> We are still unsure whether we're organising an event the day before Monkigras in London, the Wednesday before FOSDEM
15:12:19 <dneary> But if we do, we will look for someone to represent oVirt locally
15:12:32 <dneary> bkp, Did I forget anything?
15:12:40 <doron> dneary: eta for that pre-fosdem?
15:12:53 <dneary> doron, ASAP :-{
15:13:07 <bkp> We have an oVirt Board Meeting scheduled for Jan. 7, right after the holidays.
15:13:08 <doron> very well.
15:13:23 <doron> #info Virt Board Meeting scheduled for Jan. 7,
15:13:32 <doron> #info oVirt Board Meeting scheduled for Jan. 7,
15:13:51 <doron> anything else?
15:14:08 <bkp> It will be a public meeting, details will be available on the users and board mailing lists.
15:14:40 <doron> #info oVirt Board Meeting details to be published in  the users and board mailing lists.
15:14:41 <dneary> I think that's everything! I'd like to thank everyone for their hospitality this week.
15:15:04 <doron> dneary: bkp thank you for your hard work.
15:15:04 <bkp> And me as well. TLV has been awesome.
15:15:29 <doron> ok, next topic
15:15:41 <doron> #topic 3.3 update releases
15:15:49 <doron> sbonazzo: congrat's on the RC release
15:15:56 <sbonazzo> doron: thanks
15:16:10 <doron> #info 3.3.2 RC release earlier this week (Monday)
15:16:23 <doron> sbonazzo: updates?
15:16:32 <sbonazzo> doron: no new bugs for 3.3.2 for now
15:17:08 <doron> sbonazzo: very well. what's the plan for 3.3.2? can we release it this week?
15:17:34 <danken> I vote +1.
15:17:35 <sbonazzo> plan was to release it today, but maybe it's better to wait until friday at least
15:18:13 <outi> I'm for it, too. Had no issues with upgrade coming from 3.3.1
15:18:26 <danken> the fact that we have 3.3.3 candidate piling in should not matter.
15:18:29 <outi> Can we cleanup the repos prior to the release?
15:18:42 <sbonazzo> outi: what do you mean?
15:18:44 <outi> there are still old gluster rpms
15:19:00 <outi> all 3.4.0 and newer one is required
15:19:16 <outi> this could probably confuse people and only consuse precious diskspace
15:19:22 <doron> sbonazzo: can we make sure repos are cleaned?
15:19:44 <doron> sbonazzo: and who can do it?
15:19:59 <sbonazzo> doron: dcaro and knesenko can do it
15:20:10 <outi> imho, we don't need to carry these obsoleted packages, but there may be reasons to keep them though :)
15:20:24 <sbonazzo> doron: but I'm not sure on what has to be removed
15:20:48 <sbonazzo> outi: main reason for keeping old packages is allowing rollback if needed
15:20:57 <doron> sbonazzo: well, we can get just the latest rpms and archive everything else.
15:21:14 <sbonazzo> doron: that would break rollback
15:21:19 <doron> sbonazzo: so for at least one minor version we keep the archive
15:21:47 <doron> sbonazzo: but how many versions does the rollback need?
15:22:08 <doron> and maybe we can change it to refer to archive?
15:22:17 <outi> old rpms could be kept in the stable repo and only use uptodate ones in the version-named repos?
15:22:19 <orc_orc> outi: it may be that people following older how-to's need such -- perhaps creatig a new archive with each release, and then pointing in to a master repository with links .. then when it is retired and removed, and a link no longer resolves, it disappears
15:22:36 <orc_orc> and the repodate rebuild updates old stuff out
15:23:22 <doron> ok guys, I suggest we take this offline and discuss it in the list.
15:23:24 <orc_orc> probaly out of scope to come to a final conclusion without some discussion on the mailing list
15:23:32 <outi> aye
15:23:35 <orc_orc> ... what he said ^^
15:23:35 <ovirtbot> orc_orc: Error: ".." is not a valid command.
