15:02:27 <doron> #startmeeting oVirt Weekly Sync
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15:02:31 * sbonazzo here
15:02:36 * ecohen here
15:02:42 <doron> #topic Agenda and roll Call
15:02:59 * lvernia here
15:03:26 * danken is here
15:03:26 <doron> amureini: here?
15:03:38 <doron> mskrivanek: here?
15:04:23 <doron> #info 3.3 update releases
15:04:24 <doron> #info 3.4 planning
15:04:26 <doron> #info conferences and workshops
15:04:27 <doron> #info infra update
15:04:29 <doron> #info other topics
15:04:38 <doron> let's start with 3.3 update releases
15:05:03 <sbonazzo> doron: 3.3.1 fully released, fabiand already announced also node
15:05:20 <sbonazzo> doron: we should think about releasing a for http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/21783/
15:05:25 <danken> some issue about glusterfs dependency, too.
15:05:25 <doron> sbonazzo: are we expecting
15:05:49 <doron> sbonazzo: ack on, this resolved NPE
15:05:55 <doron> danken: what is it?
15:06:01 <danken> BugĀ 1033587 -        Glusterfs RPM dependencies broken for VDSM 4.13.0-11 in RHEL 6.5 prevent updates
15:06:03 * mskrivanek here
15:06:14 <sbonazzo> doron: any other patch to be included in ?
15:06:34 <doron> sbonazzo: let's see danken's issue
15:06:58 <danken> doron: we ship a gluster-epel.repo that points to 3.4.0 version, which conflict with rhel6.5's glusterfs
15:07:07 <danken> so we need to amend ovirt-release.rpm
15:07:26 <danken> I think mburns used to own it. who has inherited it?
15:07:33 <doron> fabiand: here?
15:07:42 <fabiand> doron, here.
15:07:53 <doron> hi fabiand, are you aware of this issue?
15:08:16 <fabiand> doron, danken pointed it out to mew.
15:08:24 <fabiand> But I didn't take it over
15:08:34 <fabiand> I'm completely unaware of who owns it ..
15:08:43 <doron> fabiand: it seems that we need a with a fix to it.
15:09:00 <danken> its rpm -qi suggest that mburns has built it in his basement
15:09:07 <fabiand> :)
15:09:14 <fabiand> mburns, will be back on monday
15:09:15 <doron> fabiand: can you contact mburns to handle it ?
15:09:25 <mburns> what needs to be done?
15:09:32 <mburns> is there a patch i can simply ack?
15:09:36 <sbonazzo> doron: http://www.ovirt.org/Subprojects doesn't list that package and his maintainer
15:09:58 <doron> danken: any idea howw to resolve it?
15:10:15 * dneary here
15:10:17 <danken> yes, the BZ has the suggestion by Bob Doolitle
15:10:23 <danken> (the user who reported it)
15:10:46 <danken> it's a oneliner to the gluster-epel.repo file
15:10:57 <mburns> danken: link?
15:11:17 <danken> but we do need to decide: do we want to include the specific glusterf- 3.4.1 or any latest.
15:11:20 <danken> bz 1033587
15:11:42 <danken> last comment
15:12:03 <dneary> danken, fabiand: The release RPM is really simple. Does it have any versioning (to enable yum update to do the right thing & fix the repo definitions)?
15:12:13 <danken> mburns: how about adding ovirt-release to gerrit? I know it's tiny, but it needs some revision control.
15:12:25 <mburns> danken: it's in gerrit
15:12:48 <doron> mburns: so we should add sbonazzo to this project
15:12:50 <fabiand> dneary, dneary mburns we should probably add versioning to it ..
15:12:58 <danken> http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/admin/projects/ovirt-release ~
15:12:59 <danken> !
15:13:02 * dneary thought it was part of the integration project
15:13:34 <danken> mburns: I was not aware of http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/18427/
15:14:44 <doron> mburns: can you work with sbonazzo and if needed fabiand to resolve 1033587?
