15:03:52 <doron> #startmeeting oVirt Weekly Sync
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15:03:53 <sbonazzo> hi
15:03:53 <doron> #topic Agenda and roll Call
15:03:57 * orc_orc is here
15:04:00 * sbonazzo here
15:04:04 * jb_netapp here
15:04:04 * amureini here
15:04:05 * ecohen here
15:04:12 * sahina here
15:04:20 <pablohn> is it possible to make a qcow2 image from a ovirt template?
15:04:33 * ofrenkel here
15:04:48 <doron> #info 3.3 update releases
15:04:49 <doron> #info 3.4 planning
15:04:51 <doron> #info conferences and workshops
15:04:52 <doron> #info infra update
15:04:53 * lvernia here
15:04:54 <doron> #info other topics
15:05:05 <doron> ybronhei: here for infra?
15:05:13 <ybronhei> yes
15:05:19 <doron> thanks
15:05:21 <doron> ok
15:05:23 <doron> let's start
15:05:45 <doron> #topic Agenda  3.3 update releases
15:05:53 <doron> sbonazzo: updates on 3.3?
15:06:10 * mskrivanek here
15:06:13 <sbonazzo> doron: waiting for -sdk and -cli on EL6 for releasing 3.3.1
15:06:36 <doron> mpastern: any updates?\
15:06:37 <sbonazzo> doron: 3.3.2 branching and beta build targeted for Nov 27th
15:07:24 <doron> oliel: mpastern any updates on sdk and cli?
15:08:52 <doron> sbonazzo: can you mail them ofr answers after the meeting?
15:09:06 <sbonazzo> doron: already sent an email to mpastern
15:09:18 <doron> sbonazzo: when was it?
15:09:22 <dgilmore> mskrivanek: well editing the console.vv changing the hostname to the ip it worked
15:09:40 <doron> bazulay: are you aware of it?
15:10:14 <ybronhei> doron: im replacing bazulay
15:10:34 <doron> ybronhei: please contact mpastern or oliel to see what's the problem.
15:10:36 <mskrivanek> dgilmore: ah, then yes:) you should have the option to override the IPs if you want (it's an IP override per host, under Hosts tab, edit host)
15:10:37 <sbonazzo> doron: reminder sent ~30 minutes ago. mburns asked about them a few days ago
15:10:46 <doron> sbonazzo: thanks
15:11:07 <doron> ybronhei: this is delaying  3.3.1 EL6 release.
15:11:34 <doron> #info ybronhei to get answers on cli and sdk
15:11:49 <doron> sbonazzo: other than that anything else?
15:12:19 <sbonazzo> doron: no, any blocker for 3.3.1, so no other sotppers for releasing it
15:12:47 <doron> #info 3.3.1 release awaiting sdk and cli. Once ready it'll be released.
15:12:51 <doron> thanks
15:12:56 <doron> moving on
15:13:06 <doron> #info 3.4 planning
15:13:13 <sbonazzo> doron: 3.3.2 branching and beta build targeted for Nov 27th
15:13:13 <dneary> Hi all
15:13:35 <doron> sbonazzo: le's note that
15:13:46 <doron> #info  3.3.2 branching and beta build targeted for Nov 27th
15:14:13 <doron> #topic Agenda 3.4 planning
15:14:49 <doron> I'm going to go over the spreadshit now
15:15:02 <dneary> *ahem*
15:15:08 <dneary> spreadsheet, you mean? :-)
15:15:19 <doron> spreadsheet
15:15:19 <doron> thanks dneary
15:15:33 <amureini> doron, is there some fancy protection there? I tried updating it a couple of hours ago and could not
15:15:42 <itamar> amureini: not supposed to be.
15:15:48 <itamar> maybe you were offline or something.
15:16:00 <dneary> doron, URL for the spreadsheet?
15:16:04 <doron> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuAtmJW_VMCRdHJ6N1M3d1F1UTJTS1dSMnZwMF9XWVE&usp=sharing#gid=0
15:16:13 <doron> let's start with gluster
15:16:18 <sbonazzo> dneary: http://bit.ly/17qBn6F
15:16:21 <amureini> itamar, was fetching form gerrit at the same time, don't that that was the issue :-)
15:16:22 <doron> who's here for gluster?