15:23:39 <orc_orc> ... what he said ^^
15:24:06 <sbonazzo> well you potentially may upgrade from any 3.3.z to 3.3.2
15:24:07 <sbonazzo> outi: doron: we can release a new ovirt-release rpm, adding another repo(3.3.2) to stable
15:24:07 <sbonazzo> outi: doron: but this means that users may update ovirt-release before ovirt-engine-setup
15:24:08 <sbonazzo> outi: doron: and this change a bit the ususal upgrade path
15:24:28 <doron> outi: can you start a thread in the arch list for it?
15:25:00 <outi> doron: ok
15:25:25 <doron> #action outi to start a thread on proper repo handling in arch list.
15:25:28 <doron> thanks
15:25:39 <doron> sbonazzo: let's go back to 3.3.2 release
15:25:44 <sbonazzo> doron: since we're talking about repo
15:25:51 <doron> would you prefer releasing it on Friday or Thursday?
15:26:17 <sbonazzo> doron: I'm ok releasing also tomorrow if anybody vote against it
15:26:46 <sbonazzo> doron: and no blockers are opened tonight
15:27:17 <doron> #idea or mainly a concern- On Friday and later many folks will be in vacation. So I'd prefer to try and find issues before people are going away
15:27:21 <dneary> orc_orc, I didn't know . started a bot command :)
15:27:30 <orc_orc> dneary: nor I
15:27:33 <orc_orc> it is a pest
15:27:56 <orc_orc> well, I know from running into it, but it is only the bot here ;)
15:28:07 <doron> so any objections to releasing 3.3.2 tomorrow?
15:28:40 <sbonazzo> doron: +1 for tomorrow
15:29:12 <doron> danken: / others:  any issues with releasing tomorrow?
15:29:27 <danken> I already voted +1...
15:29:44 <doron> very well then.
15:30:01 <doron> #agreed oVirt 3.3.2 to be release tomorrow.
15:30:05 <doron> yey!
15:30:13 <danken> (pending on sbonazzo getting all the rpms right.)
15:30:13 <doron> sbonazzo: anything else?
15:30:26 <sbonazzo> doron: about the repo cleaning, should we bump ovirt-release as said a few lines above?
15:31:09 <doron> sbonazzo: bump to what?
15:31:19 <sbonazzo> doron: options are 2
15:31:23 <doron> release-3.3.2?
15:31:39 <sbonazzo> doron: 1) just move rpms from updates-testing to stable and keep everything
15:32:16 <sbonazzo> doron: 2) keep stable as is, and add a line in ovirt.repo pointing to 3.3.2 release and prepare a new ovirt-release rpm for delivering it
15:32:40 <doron> sbonazzo: how will (2) effect rollback?
15:33:04 <sbonazzo> keeping stable and 3.3.2 both enabled by default in ovirt.repo will not affect rollback at all
15:33:35 <sbonazzo> is like haveing stable and updates-testing
15:33:59 <doron> Very well then. Please make sure to include it in your mail.
15:34:09 <sbonazzo> doron: ok
15:34:47 <sbonazzo> #ACTION release a new ovirt-release rpm enabling 3.3.2 new repository and stable as default
15:34:54 <doron> thanks
15:34:59 <doron> moving on
15:35:10 <doron> #topic 3.4 progress
15:35:25 <doron> sahina: hi
15:35:37 <sahina> doron, hi
15:35:51 <doron> sahina: updates on gluster progress for 3.4?
15:36:23 <sahina> doron, we have 1 done, 1 in progress (hope to make it)
15:36:52 <sahina> doron, the monitoring feature - seems like most of the work is in writing nagios plugins
15:37:16 <doron> sahina: will you make it to the feature frees in Dec 31st?
15:37:28 <doron> (freeze)
15:37:58 <sahina> doron, does feature freeze mean no new development or requirements freeze?
15:38:24 <doron> sahina: basically yes. we move to stabilization and bug fixing.
15:38:59 <sahina> doron, in which case, we will drop the gluster volume monitoring feature from 3.4
15:40:07 <doron> sahina: no chance of having it in?
15:40:46 <sahina> doron, we will try our best. it's a stretch goal considering next week lot of folks are on holiday
15:41:00 <doron> sahina: very well.
