15:01:13 <doron> #startmeeting oVirt Weekly Sync
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15:01:23 <doron> #topic Agenda and roll Call
15:01:34 * orc_orc is here
15:01:55 * amureini here
15:02:06 * jb_netapp here
15:02:33 * SvenKieske is here
15:02:39 * lvernia here
15:02:41 * kanagaraj here
15:02:56 * sherold here
15:03:10 <dusmant> Dusmant here
15:03:40 <doron> #info 3.3 update releases
15:03:42 <doron> #info 3.4 progress
15:03:43 <doron> #info conferences and workshops
15:03:45 <doron> #info infra update
15:03:46 <doron> #info other topics
15:04:11 <doron> #topic 3.3 update releases
15:05:00 <doron> since sandro is away, do we have anyone who can give us updates on 3.3.?
15:05:31 <SvenKieske> I got an interesting bug against 3.3.1-2 beta, (still not upgraded to 3.3.1 official release, are they identical btw?)
15:06:01 <doron> SvenKieske: did you open a bz?
15:06:03 <SvenKieske> I can't get ubuntu 12.04 working, see this BZ for details: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1038121
15:06:37 <SvenKieske> seems, the cd-rom does not get removed automatic, and ubuntu hangs during fsck during boot
15:06:58 <SvenKieske> I didn't test manually removing cd and then reboot, I guess than it works
15:07:05 <apuimedo> SvenKieske: that's a quite weird one
15:07:21 <SvenKieske> I first thought it was cloud-init related
15:07:55 <SvenKieske> Is this the right meeting to mention such stuff?oO I don't want to disturb the planning
15:07:57 <doron> SvenKieske: let's wait with it until the meeting is over.
15:08:02 <SvenKieske> okay, thx
15:08:28 <doron> So no updates on 3.3.x release.
15:08:50 <doron> #info No updates on 3.3.x release.
15:09:01 <doron> #topic 3.4 progress
15:09:41 <doron> anyone here from gluster?
15:09:58 <kanagaraj> i am here from gluster
15:10:04 <doron> hi kanagaraj
15:10:08 <kanagaraj> hi doron
15:10:10 <doron> any updates on 3.4 progress?
15:10:32 <kanagaraj> Async tasks is done and already in master
15:11:06 <kanagaraj> Volume capacity vdsm and engine patches are in review
15:11:21 <kanagaraj> Monitoring is in design phase
15:11:47 <doron> #info Async tasks is done, Volume capacity vdsm and engine patches are in review, Monitoring is in design phase
15:11:50 <doron> thanks kanagaraj
15:12:04 <doron> bazulay: anyone here from infra?
15:12:13 <emesika> emesika
15:12:20 <orc_orc> doron: I am here from infra
15:12:36 <doron> orc_orc: I meant engine infra ;)
15:12:38 <orc_orc> no meting b/c of a conclift -- email meeting basicaally had the same issue as last week unresolved
15:12:45 <orc_orc> sri
15:12:55 <doron> emesika: how are you doing on 3.4 tasks?
15:14:01 <doron> emesika: ?
15:14:03 <emesika> doron , we have 30 out 129 in modified
15:14:13 <emesika> and 6 in POST
15:14:38 <doron> emesika: I'm referring o 3.4 tasks you have here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuAtmJW_VMCRdHJ6N1M3d1F1UTJTS1dSMnZwMF9XWVE&usp=sharing#gid=0
15:15:35 <emesika> hpblade PM support is in work
15:15:57 <emesika> faced some UI bugs that blocks me from verify it
15:16:25 <emesika> AFAIK this is my only RFE up to now for 3.4
15:16:36 <doron> #info hpblade PM support WIP.
15:16:43 <doron> emesika: what about the others?
15:17:11 <doron> #info Change the search query to be case-insensitive marked as done
15:17:23 <emesika> Mooli is working on the snmp stuff , work was planned to be submitted tomorrow
15:17:41 <doron> #info SNMP task WIP
15:18:25 <doron> emesika: please check and update us next week with the others. ok?
15:18:26 <emesika> Juan also advanced on auth refactoring , however  I do not know currently when it is about to be submitted
15:18:49 <emesika> doron, OK
15:18:54 <doron> emesika: thanks
15:19:14 <doron> lvernia: how is the network team doing?
15:19:25 <lvernia> doron: Nothing to update, everything seems on time.
15:19:39 <lvernia> doron: NIC ordering isn't yet axed, we're still looking to do something about it in 3.4.
15:19:53 <lvernia> doron: And obviously nothing finished yet.
15:20:11 <doron> #info network team making progress. NIC ordering in doubt.
15:20:15 <doron> thanks lvernia
15:20:19 <lvernia> doron: Sure.
15:20:36 <doron> Anyone here for the node?
15:21:08 <dneary> orc_orc, We have escalated the Rackspace issue further today (thanks eedri and stronghere) - will keep everyone posted on progress
15:21:14 <SvenKieske> fabiand seems not to be here..