15:14:55 <sbonazzo> doron: ok for helping maintaining it
15:14:55 <doron> it would save us a special
15:15:04 <mburns> http://gerrit.ovirt.org/21794
15:15:13 <mburns> that should trigger a build in jenkins
15:15:17 <mburns> which can then be tested
15:15:31 <mburns> i don't have an environment or time to test though
15:15:48 <mburns> http://jenkins.ovirt.org/job/ovirt-release/16800/
15:15:54 <doron> sbonazzo: can you test it?
15:16:18 <sbonazzo> doron: I don't have a centos system around
15:16:21 <sbonazzo> obasan: ?
15:16:36 <obasan> sbonazzo, don't have one now :(
15:16:37 <danken> I'm sure bobdrad would love to help testing this.
15:17:11 <sbonazzo> doron: I think we're going to build tomorrow morning, so we can try to have also mburns change tested tomorrow morning
15:17:33 <doron> very well.
15:17:35 <doron> mburns: how about adding sbonazzo as a maintainer to support this project?
15:17:43 <sbonazzo> doron: I think we should delay also 3.3.2 beta until the NPE fix is in
15:17:46 <mburns> doron: i will
15:18:17 <doron> #info mburns to add sbonazzo as a maintainer to support ovirt-release  project
15:18:24 <doron> thanks mburns
15:18:34 <doron> sbonazzo: I agree,
15:19:02 <doron> #info 3.3.2 beta delayed to include an NPE fix.
15:19:30 <mburns> sbonazzo: you should have +2/-2 rights now
15:19:30 <doron> anything else on 3.3.x updates?
15:19:32 <danken> doron: no date?
15:19:45 <mburns> updated build:  http://jenkins.ovirt.org/job/ovirt-release/16802/
15:19:52 <danken> doron: target date for 3.3.2 is important to me.
15:19:55 <doron> danken: we have a patch, so it should be +- day
15:20:15 <doron> verified patch
15:20:32 <sbonazzo> mburns: confirmed, I've +2 / -2 rights now
15:21:08 <sbonazzo> danken: for beta 3.3.2 it should have been today
15:21:28 <sbonazzo> danken: for final 3.3.2 it should be in ~2 weeks I think
15:21:29 <doron> sbonazzo: the npe should be merged soon (today)
15:21:36 <danken> sbonazzo: where is it written? I forgot.
15:21:44 <danken> Vdsm is far from being ready.
15:22:03 <danken> we'd like to include the hosted Engine patches in for the beta
15:22:03 <sbonazzo> danken: it has been posted to users, devel and vdsm-devel a few times in the last 3 weeks
15:22:21 <knesenko> danken: are you going to include this one as well ? - http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/21695/
15:22:24 <sbonazzo> danken: any chance to have them in for tomorow?
15:22:35 <danken> sbonazzo: yeah I blame only my own memory.
15:22:57 <danken> I know fsimonce can do a lot of things.
15:23:11 <sbonazzo> danken: or we can go with a beta2 for them as soon as you have them in?
15:23:35 <doron> sbonazzo: maybe we can have a light version of http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.3_release-management to hosld 3.3.x dates?
15:23:59 <knesenko> danken: ?
15:24:01 <danken> I suspect he could take them in and have a test build by tomorrow.
15:24:35 <danken> ybronhei: could you backport the "debian" dir to ovirt-3.3 ?
15:24:47 <sbonazzo> doron: why not use http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.3_release-management adding .z version to timeline as maintenance?
15:24:48 <danken> knesenko: you could do the backport, too.
15:24:56 <doron> danken: sbonazzo so can we expect 3.3.2 beta + this Friday?
15:24:57 <ybronhei> danken: yes
15:25:00 <knesenko> danken: I can;t merge
15:25:16 <knesenko> ybronhei: thanks
15:25:38 <sbonazzo> doron: on ovirt-engine side, we just need the NPE fix patch.
15:25:50 <danken> ybronhei: if we are to have a beta build tomorrow, you have a lot on your hands to ack/merge.
15:26:23 <doron> #info sbonazzo to track maintenance version in new http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.3.z_release-management
15:26:25 <ybronhei> danken: ah? :O
15:26:36 <ybronhei> danken: im about to make a build tomorrow?