15:41:26 <doron> #info gluster team completed one task. 2 other in progress. Monitoring as risk.
15:41:29 <doron> thanks sahina
15:41:37 <doron> ybronhei: here for infra?
15:41:42 <orc_orc> I am
15:41:52 <orc_orc> minutes: http://ovirt.org/meetings/ovirt/2013/ovirt.2013-12-16-15.08.html
15:41:55 <doron> orc_orc: it's engine infra ;)
15:41:58 <orc_orc> nm
15:42:08 <orc_orc> heh -- I bit at that last week as well ;(
15:42:25 <doron> I'll reorder next time.
15:42:34 <doron> bazulay: here?
15:43:27 <doron> anyone from engine infra here?
15:43:59 <doron> #info infra team missing a representative. Please update offline.
15:44:10 <doron> sbonazzo: integration updates?
15:44:22 <doron> ie0 3.4 progress.
15:44:34 <sbonazzo> we're late on 3.4, I don't think we'll make it in time
15:44:59 <doron> sbonazzo: you do have one task completed.
15:45:11 <sbonazzo> we've near to refactoring ovirt-engine-setup for ease the migration to otopi of other packages
15:45:32 <doron> no others that will make it?
15:45:34 <sbonazzo> yes, we hopefully have ovirt-hosted-engine in 3.4 :-)
15:45:43 <doron> yey!
15:46:08 <doron> sbonazzo: other tasks that will be in 3.4?
15:46:15 <outi> incl. block-storage or nfs only?
15:46:29 <doron> outi: nfs only
15:46:29 <sbonazzo> outi: nfs only for now
15:46:33 <outi> k
15:46:47 <sbonazzo> doron: nightly test on Fedora 20 has already started by dougsland
15:47:12 <doron> very well.
15:47:15 <sbonazzo> doron: hopefully we'll be able to have 3.4 running on it
15:48:12 <sbonazzo> doron: also alonbl started refactoring dwh and reports
15:48:28 <sbonazzo> doron: so they'll be in a better shape at least
15:48:36 <doron> #info integration team has 1 task completed for 3.4. working on the others. Hosted engine is expected to be included in 3.4.
15:48:47 <doron> thanks sbonazzo
15:48:56 <doron> lvernia: here?
15:49:05 <lvernia> doron: Indeed.
15:49:18 <doron> lvernia: how are the network team doing?
15:49:51 <lvernia> doron: Network features moving along well. Half of them have patches being reviewed.
15:50:12 <apuimedo> iproute2 patches reviewed, only some minor changes needed
15:50:14 <lvernia> doron: Labels won't make it in before feature freeze, but if allowed to continue will make it prior to GA.
15:50:35 <lvernia> doron: Same concerning at least some functionality of Network QoS.
15:50:41 <doron> lvernia: we'll revisit it early january
15:50:48 <lvernia> doron: Alright.
15:51:04 <doron> lvernia: anything else?
15:51:22 <danken> apuimedo: iproute2 has to be done before xmas, so it's an effort.
15:51:27 <lvernia> doron: No, just adding that an attempt is made to fix some problems of NIC ordering.
15:51:29 <danken> but we'll make it.
15:51:58 <doron> #info network team doing well. most tasks either done or being reviewed. Labels and host QoS are at risk.
15:51:58 <apuimedo> danken: it is
15:51:59 <lvernia> doron: Maybe danken can shed some light if it could be considered an implementation of the requested feature or not.
15:52:05 <apuimedo> but it will be done
15:52:19 <danken> lvernia: oved's nic ordering patches?
15:52:25 <lvernia> danken: Yes.
15:52:38 <koma> there is a guide on how to create users or implement ldap?
15:52:42 <danken> lvernia: I have not reviewed them (yet), but my understainf is that they are.
15:52:57 <lvernia> danken: Alright.
15:53:03 <danken> lvernia: some case would not be covered, and we know it (hot plug, for one's)
15:53:16 <doron> lvernia: sounds promising
15:53:17 <danken> but main things (template, clone, import) are covered.
15:53:26 <lvernia> doron: So that's it for us.
15:53:32 <doron> lvernia: thanks.