15:16:35 <sahina> that would be me
15:16:44 <doron> sahina: hi
15:16:53 <itamar> amureini: offline as far as googledoc is concerned. did you try to refresh the browser?
15:17:07 <doron> 3 features with devel owner.
15:17:30 <doron> sahina: are you dropping the 4th?
15:17:36 <sahina> doron - the 4th one will not make it in the dec timeframe. have struck it off
15:17:52 <sahina> i will delete the row
15:17:55 <doron> sahina: thanks. What about testing owner?
15:18:32 <sahina> doron: will add test owner and feature pages later
15:18:45 <doron> sahina: very well.
15:18:53 <itamar> doron: i think devel owner is critical for this round. items without devel owner I'll move to another sheet. then we can review for testing owners in another cycle on the remaining items
15:19:25 <doron> #info gluster has 3 features for 3.4. Will be updated later on for additional info.
15:19:45 <doron> moving next to infra. ybronhei?
15:20:04 <ybronhei> yes, oliel is here with us
15:20:21 <doron> ybronhei: other than reporting/DWH no infra features for infra?
15:20:27 <ybronhei> about 3.4 feature, all as planed
15:20:40 <knesenko> sorry I ma late
15:20:43 <knesenko> doron: hello
15:20:48 <doron> ybronhei: we need a devel owner in the document
15:20:51 <doron> hi knesenko
15:21:04 <knesenko> #chair knesenko
15:21:22 <ybronhei> no, we also introducing the snmp feature and authentication refactoring
15:21:23 <doron> knesenko: note that I already started.
15:21:45 <ybronhei> doron: on which? bazulay just updated it
15:22:16 <doron> ybronhei: take a look: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuAtmJW_VMCRdHJ6N1M3d1F1UTJTS1dSMnZwMF9XWVE&usp=sharing#gid=0
15:22:30 <ybronhei> seeing that, only the snmp is left without an owner
15:22:45 <ybronhei> we'll update it
15:23:16 <doron> ybronhei: lines 6 to 25, most of them missindg dvel owner.
15:23:22 <doron> Please update asap.
15:24:02 <ybronhei> only 13-16 are relevant
15:24:28 <doron> ybronhei: everything else should be removed?
15:24:36 <ybronhei> yes
15:24:49 <ybronhei> I'll ask barak to update
15:25:06 <doron> #info infra committing to lines 13-16 in the spreadsheet.
15:25:10 <doron> moving on
15:25:25 <doron> integration. Who covers for it?
15:25:36 <sbonazzo> doron: me
15:25:53 <doron> sbonazzo: looks like you're all set. 4 features?
15:25:59 <itamar> doron: line numbers will change at end of this call as I'll move all lines without a devel owner to another sheet.
15:26:16 <doron> itamar: very well.
15:26:17 <sbonazzo> doron: yes, I hope we'll be able to implement all of them.
15:26:25 <doron> sbonazzo: very well.
15:26:45 <ybronhei> doron: itamar: so only the highlights
15:26:58 <doron> #info integration committing to 4 features for 3.4.
15:27:14 <doron> ybronhei: one of them missing devel owner
15:27:19 <itamar> ybronhei: please do not highlight.
15:27:41 <ybronhei> I know, should be mtayer but I'm not sure. I'll check that and update
15:27:43 <itamar> just make sure there is a devel owner
15:27:50 <ybronhei> k
15:28:06 <doron> moving on to network
15:28:12 <lvernia> doron: Yep.
15:28:14 <doron> lvernia: how are we doing?
15:28:40 <doron> lvernia: ~5 features with devel owners
15:28:49 <lvernia> doron: Yeah, those are the ones we can commit on.
15:29:04 <lvernia> doron: NIC ordering we're looking into.