15:27:08 <ybronhei> danken: http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/21795/
15:27:25 <danken> ybronhei: I was just reminded that we have an ovirt-3.3.2 beta tomorrow
15:27:31 <danken> better include vdsm in it.
15:28:06 <doron> danken: Engine seems to be  ok. Can VDSM converge to Friday for and 3.3.2 beta?
15:28:27 <danken> is unrelated to vdsm
15:28:36 <danken> afaict
15:28:50 <doron> which is positive in the empty way...
15:29:13 <danken> we have enough for 3.3.2 even without the HE patches
15:29:39 <doron> danken: it's 3.3.2 beta.
15:29:46 <danken> so yeah, wither ybronhei and fsimonce can coordinate and see if we can squeeze HE into beta1.
15:30:14 <danken> doron: yes, we'll have a build by Friday.
15:30:26 <danken> not yet sure if it gonna have HE.
15:30:42 <doron> very well. so 3.3.2 and release should be by on Friday.
15:31:14 <danken> knesenko: I'd love a verification, too, for http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/21795/
15:31:23 <doron> #info released by Friday 29/11.
15:31:27 <danken> just to be sure that the tarball and rpm really build.
15:31:35 <danken> from ovirt-3.3 branch.
15:31:39 <doron> #info 3.3.2 release due on  Friday 29/11.
15:31:47 <doron> let's move on.
15:31:56 <danken> doron 3.3.2-beta1 !
15:32:10 <doron> right
15:32:15 <danken> before we move on:
15:32:16 <doron> #info 3.3.2 beta1 due on  Friday 29/11.
15:32:20 <knesenko> danken: np
15:32:44 <danken> I wanted to make sure there is no resistence to including the HE patches in 3.3.2.
15:33:10 <danken> it is uncommon to introduce new APIs in a 3.3.z, but we really want this feature, and it's blocking only on vdsm.
15:33:25 <doron> danken: ack on my side, most issues I'm aware of are around setup.
15:33:29 <doron> sbonazzo: ?
15:33:31 <danken> so speak now, or forever hold your lips sealed.
15:33:48 <danken> sbonazzo acked it on vdsm-devel.
15:33:59 <sbonazzo> doron: I agree with firday date for beta. I don't think we've critical / blocking issues on setup
15:34:15 <ybronhei> danken: I need short lesson about the release process, if you may..
15:34:23 <doron> danken: sbonazzo then I guess we're good with ha for 3.3.2.
15:34:26 <sbonazzo> danken: doron: +1 for having HE support in vdsm
15:34:46 <danken> I'm soliciting comments from users if they are around.
15:35:21 <doron> I guess they're not ;)
15:35:21 <danken> I've promised not to release ovirt-3.3.2 before QE gave green light for the HE patches.
15:35:30 <orc_orc> danken: I am around but have nothing to offer here
15:35:50 <doron> #info vdsm 3.3.2 will include hosted engine support.
15:36:05 <doron> #topic 3.4 planning
15:36:09 <orc_orc> us holiday will be tomorrow and most will be leaving soon after a half day pre THanksgiving holiday, so not likely to be much comment from here
15:36:12 <sbonazzo> danken: well, we don't really have a QE team on oVirt we're still working on it :-)
15:36:21 <danken> ybronhei: you should use fedpkg to build a test vdsm in koji.
15:36:31 <doron> at this point we have the scope finalized, let's see how the teams are doing
15:36:54 <danken> sbonazzo: well frankly, waht I'm looking is a "no regression" ack from storage QE.
15:37:19 <knesenko> danken: verification fail because there are missing files in debian directory. two solutions here: 1. is to remove those files from Makefile.am 2. Add missing files from the master branch
15:37:20 <sbonazzo> doron: integration team presented here 3.4 targeted features ~1 hour ago
15:37:25 <knesenko> danken: what do you prefer ?
15:37:32 <doron> sbonazzo: I know ;)
15:37:44 <danken> knesenko: fix the Makefile, of course.
15:37:50 <doron> sbonazzo: so what's the current status?