15:53:40 <doron> moving to ovirt node
15:53:44 <doron> fabiand: here?
15:53:52 <fabiand> yep
15:54:00 <doron> hi fabiandhow are you doing on 3.4?
15:54:09 <fabiand> doron, we are moving slowly.
15:54:22 <fabiand> as you might have noted we already limited outrselfs for now to Fedora 19 based images
15:54:40 <fabiand> A new update - in our stable branch - is planned for 3.4 to fix bugs which are mainly discussed on the ml
15:55:30 <doron> fabiand: what about the generic registration?
15:55:44 <fabiand> doron, I'm vividly speaking with dougsland about that
15:55:59 <doron> fabiand: sounds like it's at risk?
15:56:01 <fabiand> doron, It looks quite good, dougsland has got code for it and a POC
15:56:18 <fabiand> doron, no - it is part of the vdsm plugin and should make it into 3.4 (as part of the plugin)
15:56:28 <doron> fabiand: very good.
15:56:32 <fabiand> doron, IMO our main part is to get a stable iso in place
15:56:46 <doron> fabiand: I agree. I'm getting complaints on that.
15:56:56 <fabiand> Yeah ... I'm very unhappy about that ..
15:57:07 <fabiand> And we try to come up with fixes
15:57:13 <doron> fabiand: so can we expect a stable 3.4 node?
15:57:31 <dougsland> fabiand, doron actually, it will be in vdsm, we will call vdsm-tool (the tool will support ovirt node and normal distro)
15:57:49 <dougsland> anyway, vdsm plugin must be adapted.
15:57:52 <fabiand> doron, yes - we plan to get something into place until begin of Jan
15:58:06 <doron> thanks
15:58:13 <fabiand> doron, I target to also do a release as soon as we get a stable build (currently we've got integration problems)
15:58:18 <fabiand> dougsland, thanks
15:58:32 <fabiand> dougsland, do you think that those changes will make it for 3.4?
16:00:02 <doron> I'll take that as a yes based on what he mentioned.
16:00:04 <dougsland> fabiand, I don't recall the deadline for inclusion of new tool.
16:00:14 <dougsland> doron, ^
16:00:28 <doron> dougsland: Dec 31 feature freeze, Jan 31 GA
16:00:51 <doron> dougsland: so will it be in the node in time?
16:01:21 <dougsland> doron, yes.
16:01:22 <fabiand> dougsland, from a Node perspective it should be usable by mid jan. Then we've got two weeks to test it ..
16:01:30 <fabiand> dougsland, we just need to ensure that it lands in vdsm
16:01:53 <dougsland> fabiand, I think we need to talk about automatic installation (as soon as it land into vdsm)
16:01:53 <doron> I'll take that as a yes...
16:02:07 <dougsland> (after the meeting) ;-)
16:02:09 <fabiand> dougsland, automatic installation of?
16:02:14 <fabiand> dougsland, ack
16:02:20 <doron> #info node generic registration looks good. Also stable node is expected for 3.4.
16:02:26 <doron> thanks dougsland fabiand
16:02:37 <doron> anyonehere for ppc?
16:02:42 <lbianc> yes
16:02:42 <doron> vitorlima: here?
16:02:45 <fabiand> doron, please also note that el6 support is not dropped, it's just that we need to focus on one image right now ..
16:02:47 <doron> hi lbianc
16:02:50 <vitorlima> i'm here
16:02:53 <lbianc> doron: hi!
16:03:03 <doron> hi guys.
16:03:12 <doron> fabiand: I guess we'll need to discuss it later.
16:03:17 <fabiand> ack
16:03:23 <doron> lbianc: vitorlima ppc updates for 3.4?
16:03:41 <doron> and I saw you found a nice PCI BZ guys. Good job!
16:03:47 <vitorlima> we updated the spreadsheet with the status of our main features
16:04:00 <lbianc> we are going good, many patches merged. We have 8 features done and 7 under review
16:04:14 <doron> anything at risk?