15:29:15 <doron> lvernia: you do have: before/after_setup_network hooks and per-network custom properties	Design
15:29:26 <doron> ie0 missing owner
15:29:32 <danken> no commitment here
15:29:35 <danken> I am afraid
15:29:36 <lvernia> doron: It has gotten a lot of complaints lately, but we're not sure we can fix it well for 3.4.
15:29:50 <lvernia> doron: I was referring to NIC ordering there.
15:30:04 <doron> lvernia: danken please remove / update the status so it will be clear.
15:30:04 <lvernia> doron: Hooks, as danken said.
15:30:36 <danken> doron: no owner = no commitment.
15:30:37 <doron> lvernia: as long as it has an owner we should be fine.
15:30:48 <doron> you can decide later on that it will not make it.
15:31:52 <doron> so lvernia just add the current reviewer as the owner to make sure we do not loose this feature now.
15:31:57 <doron> ok?
15:32:09 <lvernia> doron: You're referring to hooks?
15:32:13 <lvernia> doron: Or NIC ordering?
15:32:21 <doron> lvernia: nic ordering
15:32:28 <lvernia> doron: Alright, updated.
15:32:40 <doron> thanks
15:32:54 <lvernia> Sure.
15:33:00 <doron> #info network team set for 3.4 with 6 features.
15:33:04 <orc_orc> as to networking I see in the wiki: http://www.ovirt.org/Features/Node_ipv6_support and http://www.ovirt.org/Features/IPv6_support  ... but they are not in the gogle spreadsheet.  I am interested in ipv6 matters as we use it much locally
15:33:27 <danken> orc_orc: we are working on this
15:33:32 <danken> but we cannot commit
15:33:44 <danken> not enough capacity, I am afraid
15:33:50 <doron> fabiand: here?
15:33:56 <fabiand> doron, here!
15:34:02 <doron> fabiand: hi.
15:34:14 <fabiand> Regarding IPv6?
15:34:16 <doron> current document has  ovirt-node-registration - a generic node registration
15:34:26 <fabiand> doron, yes
15:34:34 <doron> fabiand: and missing devel owner
15:34:35 <danken> but I'd love to have your help testing migration/storage/display over ipv6 in vdsm, to see if we can safely climb the feature into Engine.
15:34:59 <doron> fabiand: can you make sure this is updated?
15:35:19 <fabiand> doron, I don't have/want a google account
15:35:28 <fabiand> But I'm happy to own that feature
15:35:37 <doron> fabiand: ok.
15:36:01 <Traktopel> Hi all
15:36:02 <doron> sbonazzo: can you please update it for fabiand?
15:36:06 <Traktopel> I'm using ovirt 3.2
15:36:09 <fabiand> danken, yeah - I'd also really like to see some focus on IPv& and to push it a bit ..
15:36:14 <sbonazzo> doron: which line?
15:36:27 <Traktopel> I've destroyed a storage domain, I would to re-use it
15:36:28 <doron> sbonazzo: line 40
15:36:36 <fabiand> doron, sbonazzo thanks!
15:36:38 <doron> fabiand: anything esle for node?
15:36:39 <Traktopel> How I can do?
15:36:47 <doron> (else)
15:37:06 <fabiand> doron, justa  sec - I sent out a list to itamar
15:37:09 * fabiand looks it up
15:37:32 <itamar> orc_orc: any issues with using IPv6 with regular hosts rather than ovirt-node?
15:37:33 <orc_orc> ... we  use the radvd and its autoconfiguration locally and it was almost drop in easy, compared to getting a dhcp-ipv6 server running and manageable as we wished
15:37:45 <orc_orc> I would encourage starting with the radvd
15:38:09 <doron> fabiand: just make sure it is updated in the spreadsheet. ok?
15:38:17 <orc_orc> I will get on those wiki pages this week, and see about suggestions
15:38:18 <fabiand> doron, We'll be working on OpenVSwitch support within the 3.4 cycle
15:38:22 <fabiand> doron, ok
15:38:31 <itamar> Traktopel: next time, delete it rather than destroy, so it will be cleaned up. you need to clean it up to re-use it. for nfs - delete the files. for block, dd /dev/zero on its begining
15:38:35 <doron> fabiand: thanks, do not forget the devel owner.