15:37:51 <knesenko> danken: ok done
15:37:52 <danken> thanks for finding the error!
15:37:54 <knesenko> danken: pushing
15:38:33 <danken> ahhh, ybronhei was too quick!
15:39:01 <ybronhei> danken: what??
15:39:02 <sbonazzo> doron: dwh migration to otopi is a WIP. uri rewrite is almost finished (we've a bug around but will be fixed soon) other features are to be started
15:39:03 <doron> sbonazzo: ?
15:39:10 <ybronhei> danken: im checking everything
15:39:15 <danken> ybronhei: how did you v+1 http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/21795/ ?
15:39:27 <danken> knesenko says it's (slightly) broken
15:39:28 <ybronhei> damn it
15:39:42 <ybronhei> errr i checked on the wong branch
15:39:46 <doron> sbonazzo: anything else?
15:40:01 <sbonazzo> doron: not on integration side AFAIK
15:40:22 <doron> sbonazzo: current deadline seems ok?
15:41:05 <knesenko> ybronhei: I am pushing the fix
15:41:11 <sbonazzo> doron: we may be a little short of time due to christmas holidays and peoples working on it
15:41:21 <ybronhei> danken: knesenko: i do that
15:41:38 <doron> #info integration team may slip on 3.4 due to holidays
15:41:41 <doron> thanks sbonazzo
15:41:47 <doron> sahina: here?
15:41:57 <sahina> doron, hi
15:42:08 <doron> hi sahina how are you doing n 3.4 tasks?
15:42:29 <ybronhei> danken: http://gerrit.ovirt.org/21798 :(
15:42:57 <danken> ybronhei: let's let knesenko do the verification this time.
15:42:57 <sahina> doron, we're good on gluster asyn tasks. and hoping to make the other two
15:43:18 <doron> sahina: thanks. will you make it to the deadline?
15:43:44 <sahina> doron, will have a clearer picture next week
15:43:44 <ybronhei> danken: i do mistake from time to time.. I checked 3 merges before that one :/ sorry
15:43:54 <danken> would you, knesenko?
15:43:58 <doron> thanks
15:44:11 <danken> ybronhei: everybody makes mistakes. and then knesenko needs to pay for them ;-)
15:44:19 <doron> #info gluster to report next week on 3.4 deadline readiness.
15:44:34 <doron> sbonazzo: are you covering for infra?
15:44:48 <doron> or maybe it's ybronhei?
15:44:55 <sbonazzo> doron: no
15:44:58 <ybronhei> danken: so tomorrow what time should the build be done?
15:45:12 <doron> ybronhei: here for infra?
15:45:14 <knesenko> danken: ybronhei since there are some differences between debian directory in master and ovirt-3.3 branch and you do want to include all files form debian in the makefile so better to
15:45:42 <ybronhei> doron: no :) im just here because danken said here that I need to build vdsm tomorrow
15:45:43 <knesenko> for i in \ls ; echo "$i \" >> Makefile.am; done
15:45:57 <orc_orc> as to infra, http://ovirt.org/meetings/ovirt/2013/ovirt.2013-11-25-15.05.html
15:46:05 <knesenko> ybronhei: now will be be sure all files are there
15:46:05 <orc_orc> still blocked on that Rackspace issue
15:46:09 <doron> ybronhei: can you please check who covers for infra in the meeting and ping him?
15:46:12 <knesenko> ybronhei: can do it ?
15:46:15 <knesenko> you
15:46:29 <ybronhei> doron: knesenko: too many things.. I'll try to do both
15:46:40 <doron> ybronhei: thanks
15:46:46 <doron> lvernia: here?
15:46:48 <knesenko> ybronhei: want me to fix ?
15:46:50 <lvernia> doron: Yep.
15:47:02 <doron> lvernia: how id network doing on 3.4 tasks
15:47:04 <doron> ?
15:47:07 <ybronhei> knesenko: yes
15:47:24 <lvernia> doron: Almost all is well as far as I know. More specifically...
15:47:36 <knesenko> ybronhei: ok
15:47:49 <lvernia> Network configurator is being implemented.