16:04:19 <vitorlima> yeah, we are still looking for bugs related to PCI checks, we will send more patches soon
16:04:47 <lbianc> yes, we have some pretty new patches, that maybe will not get done till 31th
16:05:06 * gtemple PCI checks fixes coming soon
16:05:28 <doron> ok. out of your task list for 3.4, what do you have at risk?
16:05:54 <lbianc> it's about blocking migration, snapshots on PPC and support for sPAPR VLAn sPAPR VSCSI
16:06:19 <doron> all at risk for 3.4?
16:06:53 <vitorlima> i think just blocking migration and snapshots will take some more time than expected, they are already coded, but they need to be reviewed
16:07:02 <doron> very well.
16:07:37 <doron> #info PPC doing very well; some already done, other in progress. Currently at risk blocking migration and snapshots.
16:07:47 <doron> vitorlima: lbianc thanks!
16:07:58 <gtemple> doron: welcome
16:08:01 <doron> moving on to sla...
16:08:05 <lbianc> doron: thanks!
16:09:21 <doron> #info SLA team has patches for new power savings policy, and sustaining HA flag. other features being designed.
16:09:32 <doron> sgotliv: here for storage?
16:10:51 <doron> abaron: here?
16:10:54 <sgotliv> doron, yes
16:11:05 <doron> sgotliv: storage updates?
16:11:23 <sgotliv> doron, everything just great
16:11:43 <doron> sgotliv: status of 3.4 tasks?
16:12:09 <sgotliv> doron, except of the multipath I am not aware of any delays
16:12:35 <doron> sgotliv: including functional tests?
16:13:14 <sgotliv> doron, ?
16:13:39 <doron> sgotliv: take a look at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuAtmJW_VMCRdHJ6N1M3d1F1UTJTS1dSMnZwMF9XWVE&usp=drive_web#gid=0
16:13:46 <doron> you have the storage tasks there for 3.4.
16:14:08 <doron> we're tracking progress here
16:14:18 <sgotliv> doron, give me a sec
16:14:21 <doron> checkign for risks, based on freeze date.
16:14:33 <abaron> doron: Vered started working on functional tests changes.  No estimate yet.
16:14:59 <doron> abaron: so I take it as in risk for 3.4?
16:15:17 <abaron> yellow at the moment
16:15:27 <doron> abaron: any other risks?
16:15:45 <abaron> beyond multipath? not atm.  single disk snapshot
16:15:59 <abaron> single disk snapshot is on track and patches should be up for review next week
16:16:39 <abaron> ovf on any domain scope is clear, 2 options for solution there, converging on one
16:16:47 <outi> is this generic multipath or equallogic iscsi?
16:17:10 <abaron> outi: iscsi multipathing.  which would solve the equallogic issue, but also for other iscsi backends
16:17:51 <outi> ok
16:18:07 <doron> #info storage team making progress. functional tests and multipath are currently at risk for 3.4.
16:18:25 <doron> abaron: sgotliv thanks for the update and details.
16:18:34 <doron> ux next. ecohen?
16:18:39 <ecohen> doron, yes, hi.
16:18:40 <ecohen> doron, "case insensitive search", "centralizing refresh logic" - done.
16:18:40 <ecohen> doron, "broken layout in low resolutions", "ovirt new l&f" - were stretch goals but won't make it, postponed.
16:19:10 <doron> ecohen: thanks. so basically you;re done for 3.4?
16:19:15 <ecohen> doron, yep
16:19:44 <doron> #info UX team done for 3.4. 2 tasks pushed forward.
16:19:52 <doron> thanks ecohen!
16:19:55 <ecohen> doron, np
16:20:02 <doron> back to infra, ybronhei here?
16:20:54 <doron> ok
16:21:10 <doron> mskrivanek: here?
16:21:20 <mskrivanek> doron: hi, yes
16:21:27 <ybronhei> doron: yes, im here
16:21:29 <doron> mskrivanek: hi, virt updates for 3.4?
16:22:10 <mskrivanek> search by description is in, spice proxy at cluster level will make it as well
16:22:21 <mskrivanek> default VNC console mode is in
16:22:36 <mskrivanek> hotplug CPU should make it (so far looks good)
16:22:53 <mskrivanek> disable SSO per VM will make it
16:22:53 <doron> nice!