15:38:40 <fabiand> there are other features planned as well, but they might not touch Engine to much
15:38:41 <fabiand> yep
15:38:50 <itamar> Traktopel: (carefully)
15:39:01 <doron> #info node to update the document for 3.4 features.
15:39:14 <doron> moving next to other
15:39:28 <doron> we have 2 features here wth no devel owner:
15:39:35 <doron> Zabbix monitoring
15:39:37 <Traktopel> itamar, I did
15:39:39 <itamar> fabiand: do you plan to align node feature freeze to late december / release with 3.4 after january stabilization (maybe february on blockers)
15:39:42 <Traktopel> dd (luns are iscsi
15:39:44 <Traktopel> )
15:39:47 <doron> and can't set different keymap for vnc via runonce option
15:40:09 <itamar> doron: i thought i saw someone mentioning zabbiz on users mailing list earlier this week.
15:40:18 <Traktopel> Now I view this lun free, but when I try to add a new storage domain that lun is shadowed and I can't select it
15:40:24 <doron> Is anyone going to cover for zabbiz?
15:40:31 <fabiand> itamar, basically yes.
15:40:53 <doron> fabiand: zabbiz?
15:41:13 <itamar> zabbix isn't node.
15:41:13 <itamar> http://lists.ovirt.org/pipermail/users/2013-November/017946.html
15:41:28 <itamar> it's "other".
15:42:09 <itamar> and the next one was other, but should have been virt - i moved it.
15:42:37 <itamar> so need to ping Sander Grendelman if he is taking devel owner of zabbix.
15:42:56 <doron> itamar: very well. so I'll mail him after the meeting.
15:43:31 <doron> #info doron to mail Sander Grendelman about zabbix
15:43:57 <doron> moving to PPC.
15:44:02 <doron> who's here for PPC?
15:44:48 <doron> Well they did all the work, so we'll take it as their commitment for 3.4.
15:45:04 <ofrenkel> yes most ppc changes posted already
15:45:06 <ofrenkel> some merged
15:45:34 <itamar> and there are clear devel owners on these.
15:45:48 <doron> # PPC  has 13 features for 3.4. Some already ,erged.
15:45:53 <doron> # PPC  has 13 features for 3.4. Some already merged.
15:45:57 <doron> info# PPC  has 13 features for 3.4. Some already merged.
15:46:03 <doron> #info PPC  has 13 features for 3.4. Some already merged.
15:46:09 <doron> finally...
15:46:23 <doron> Moving next to SLA
15:46:36 * doron here for SLA
15:46:45 <itamar> no one for sla ;)
15:46:50 <doron> We're going to handle 4 of the suggested features.
15:47:05 <doron> Others will be best effort.
15:47:25 <doron> #info SLA team set for 4 features in 3.4.
15:47:36 <doron> Moving next to storage.
15:47:39 <doron> amureini: here?
15:47:44 <amureini> doron, yup
15:48:10 <doron> amureini: you have ~16 features in the list. none with devel owner.
15:48:15 <amureini> doron, spreedshit is under-updated, can't seem to get the thing to work
15:48:30 <amureini> will handle the technicalities of the sheet later, though
15:48:32 <amureini> anyway...
15:48:42 <amureini> commitments: equlogic (sergey)
15:48:45 <doron> amureini: what are you planning to implement for 3.4 from the given list?
15:49:53 <amureini> equalogic (see above); test suite; some improvemen regarding OVFs, backup, DR - need to fully design, some requirements contradict each other; drop storage type form pool
15:49:59 <amureini> doron, ^^^
15:50:33 <itamar> amureini: is test suit on the sheet?
15:50:38 <doron> amureini: which line is equlogic?
15:50:40 <amureini> itamar, yes
15:50:49 <amureini> itamar, suggested by Dan 75
15:50:51 <doron> amureini: let's do it simpler
15:50:54 <doron> line 61?
15:51:11 <dneary> doron, re Zabbix, I believe Rene Koch expressed an interest
15:51:17 <amureini> doron, line 69 (equlogic)
15:51:19 <itamar> amureini: owner for test suite?