15:48:23 <ybronhei> doron: so im the infra guy for now
15:48:26 <lvernia> Host Network QoS and provisioned network editing feature pages are up and being reviewed on mailing lists.
15:48:27 <dneary> danken, sbonazzo: Just catching up with backlog. On HE topic: we will want to be very careful to avoid regressions. Are we maintaining API compatibility between 3.3.1 and 3.3.2 at least?
15:48:53 <apuimedo> lvernia: did I hear "Configurator"
15:48:58 <apuimedo> is that my name being called?
15:49:04 <lvernia> apuimedo: Yep, you wanna elaborate on that?
15:49:08 <danken> ybronhei: doron said we need a build for Friday. So anytime would do.
15:49:10 <ybronhei> knesenko: good catch with the space btw :)
15:49:29 <ybronhei> danken: ok.. I'll check with you before doing that
15:49:31 <lvernia> doron: Network labels still under design but should be up on mailing lists soon enough.
15:49:37 <sbonazzo> dneary: AFAIK it's just API extension, not breaking
15:49:39 <ybronhei> danken: maybe I'll use douglas for it too
15:49:47 <dneary> sbonazzo, Good
15:49:50 <ybronhei> danken: or call you
15:49:58 <doron> lvernia: thanks. Please check for next week on deadline readiness.
15:50:00 <dneary> Do we have a good regression test suite for VDSM?
15:50:01 <danken> dougsland is a sport!
15:50:04 <sbonazzo> dneary: danken should confirm anyway :-)
15:50:10 <apuimedo> lvernia: well, the unified persistence is practically done (missing some final work on upgrade path)
15:50:16 <lvernia> doron: Sure. One thing I'm not sure on is NIC ordering.
15:50:26 <apuimedo> unified memory rollback is posted
15:50:32 <apuimedo> and iproute2 has to be rebased on that
15:50:33 <danken> dneary: I'm afraid it's not good.
15:50:39 <apuimedo> patches are posted pre-rebase
15:50:43 <doron> #info network team doing good progress. NIC ordering unsure. Should report next week on deadline readiness.
15:50:50 <doron> fabiand: here?
15:50:59 <fabiand> doron, yep
15:51:04 <fabiand> doron, but about to leave
15:51:04 <lvernia> apuimedo: Sounds good.
15:51:06 <danken> this would be a good opportunity to remind storage and virt team to use their vdsm functional tests.
15:51:08 <doron> fabiand: how's the node doing for 3.4?
15:51:31 <dougsland> ybronhei, danken pardon?
15:51:36 <dougsland> reading logs
15:51:44 <fabiand> doron, Currently we are not up to speed. Many changes slowed us down.
15:51:55 <danken> dneary: for network, the functional tests are quire comprehensive. For virt and storage - quite not, and they are not used enough anyway.
15:51:57 <fabiand> doron, I can give a better estimate next week if that helps
15:52:00 <doron> fabiand: ok, let's revisit next week.
15:52:10 <fabiand> doron, next monday, right?
15:52:14 <dneary> danken, Thanks
15:52:28 <doron> #info node to update next week on task status and readiness for 3.4 deadline
15:52:38 <doron> anyone here for PPC?
15:53:08 <abaron> danken: that is on the 3.4 planning (comprehensive tests)
15:53:17 <doron> sbonazzo: can you get updates from PPC guys in the ML and update us next week?
15:53:22 <danken> dneary: I'm starting to sound like old Cato, but amureini, please make sure that functional/storageTests are run on the ovirt-3.3.2 branch!
15:53:43 <sbonazzo> doron: not sure who I've to ping about it
15:53:48 <danken> abaron: until then, I'd be happy if what we do have is being used.
15:53:53 <doron> fabiand: why Monday?
15:53:55 <abaron> danken: ack
15:54:03 <aweiteka> hosted-engine question... my  pxe boot isn't finding a bootable device. i typed the output from the vm vnc here: http://pastebin.test.redhat.com/178841 any thoughts? http://pastebin.test.redhat.com/178839
15:54:07 <doron> sbonazzo: ping me offline.