16:23:11 <mskrivanek> this one as well "Show name of the template in General tab for a vm if the vm is deployed from template via clone allocation"
16:23:41 <mskrivanek> ..and we have a new event for remote console connection. Small things, but quite a few of them...
16:23:41 <ovirtbot> mskrivanek: Error: ".and" is not a valid command.
16:23:52 <doron> what's currently at risk for 3.4 freeze?
16:24:40 <mskrivanek> vminit (did'nt mention yet). It's a persistence for cloud-init options and sysprep enhancements in one
16:24:54 <doron> at risk?
16:25:06 <mskrivanek> there's a good chance it will make it at least partially, so I should add it to the spradsheet...
16:25:20 <doron> indeed so...
16:25:42 <doron> mskrivanek: anything else at risk?
16:27:56 <doron> #info virt team making good progress. vminit currently at risk.
16:28:04 <doron> thanks mskrivanek
16:28:06 <doron> moving on
16:28:14 <doron> #topic infra update
16:28:20 <doron> orc_orc: that;s your queue ;)
16:28:22 <orc_orc> general infra minutes: http://ovirt.org/meetings/ovirt/2013/ovirt.2013-12-16-15.08.html
16:28:25 <orc_orc> heh
16:28:29 <orc_orc> a quick shout out: centos slaves bumped to to 6.5 -- thanks ewoud
16:28:39 <doron> yey!
16:28:43 <orc_orc> but on a less bright note, rackspace03 is still blocked -- now it is routing issues
16:28:47 <orc_orc> https://feorahosted.org/ovirt/ticket/80
16:28:51 <orc_orc> eedri was to escalate w R/S
16:28:56 <orc_orc> and that is about it
16:29:01 <orc_orc> eedri: any news?
16:29:16 <eedri> orc_orc, we're evaluating moving to another vendor
16:29:32 <eedri> orc_orc, i will send specs soon to the list
16:29:32 <orc_orc> eedri: get me a requirements document and I'll quote it ;)
16:29:43 <eedri> orc_orc, yea, i'd love your input on that
16:29:47 <orc_orc> * nod *
16:29:53 <doron> #info  centos slaves bumped to to 6.5
16:29:58 <eedri> orc_orc, i'm going to send an email to infra soon on what we want and what people recommends
16:30:07 <orc_orc> I was talking a a new DC that wanted my business last week
16:30:13 <doron> #info infra considering an alternate vendor
16:30:27 <doron> eedri: check your mail about OS1
16:30:37 <orc_orc> end of year is contract re-negotiation time
16:30:57 <eedri> doron, ok
16:31:06 <doron> anything else on infra?
16:31:30 <doron> thanks orc_orc eedri
16:31:33 <doron> moving on
16:31:37 <orc_orc> you are welcome
16:31:41 <doron> #topic other topics
16:31:55 <doron> anyone wishes to raise something?
16:32:42 <doron> Going once?....
16:32:42 <sbonazzo> doron: maybe you're missing ybronhei
16:33:00 <ybronhei> ybronhei: i think so
16:33:12 <doron> sbonazzo: I was waiting, twice..
16:33:18 <doron> ybronhei: infra updates?
16:33:50 <ybronhei> ybronhei: we still have an 3.3 issue that i aware of - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1040063
16:33:59 <ybronhei> doron: ^
16:34:51 <ybronhei> doron: and about 3.4 feature, we're done with all of them except the snmp part which supposes to be also in its last steps
16:35:27 <doron> ybronhei: is the 3.3 a blocker for ovirt?
16:35:43 <doron> I meant 3.3 bz
16:35:52 <ybronhei> doron: no
16:36:01 <doron> ybronhei: very well.
16:36:07 <doron> anything at risk for 3.4?
16:37:14 <doron> #info infra team looking into 1040063 . 3.4 progress doing well.
16:37:20 <doron> anything else?
16:37:31 <doron> Going once?....
16:38:00 <doron> Going twice?....
16:38:29 <doron> #info happy holidays everyone!
16:38:32 <doron> #endmeeting