15:51:24 <doron> dneary: thanks. will mail them offline.
15:51:52 <itamar> dneary: http://lists.ovirt.org/pipermail/users/2013-November/017946.html - rene talked with sander who started working on it iirc
15:51:52 <doron> amureini: thanks, line 61?
15:51:59 <amureini> doron, line 61 - depends on the direction we'll take with OVF storing - they're intertwined. Can't commit on 3.4 for now.
15:52:10 <amureini> itamar, re: test suite owner - vvolansk
15:52:19 <doron> amureini: very well. 62?
15:52:27 <doron> (live merge)?
15:52:40 <itamar> amureini: did you request permission to edit the googledoc via the googledoc?
15:52:59 <amureini> doron, work probably, no commitment for 3.4.
15:53:11 <abaron> amureini: live merge is *not* in 3.4
15:53:26 <doron> amureini: very well. note that these will be removed from the version.
15:53:33 <amureini> abaron, doron even better `-)
15:53:49 <doron> amureini: resize a storage domain lun?
15:54:04 <abaron> doron: nope
15:54:15 <doron> abaron: thanks. multiple storage domains (local/gluster/FC)?
15:54:32 <abaron> doron: mixing domain types?
15:54:53 <doron> abaron: check line64
15:55:39 <abaron> doron: no added info beyond what you wrote.  Itamar, is this mixing domain types in same DC?
15:56:04 <doron> abaron: amureini I'll move on to ux and virt, then get back to finalize it with you.
15:56:13 <abaron> doron: why?
15:56:26 <doron> abaron: ux and virt are ready
15:56:33 <itamar> abaron: checking...
15:56:35 <abaron> 65-67: out
15:56:42 <abaron> 68: in
15:56:58 <doron> abaron: who's the devel owner for 68?
15:57:09 <abaron> liron
15:57:20 <abaron> 69: Sergey
15:57:27 <abaron> 70: out
15:57:43 <abaron> 71: not a storage feature
15:57:57 <abaron> 72: out
15:58:03 <abaron> 73: in
15:58:09 <doron> abaron: owner?
15:58:22 <abaron> fsimonce
15:58:41 <abaron> 74: another one lacking info
15:58:59 <doron> abaron: I'll take that as a no.
15:59:15 <abaron> probably, I have no idea what that is
15:59:17 <itamar> abaron: that's the same as nic ordering, just for disks
15:59:26 <abaron> boot order?
15:59:45 <abaron> itamar: ^^^
15:59:58 <fsimonce> abaron, ?
16:00:07 <fsimonce> ah ok
16:00:09 <doron> abaron: no, device ordering.
16:00:22 <doron> ie- keeping the device name, etc.
16:00:29 <itamar> no. order of disks as they appear in the guest. both these requests come from  users request on the thread on users@ovirt.org
16:00:42 <danken> itamar: in nic ordering we also have the problem of in-guest name
16:01:00 <abaron> ah, suggest to libvirt the name of the disk according to external order
16:01:01 <danken> not only boot order
16:01:14 <doron> danken: this was supposed to be handld by addresses
16:01:15 <abaron> doron: out
16:01:26 <doron> abaron: 75?
16:01:31 <abaron> yes, out
16:01:35 <danken> doron: which address: pci, or mac?
16:01:46 <abaron> 76: no idea what that means either
16:01:50 <doron> abaron: 75 has vered as owner
16:01:50 <danken> doron: old guest care only about mac.
16:02:05 <doron> danken: how old?
16:02:05 <abaron> doron: sorry, 74
16:02:12 <doron> abaron: k. 76?
16:02:19 <abaron> no idea what that is
16:02:26 <abaron> also missing: read only disks
16:02:48 <danken> before biosdevname. I think it's <el6.3
16:03:11 <doron> abaron: owner for read only?
16:03:12 <amureini> doron, abaron: also missing: single disk snapshots
16:03:27 <abaron> amureini: ack
16:03:52 <doron> abaron: owner for both new?