15:54:11 <sbonazzo> doron: ok
15:54:26 <apuimedo> danken: mskrivanek pointed out that there is some work to do with the virt tests before they are ready to move to jenkins
15:54:33 <orc_orc> aweiteka: there is a meeting going for the next few minutes -- please stand by
15:54:33 <doron> aweiteka: please take it to the HE channel you used yesterday.
15:54:44 <doron> #info sbonazzoto update on PPC status next week.
15:54:59 <doron> SLA...
15:55:06 <aweiteka> ok, thx
15:55:32 <doron> #info SLA working on design. Unsure about application HA and will report next wee on deadline readiness.
15:55:37 <danken> apuimedo: ok, but I'm asking to make it a gating requirement for them to pass on ovirt-3.3.2
15:55:52 <danken> even locally.
15:55:58 <doron> amureini: abaron 3.4 tasks status?
15:56:21 <apuimedo> danken: as long as the tests are up to scratch...
15:56:46 <apuimedo> danken: alignmentTests on some jenkins slave have failures quite often
15:57:08 <knesenko> ybronhei: done
15:57:28 <doron> amureini: abaron 3.4 tasks status? take 2
15:58:17 <danken> apuimedo: forget about jenkins. just run it, and say that it passes. We should not release anything without this statement.
15:58:55 <doron> #info storage to make sure they have a representative in weekly sync.
15:59:16 <doron> #info storage to update next week on 3,4 status and readiness for deadline.
15:59:19 <apuimedo> danken: of course
15:59:21 <apuimedo> ;-)
15:59:23 <doron> ecohen: here?
15:59:36 <ecohen> ecohen, yes
15:59:45 <doron> ecohen: how's the ux doing for 3.4?
16:00:04 <ecohen> doron, everything is according to plan, nothing changed since last week.
16:00:24 <doron> ecohen: how are you with 3.4 deadline?
16:00:40 <knesenko> danken: fix merged
16:00:51 <danken> doron: abaron was here for a moment
16:00:54 <ecohen> doron, same as last week - stretch goals remained stretch goals, others are either done or in progress
16:00:58 <danken> knesenko: good
16:01:17 <doron> ecohen: very well, thanks
16:01:19 <ecohen> doron, np
16:01:39 <doron> #info UX making progress. No changes with regards to 3.4 deadline.
16:01:49 <doron> ofrenkel: here?
16:02:02 <danken> knesenko: thanks!
16:02:06 <ofrenkel> doron, yes
16:02:10 <knesenko> danken: np
16:02:16 <doron> ofrenkel: updates on 3.4 tasks ?
16:02:42 <ofrenkel> doron, no changes i think
16:03:01 <doron> ofrenkel: will you make it to the 3.4 deadline?
16:04:03 <danken> mburns: fabiand: which component should carry bz 1033587? it's certainly not vdsm.
16:04:23 <danken> but ovirt-release is not in BZ.
16:04:35 <ofrenkel> doron, sure hope so
16:04:50 <doron> ofrenkel: thanks. appriciate it if we can get updates next week from you or mskrivanek_away
16:05:03 <ofrenkel> doron, yes no problem
16:05:14 <sbonazzo> danken: move it to installer, whiteboard integration
16:05:34 <doron> #info virt has no changes for 3.4 status. Will update next week on deadline readiness
16:05:41 <doron> ybronhei: back to infra
16:05:58 <doron> ybronhei: can you update on 3.4 tasks?
16:06:47 <sbonazzo> doron I think that a new component about "distribution" should be in bugzilla (maybe also one for the virtual appliance subproject)
16:07:11 <doron> sbonazzo: for ovirt?
16:07:18 <sbonazzo> doron: ues
16:07:19 <sbonazzo> yes
16:07:37 <doron> #info infra should send a representative for ovirt weekly.
16:07:58 <doron> #infra should update on 3.4 tasks status next week.
16:08:27 <danken> sbonazzo: "installer"?
16:08:31 <doron> sbonazzo: email itamar1 and let's see who can handle it.
16:08:38 <doron> moving on
16:08:56 <doron> #topic conferences and workshops
16:09:02 <danken> ybronhei is not enough as an infra rep?
