14:01:08 <fabiand> #startmeeting oVirt Node Weekly Meeting
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14:01:16 <fabiand> #chair jboggs mburns rbarry
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14:01:24 * jboggs here
14:01:28 * rbarry here
14:01:30 <mburns> fabiand: on another meeting, so not really attending...
14:01:46 <fabiand> mburns, okay - you are always welcome!
14:01:47 <fabiand> :)
14:02:00 <fabiand> good morning, rbarry, jboggs
14:02:05 <jboggs> morning
14:02:07 <fabiand> #topic agenda
14:02:23 <knesenko> mburns: any ideas where can I find those stable builds ?
14:02:35 <fabiand> #info 3.0.2 update
14:02:42 <fabiand> #info other topics
14:02:54 <fabiand> #topic 3.0.2 update
14:03:06 <fabiand> I'bve just asked mburns to push the ovirt-node-iso base images
14:03:26 <fabiand> #info mburns to push the ovirt-node-iso base images over the day
14:03:42 <fabiand> What remains are images for Engine.
14:03:57 <fabiand> dougsland is currently doing smoke testing of the fc19 based iso for Engine.
14:04:12 <fabiand> There are ongoing problems with building the el6 based ISO.
14:04:29 <fabiand> #info Fedora 19 based ISO for Engine about to be tested by dougsland
14:04:45 <fabiand> #info EL6 ISO not ready due to build problems
14:05:12 <fabiand> Not really build problems, but edit-node fails
14:05:21 <fabiand> But it looks more like dependency issues than edit-node issues
14:05:57 <fabiand> rbarry, jboggs has anyone of you got an el6/centos host which can be used to run edit-ndoe?
14:06:05 <jboggs> I've got one
14:06:07 <fabiand> To generate the Engine ISOs
14:06:39 <fabiand> jboggs, could you give edit-node and the el6 base image a try to generate the Engine iso?
14:06:40 <rbarry> I've got one as well
14:07:04 <fabiand> or rbarry, would you give it a try?
14:07:08 <rbarry> Worst case, we could always try to build and EL6 image with VDSM without edit-node the way we did before
14:07:22 <fabiand> yeah - true.
14:07:49 <fabiand> I'd rather like to fix out own dogfood
14:07:50 <fabiand> :)
14:07:53 <rbarry> I'll give it a try once the new ovirt-node-iso images are up
14:07:59 <fabiand> nice
14:08:22 <fabiand> Maybe it's a collision between the minimizer and the deps of the vdsm plugin. We'll see ..
14:09:27 <fabiand> That's it on 3.0.2
14:09:40 <eedri> mburns, ewoud check out http://stats.ovirt.org/resources.ovirt.org/2013/11/#extra1
14:09:43 <eedri> orc_orc, http://stats.ovirt.org/resources.ovirt.org/2013/11/#extra1
14:09:48 <fabiand> That means that working ISOs for 3.3 are finally not far away ..
14:09:56 <eedri> we finally have stats for rpm downloads per OS/ver
14:10:02 <eedri> thanks to dcaroest
14:10:03 <fabiand> #topic Other topics
14:10:10 <fabiand> rbarry, jboggs anythign to bring up?
14:10:21 <jboggs> nothing right now
14:10:27 <rbarry> Nope
14:10:42 <fabiand> okay, I think we are good then ..
14:11:15 <fabiand> #endmeeting