16:04:04 <abaron> read only - sergey
16:04:11 <abaron> single disk snapshot - derez
16:04:28 <doron> abaron: anything else?
16:04:58 <abaron> nope
16:05:02 <doron> thanks
16:05:21 <doron> #info storage team ready with 6 features for 3.4.
16:05:28 <doron> moving on to ux.
16:05:30 <doron> ecohen: ?
16:05:33 <ecohen> doron, here.
16:05:41 <doron> ecohen: you look all set.
16:05:45 <doron> any updates?
16:05:59 <ecohen> doron, not really. all in the spreadsheet.
16:06:16 <doron> ecohen: very well, thanks for being prepared.
16:06:20 <ecohen> doron, np
16:06:38 <doron> #info us all set with 8 features for 3.4.
16:06:42 <doron> moving on to virt
16:06:46 <doron> mskrivanek: ?
16:06:47 <ecohen> us, but also ux :)
16:07:00 <doron> #info ux all set with 8 features for 3.4.
16:07:03 <doron> sorry.
16:07:06 <ecohen> doron, :)
16:07:19 <doron> mskrivanek: ofrenkel here for virt?
16:07:50 <ofrenkel> doron, im here but mskrivanek have the info
16:08:06 <doron> ofrenkel: thanks.
16:08:13 <doron> mskrivanek: here?
16:08:19 <ofrenkel> most stuff has owners already
16:08:37 <doron> ofrenkel: yes, the question is if there are updates
16:08:43 <doron> as many are missing owners.
16:09:13 <ofrenkel> sorry i dont have info about those that are missing
16:09:45 <mskrivanek> owners are committed, missing owners are likely out
16:09:51 <mskrivanek> doron: ^^
16:09:55 <doron> mskrivanek: ~15 features have wner.
16:09:59 <doron> (owners)
16:10:00 <itamar> abaron: multiple storage domains - yes, in same DC. http://www.mail-archive.com/users@ovirt.org/msg10230.html
16:10:03 <doron> no updates?
16:10:30 <mskrivanek> doron: yes, that's correct
16:10:40 <doron> mskrivanek: very well, thanks.
16:10:54 <doron> #info virt team ready with 15 features for 3.4.
16:11:10 <doron> t;s it for 3.4.
16:11:11 <abaron> itamar: so multiple storage domains work will start, but no guarantee of convergence in time for 3.4
16:11:12 <mskrivanek> doron: sorry, got caught in local discussions
16:11:13 <doron> and that's it for 3.4.
16:11:37 <doron> andone who want to add / remove osomething from 3.4?
16:11:39 <itamar> abaron: ok, so write an owner please for it for tracking.
16:11:40 <mskrivanek> doron: yes. don't have most of the BZs yet
16:11:43 <abaron> itamar: and regardless no way of mixing local with other types for now
16:11:50 <abaron> owner: Tal
16:11:58 <doron> mskrivanek:please update later on.
16:12:01 <itamar> abaron: so specify that in the feature name...
16:12:10 <mskrivanek> doron: yep
16:12:44 <doron> ok guys,
16:12:48 <doron> moving on
16:13:12 <doron> #topic agenda conferences and workshops
16:13:21 <doron> dneary: updates?
16:14:03 <dneary> doron, Updates: Einav Cohen represented us at LISA in Washington DC
16:14:32 <doron> #info Einav Cohen represented us at LISA in Washington DC
16:14:41 <dneary> We're waiting for word back from FOSDEM about an oVirt stand
16:15:02 <dneary> I need to plan a board meeting for the month of December
16:15:18 <doron> SFP deadline for FOSDEM?
16:15:22 <doron> (CFP)
16:15:46 <dneary> I believe the virt & IaaS devroom that myself, Itamar and some others are managing is Dec 1st
16:15:56 <dneary> I sent an email about it earlier
16:16:29 <doron> #info CFP deadline for  virt & IaaS devroom is December 1st.
16:16:30 <dneary> For the board meeting, I want to plan it for December 16th
16:16:38 <dneary> (that week, I mean)
16:17:01 <doron> #info board meeting needed in the week of December 16th.