16:09:02 <doron> dneary: still alive?
16:09:10 <dneary> doron, Yes
16:09:17 <doron> dneary: any updates?
16:09:19 <dneary> Was on another channel & thing
16:09:32 <dneary> No news since last week.
16:09:34 <itamar1> doron: which topic?
16:09:35 <sbonazzo> doron: ok. danken: ovirt-engine-installer IIRC. it's not really the right package, but the one more near to it
16:09:48 <doron> itamar1: ^^^^^^
16:09:51 <doron> dneary: thanks
16:09:55 <dneary> Oh - possible oVirt stand at SCALE, Jason Brooks has proposed a talk
16:10:02 <doron> #info no updates on conferences and workshops since last week.
16:10:11 <dneary> And for FOSDEM, the closing date for the Virt & IaaS devroom is this Friday
16:10:16 <doron> moving on infra update
16:10:21 <doron> #topic infra update
16:10:27 <dneary> Aside from that, no updates that I can think of
16:10:47 <sbonazzo> itamar1: we're missing a component in bugzilla for ovirt-release (something like "distribution") and maybe one for the new subproject of the virtual appliance
16:10:50 <Guest7159> Hey, I've been checking for information on Live Migration. Is it possible to live migrate your data from local storage to shared storage?
16:11:06 <ybronhei> doron: sorry didn't notice
16:11:09 <ybronhei> doron: no updates
16:11:10 <doron> #info possible oVirt stand at SCALE, Jason Brooks has proposed a talk
16:11:32 <itamar1> sbonazzo: ovirt-appliance - sure. what is ovirt-release one for?
16:11:33 <ybronhei> doron: same as last week about the features and no urgent issues
16:11:45 <doron> ybronhei: thanks.
16:11:50 <itamar1> Guest7159: not yet. export/import should work though
16:12:22 <doron> #info infra-team 3.4 tasks: no changes
16:12:26 <sbonazzo> itamar1: see bz 1033587, it's for the release package, which handle yum .repo file install
16:12:58 <doron> orc_orc: any ifra updates?
16:13:05 <doron> (infra)
16:13:57 <doron> or anyone else from ovirt infra for this matter?
16:14:48 <doron> I'll take that as no updates
16:14:50 <itamar1> sbonazzo: lets see if it becomes a pattern to move these off the installer i guess.
16:15:07 <doron> #info infra no updates
16:15:11 <doron> moving on
16:15:20 <doron> #topic other topics
16:15:32 <orc_orc> doron: as before as to infra, http://ovirt.org/meetings/ovirt/2013/ovirt.2013-11-25-15.05.html
16:15:36 <orc_orc> still blocked on that Rackspace issue
16:15:52 <sbonazzo> itamar1: I suggested installer as component to danken, while we don't have anything better for now :-)
16:16:08 <doron> orc_orc: something we can do to help?
16:16:31 <orc_orc> doron: poke the @redhat to pick up the phone, comes to mind
16:16:45 <orc_orc> the reason for the blockage is opaque to outsiders
16:16:57 <orc_orc> there is reference to some other issue not publicly discussed
16:17:30 <doron> orc_orc: dneary any idea what orc_orc is referring to?
16:18:36 <itamar1> orc_orc: which blockage?
16:18:56 <doron> #info doron to check what's the issue in ovirt infra.
16:18:58 <dneary> doron, Not really - let me catch up
16:19:02 <orc_orc> itamar1: the need for 03 at racksapce and the new space it provides
16:19:03 <doron> ok guys, anything else?
16:19:22 <orc_orc> there is an out of band access issue which cannot be sollved by the people w credentials
16:19:42 <orc_orc> the migration plan has nee done since 14 Oct, but blocked on this need
16:19:50 <orc_orc> s/nee/been/
16:20:13 <dneary> doron, orc_orc: Is this what you're referring to? "still blocked on ovirt03 because iDRAC doesn't works for us"
16:20:22 <doron> dneary: right
16:20:52 <doron> dneary: can you check what can be done to assist ovirt infra?