15:21:15 <doron> I guess not.
15:21:20 <doron> SvenKieske: right.
15:21:25 <doron> Anyone here for PPC?
15:21:32 <lbianc> yes Im here
15:21:41 <doron> lbianc: hi, happy to have you here
15:21:54 <doron> lbianc: how are you doing on 3.4 tasks?
15:22:06 <lbianc> since last update there were no updates about ppc features
15:22:35 <doron> lbianc: will you make it to 3.4 deadline?
15:22:40 <lbianc> we are waiting review on the patches and working on some others
15:23:29 <lbianc> doron: it is almost ready, but we need the patch review
15:23:44 <doron> #info ppc awaiting reviews.
15:24:01 <doron> lbianc: thanks. feel free to email arch asking for reviews.
15:24:18 <doron> moving on to SLA
15:24:23 <lbianc> doron: sure, tks
15:24:58 <doron> #info SLA features reviewed this week. most of htem being designed now.
15:25:06 <doron> amureini: here for storage?
15:25:23 <amureini> doron, yup
15:25:33 <doron> amureini: how is storage doing for 3.4?
15:26:07 <amureini> doron, backup api, live disk resize and readonly disk are done (work statred during 3.3)
15:26:43 <amureini> doron, single disk snapshots and equalpogic support are in design phase, will probably have design reviews next week
15:27:19 <doron> #info backup api, live disk resize and readonly disk are done.
15:27:57 <doron> #info single disk snapshots and equalpogic support are in design
15:27:59 <amureini> doron, functional tests are a bit behind, will need some assitance/advise from experienced VDSM practitioners. already reached out to some, don't think there'll be any particular issue here
15:28:47 <doron> amureini: multiple SDs?
15:29:30 <amureini> doron, we had some design discussions, seems like too much of a risk (as was communicated initially).
15:29:52 <doron> #info functional tests are a bit behind, multiple SDs in doubt.
15:29:56 <doron> thanks amureini
15:30:03 <doron> ecohen|mtg: here?
15:30:22 <ecohen|mtg> doron, in ceqm, but yes. what's up?
15:30:41 <doron> ecohen|mtg: great, thanks. how is the UX ding on 3.4 tasks?
15:30:47 <doron> (doing)
15:31:18 <ecohen|mtg> doron, one sec (since in another meeting in parallel, not prepared... I apologize...)
15:31:32 <doron> o, moving on and will be back
15:31:39 <doron> mskrivanek: here?
15:32:16 <mattpattie> hi guys
15:32:20 <doron> ofrenkel: here?
15:32:47 <doron> anyone here for virt?
15:33:00 <apuimedo> mskrivanek: ?
15:33:26 <mattpattie> whats up doron?
15:33:39 <doron> #info virt representative missing. Please update and make sure to be here next time.
15:33:46 <doron> mattpattie: thanks.
15:34:00 <doron> ecohen|mtg: back to you...
15:34:31 <ecohen|mtg> doron, it seems that a lot of the things will be stretch goals (have a bit of a resources problem)
15:34:43 <ecohen|mtg> doron, once I will have the exact status - I will update the spreadsheet accordingly
15:34:54 <doron> ecohen|mtg: very well, thanks
15:34:55 <ecohen|mtg> doron, things that won't make it for ovirt-3.4 should be removed from the spread-sheet?
15:35:31 <doron> #info UX have resource issues. Will update the spreadhseet
15:35:41 <doron> ecohen|mtg: yes. this will make tracking easier
15:35:58 <ecohen|mtg> doron, thanks
15:36:03 <doron> ok. this is for 3.4 tatus
15:36:18 <doron> #topic conferences and workshops
15:36:38 <doron> dneary: your up now ;)
15:36:43 <doron> (you're)
15:37:36 <doron> dneary: ?
15:37:45 <dneary> Here
15:37:53 <dneary> Sorry - couple of things going on
15:38:00 <mattpattie> well i might as well ask my Q im trying to install ovirt node 3.0.3-1.1fc19 and im getting Exception: ValueError("Invalidliteral for int() with base 10: ''",) anyi deas (just realized you guys are doing a meetup so dont worry too much if now isnt the time)
15:38:01 <doron> quick update?
15:38:05 <dneary> Call for papers for FOSDEM closed, we had a lot of oVirt proposals
15:38:34 <doron> dneary: great!
15:38:35 <dneary> Itamar & I will be going through them this week & picking the more developer oriented talks (or giving feedback to potential presenters to adapt talks)
15:39:11 <doron> #info FOSDEM CFP closed. Many roposals. Papers are being reviewed.
15:39:14 <bkp> Good day, this is Brian Proffitt
15:39:30 <dneary> We're looking at doing 2 cloud & virt related one-day events either side of FOSDEM: one in London on the Wednesday before, in conjunction with Monkigras, and one in Ghent the wednesday after, in conjuntion with cfgmgmtcamp
15:39:34 <dneary> Hi bkp!