16:17:22 <doron> dneary: thanks. anything else?
16:17:30 <dneary> One other thing
16:18:01 <dneary> A new person will be starting on our team, concentrating on oVirt, from December 2nd
16:18:11 <dneary> I'll let him introduce himself when he joins
16:18:34 <doron> dneary: that's good news.
16:18:42 <dneary> Yes, I think so too
16:18:45 <doron> we'll wait for him for the formal introduction.
16:19:11 <dneary> (of course, you shouldn't be too enthusiastic, or I will take it badly ;-) )
16:19:22 <dneary> "Oh, things were horrible before you joined"
16:19:45 <dneary> That's it for now
16:19:47 <doron> #info new member from Dave's team joining on December 2nd.
16:19:56 <doron> thanks Dave.
16:20:01 <doron> moving on.
16:20:13 <dneary> May I ask, do we have release notes for the 3.3.1 release? I haven't seen a list of features & bug fixes yet
16:20:40 <sbonazzo> dneary: http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.3.1_release_notes
16:20:47 <doron> dneary: I believe sbonazzo published it.
16:20:54 <doron> #topic infra update
16:21:11 <doron> dcaro_: here?
16:21:36 <doron> anyone else for ifra updates?
16:21:42 <dneary> sbonazzo, Thanks!
16:22:14 <doron> sbonazzo: any idea on infra status?
16:22:18 <dcaro_> doron: I'm around
16:22:26 <orc_orc> http://ovirt.org/meetings/ovirt/2013/ovirt.2013-11-18-15.02.html
16:22:29 <doron> dcaro_: hi
16:22:31 <orc_orc> was the needing
16:22:35 <orc_orc> meeting
16:22:48 <orc_orc> it is blocked a lot on the rackspace slow resolution
16:23:19 <doron> orc_orc: who's handling it?
16:23:34 <dcaro_> doron: me and knesenko
16:23:48 <doron> dcaro_: can we escalate it?
16:24:52 <dcaro_> doron: It has been moved, got the green light for the firewall changes but a new issue arised
16:25:05 <dneary> doron, sbonazzo: Is the release now official? I didn't see an announcement email yet
16:25:19 <doron> dneary: not yet
16:25:28 <doron> dneary: awaiting sdk and cli
16:25:59 <doron> dcaro_: so who is handling it?
16:26:19 <dcaro_> doron: right now is on rackspace side
16:26:39 <dneary> doron, OK, awesome. Thanks
16:26:52 <doron> dcaro_: let's see how it evolves this week, to see if escalation needed.
16:27:17 <doron> dcaro_: anything else?
16:27:44 <dcaro_> doron: we have some new stats for the resources page, like rpm and iso downloads :)
16:28:04 <dcaro_> http://stats.ovirt.org/resources.ovirt.org/2013/11/
16:28:12 <doron> ecohen: cool! who is updating it?
16:28:32 <orc_orc> dcaro_: I was thinking that the traffic was log enough that adding hostname lookups might make sense for better log readibility
16:28:40 <orc_orc> alternative would be to postprocess it is
16:28:48 <doron> #info followup next week for rackspace issue
16:28:50 <orc_orc> low*
16:29:16 <ecohen> doron, (sorry - did I miss something?)
16:29:20 <doron> #info new stats available here: http://stats.ovirt.org/resources.ovirt.org/2013/11/
16:29:24 <doron> ecohen: no.
16:29:36 <doron> dcaro_: thanks
16:29:39 <ecohen> doron, ok, thanks.
16:29:39 <doron> moving on
16:29:42 <dcaro_> orc_orc: I prefer postprocessed, just in case xd
16:29:52 <doron> #topic http://stats.ovirt.org/resources.ovirt.org/2013/11/
16:30:15 <doron> #topic other topics
16:30:25 <doron> anyone wants to raise something?
16:30:58 <doron> I'll take that as a no.
16:31:07 <doron> going once
16:31:16 <doron> going twice...
16:31:19 <doron> thanks everyone
16:31:33 <doron> #endmeeting