16:20:52 <orc_orc> dneary: that was the old issue -- the conclusion was to involve some one at Rackspace on both that and some other issue not discussed on the ML
16:21:29 <dneary> orc_orc, I'm afraid I haven't been following that issue - who is in charge of it, who has contacted Rackspace, and how?
16:21:34 <orc_orc> sadly, the rackspace ticket numbers have never been publicy mentioned so I can add little more
16:21:50 <orc_orc> 15:07:37 <knesenko> dcaro: can you update us on rackspace
16:22:00 <orc_orc> 15:11:21 <knesenko> #info still blocked on ovirt03 because iDRAC doesn't works for us
16:22:03 <orc_orc> 15:11:43 <knesenko> #action update a ticket on rackspace and raise its priority
16:22:10 <orc_orc> I have not idea of the details
16:22:33 <orc_orc> that from the minutes link I posted a bit ago and the full log
16:23:21 <dneary> orc_orc, That at least gives us 2 nalmes (David & Kiril) to contact
16:23:25 <dneary> Wish I knew more
16:23:25 <orc_orc> * nod *
16:23:33 <dneary> doron, Can you follow up?
16:23:42 <doron> dneary: will do.
16:23:52 <dneary> doron, Thanks!
16:23:57 <orc_orc> thank you
16:24:09 <doron> #info doron to follow up on ovirt infra issues.
16:24:14 <orc_orc> also please post the Rackspace ticket numbers in the but or the infra ML
16:24:22 <doron> ok guys, last chance, anything else you wish to discuss?
16:24:28 <sbonazzo> dneary: david here: dcaro
16:24:40 <dneary> Indeed
16:24:47 <doron> dcaro: ?
16:24:50 <dneary> dcaro, Do you have an update on the Rackspace issue?
16:25:13 <dneary> dcaro, Ticket num with Rackspace, the details of what's not working, and what needs to happen for the issue to be resolved?
16:25:16 <orc_orc> doron: this bug: https://fedorahosted.org/ovirt/ticket/80
16:25:21 <dcaro> dneary: doron right now the issue is being investigated by the dcops team, they should also reset the ips
16:25:43 <dneary> who are the dcops team? (actually, what does dcops stand for?)
16:25:56 <dcaro> dneary: afaik it's data center operations
16:26:26 <dneary> Is that a Red Hat team or a Rackspace team?
16:26:28 <dcaro> dneary: the ones with physical access to the servers, they confirmed the console keyboard issue
16:26:31 <dcaro> dneary: rackspace
16:27:04 <doron> dcaro: any eta? Unsure what's our sla there...
16:27:30 <dcaro> dneary: ticket n 131104-07276, right now the host has a misconfigured network interface and the console keyboard does not work, they have to upgrade the iDRAC firmware and reconfigure the network
16:28:41 <dcaro> dneary: I'm just responding to a new comment about the update taking 2 hours downtime
16:29:14 <dneary> dcaro, OK. Thanks! Keep me posted. What's our expected resolution date?
16:29:20 <dcaro> dneary: I hope that tomorrow they will have done the upgrade, and the reconfiguration
16:29:49 <dcaro> dneary: being conservative I say that next monday the server must be up and running
16:30:08 <dneary> dcaro, Remember that this is a US holiday weekend
16:30:12 <orc_orc> that sounds like hope rather than plan .. is there a SLA?
16:31:39 <dcaro> orc_orc: no afaik
16:31:47 <orc_orc> dcaro: * nod * ty
16:31:50 <doron> dcaro: orc_orc I think we got the picture for now. I suggest we revisit next week to see if escalation needed?
16:31:50 <dcaro> orc_orc: yep, it's more hope than plan
16:31:59 <orc_orc> doron: fine -- thank you
16:32:25 <doron> #info dcaro to report next week on Rackspace issue and consider escalation if needed.
16:32:33 <doron> ok guys, I think this is it
16:32:38 <doron> last thing-
16:32:54 <doron> Happy Hanuka and Happy Thanks Giving!
16:33:02 <orc_orc> indeed /me saves
16:33:08 <doron> #endmeeting