15:39:48 <dneary> Everyone, welcome bkp on board, this is his 3rd day on the job
15:40:14 <apuimedo> bkp: welcome
15:40:17 <doron> Hi bkp, welcome to ovirt!
15:40:35 <dneary> I initially scheduled a board meeting for Dec 17th, but will be moving it to Jan 7th because Itamar was not avvailable (and his presence seems to me to be required)
15:40:44 <bkp> Thanks!
15:41:02 <dneary> That's all I have, I think...
15:41:14 <doron> #info additional events adjacent FOSDEM are being considered
15:41:26 <doron> dneary: much appreciated
15:41:35 <itamar> SvenKieske: 3.3.1 was released. 3.3.2 is now in beta....
15:41:46 <doron> Moving on
15:41:54 <dneary> doron, We will be keeping everyone informed ASAP for those related events, because we'll be seeking speakers (makes most sense for someone staying at cfgmgmtcamp to stay over an extra couple of days)
15:42:20 <doron> dneary: and we are getting closer to these dates
15:42:43 <SvenKieske> itamar: I know, my last update was to 3.3.1-2 from ovirt.org beta repo, is there any difference to 3.3.1 stable? that put aside, I can't upgrade atm, due to time issues, but I have an upgradestory in a later scrum sprint..
15:42:52 <doron> #topic infra update
15:43:09 <doron> orc_orc: dneary infra updates?
15:43:12 <orc_orc> no meting b/c of a conclift -- email meeting basicaally had the same issue as last week unresolved
15:43:16 <orc_orc> https://fedorahosted.org/ovirt/ticket/80
15:43:24 <orc_orc> dcaro: was going to look into this ...
15:43:47 <orc_orc> beyond that, not much happening
15:43:58 <doron> dcaro: any updates?
15:44:38 <doron> #info rackspace ticket escalated. Waiting for updates.
15:44:41 <doron> thanks orc_orc
15:44:46 <orc_orc> doron: you are welcom
15:44:55 <itamar> ecohen|mtg: things you remove from the sheet - please move to the 2nd sheet "items without devel owner"
15:44:56 <doron> #topic other topics
15:45:17 <doron> anyone wants to raise something?
15:45:37 <SvenKieske> suggestion for 3.x planning: would be cool not to rely on a google doc, maybe put on a redmine or other issue /feature tracker?
15:45:37 <doron> going once...
15:45:46 <dcaro> doron: the machine is up and running, we have ssh access but we are afraid to change any configs as we dont have console access in case network config fails, trying to find out a solution for that (maybe change kvm)
15:46:10 <orc_orc> SvenKieske: concur -- change tracking in Google docs is at best painful to figure out
15:46:43 <doron> #info infra update:  the machine is up and running, we have ssh access but we are afraid to change any configs as we dont have console access in case network config fails, trying to find out a solution for that
15:46:49 <doron> thanks dcaro
15:46:49 <SvenKieske> I mean, you have trac on fedorahosted.org and track there infra stuff, then you got bugzilla.redhat.com, why not track all features there?
15:46:50 <amureini> SvenKieske, doron, orc_orc - concur. actually, we already need to have a BZ for each issue anyway - isn't this a bit of a duplicity?
15:47:36 <orc_orc> amureini: bugbilla blockers are unfamiliar to some, but perhaps with public triaging and priority assignments, this works
15:47:44 <SvenKieske> so maybe we could agree on just using BZ from redhat? would be my suggestion?
15:48:04 <amureini> SvenKieske, ++
15:48:12 <SvenKieske> I can't decide, you wear those hats ;)
15:48:14 <itamar> SvenKieske: bugzilla is useful to track after orchestrating what's going in, making sure they all have BZs, etc.
15:48:24 <orc_orc> it would represent a change in workflow in that bugs would not remain in NEW forever ... but this is probably ok in the ovirt realm
15:48:40 <itamar> but lets see after we do this version...
15:49:11 <SvenKieske> I don't know, maybe some other software suits us better than just bugzilla, I'll do some more thinking on this..
15:49:22 <doron> amureini: SvenKieske itamar let's discuss this over the ML? and I agree we have some time for 3.5.
15:49:27 <itamar> SvenKieske: 3.3.1-2 seems to be what was GA'd btw.
15:49:36 <SvenKieske> yeah, we can't do it for 3.4 anyway
15:49:44 <doron> any other subject you want to discuss?
15:49:53 <SvenKieske> ty itamar, so I'll have some time for the upgrade
15:50:18 <SvenKieske> btw: I can't select a sub-release of ovirt in BZ!, just 3.3. not 3.3.1 3.3.2 etc
15:50:19 <doron> #info discuss googledocs alternatives in ML for 3.5+
15:50:33 <doron> ok guys, going once
15:50:51 <doron> going twice....
15:50:55 <SvenKieske> would be cool, to be able to select 3.3.1 as an affected version in bugzilla
15:51:34 <doron> #endmeeting