14:01:12 <oschreib> #startmeeting oVirt Weekly Meeting
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14:01:20 <oschreib> #topic agenda and roll call
14:01:28 <oschreib> #info 3.3 status update
14:01:41 <oschreib> (Afterwards, if we will have some spare time)
14:01:48 <oschreib> #info infra team update
14:01:48 <jvandewege> YamakasY_Mobile: irb=interactive ruby
14:01:54 <oschreib> #info Conference and Workshop
14:02:00 <oschreib> #info Other Topics
14:02:05 <oschreib> (waiting a minute for people to come)
14:02:13 * lvernia here
14:02:13 <oschreib> #chair mburns
14:02:13 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: mburns oschreib
14:02:28 * amureini here
14:02:30 <YamakasY_Mobile> jvandewege: yeah I can make a rb
14:02:33 * ecohen here
14:02:33 * mburns here
14:02:54 <oschreib> I'll have to leave in 40min, mburns will replace me from there.
14:04:12 <oschreib> #topic 3.3 status update
14:04:20 <oschreib> #info ovirt 3.3 releae page and tracker:
14:04:26 <oschreib> #link http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.3_release-management
14:04:33 <oschreib> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=918494
14:04:55 <oschreib> #info RC is scheduled for today, GA in two weeks
14:05:07 <oschreib> lets do a quick blocker review, shell we?
14:05:17 <oschreib> #info blocker review
14:06:09 <oschreib> I'll try to skip merged patches.
14:06:53 <oschreib> who's here for infra?
14:07:52 <ecohen> maybe ybronhei?
14:08:20 <ybronhei> Im here
14:08:44 <oschreib> did we pushed https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=984586 into ovirt 3.3 branch?
14:09:05 <oschreib> ybronhei: ^^
14:09:32 * yzaslavs from infra
14:09:47 <gchaplik_> gchaplik_, from sla
14:09:50 <oschreib> yzaslavs: did we pushed https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=984586 into ovirt 3.3 branch?
14:09:59 <yzaslavs> oschreib:  checking...
14:10:32 <yzaslavs> oschreib: yes.
14:10:41 <ybronhei> it was merged
14:10:50 <oschreib> ok thnaks
14:10:52 <oschreib> skippong it
14:11:35 <oschreib> any gluster rep in herE?
14:12:46 <oschreib> #info Bug 988849 - edit-node does not handle firewall rules (Node, MODIFIED)
14:13:01 <oschreib> #undo
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14:13:07 <oschreib> #info Bug 988849 - edit-node does not handle firewall rules (Node, POST)
14:13:16 <oschreib> jboggs: updates?
14:13:57 <jboggs> oschreib, fixed, draft build available
14:14:07 <jboggs> http://fedorapeople.org/~fabiand/ovirt/node/
14:14:40 <oschreib> jboggs: so why not close the bug?
14:14:55 <mburns> oschreib: i just went through ovirt-node issues, they're all merged, just awaiting a new build
14:14:58 <fabiand> jboggs, oschreib but those draft builds don't contain the vdsm plugin - Am currently working on also providing images with the vdsm plugin
14:15:04 <mburns> oschreib: they're in on_qa now
14:15:21 <jboggs> not official build, vdsm folks were going to do their testing with this build and report back for offical build
14:15:41 <oschreib> ok
14:15:43 <oschreib> thanks
14:15:55 <oschreib> #info all node bugs are on_qa
14:16:03 <oschreib> #info waiting for vdsm input
14:17:56 <oschreib> #info Bug 990963 - vdsm must require selinux-policy-3.12.1-68.fc19 (vdsm, MODIFIED)
14:18:05 <oschreib> who's here for vdsm? fsimonce?
14:18:15 <fsimonce> oschreib, yes
14:18:33 <oschreib> fsimonce: what's the status of the bug above?
14:20:06 <fsimonce> oschreib, following the ovirt gerrit links... it's all merged (both master/ovirt-3.3)
14:20:21 <oschreib> fsimonce: included in the new build?
14:20:33 <oschreib> fsimonce: if so, please close or move to ON_QA
14:20:45 <fsimonce> it also appears in the change log: http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=456481  (Bump requires version of selinux-policy-targeted) ...probably Toni forgot the bug-url... that's why it doesn't appears in the changelog
14:21:07 <fsimonce> oschreib, ON_QA is moved automatically when we release the package
14:21:30 <oschreib> fsimonce: ok
14:21:38 <oschreib> #info already included in new vdsm
14:21:43 <fsimonce> oschreib, if everything is fine I'll release it today... and all the bugs will be moved to ON_QA
14:21:57 <oschreib> mburns: can you upload http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=456482 to the rc dir once ready?
14:23:03 <mburns> oschreib: yes, and the f20 one as well
14:23:10 <oschreib> cool, thanks
14:23:14 <mburns> fsimonce: oschreib: is there an EL6 build as well?
14:23:37 <mburns> #action mburns to add koji builds 456482 and 456481 to ovirt.org
14:23:44 <fsimonce> mburns, yes
14:24:08 <oschreib> cool
14:24:09 <oschreib> next
14:24:39 <oschreib> #info Bug 994604 - Users cannot log into UserPortal (engine, MODIFIED)
14:24:54 <YamakasY_Mobile> jvandewege: fixed
14:24:55 <oschreib> yzaslavs: ybronhei: was it merged to the ovirt-engine-3.3 branch?
14:25:22 <yzaslavs> oschreib: checking
14:26:06 <yzaslavs> oschreib: nope, need to do that
14:26:30 <oschreib> yzaslavs: please do, and send me and ohad email once it's pushed
14:26:38 <oschreib> #info not merged into 3.3 branch
14:26:49 <oschreib> yzaslavs: please make sure important patches get into this branch
14:27:32 <yzaslavs> oschreib: will do, no prob
14:27:37 <oschreib> #info Bug 994609 - Cannot start a VM with USB Native - Exit message: internal error Could not format channel target type (engine, MODIFIED)
14:27:43 <oschreib> yzaslavs: what about this one?
14:28:08 <yzaslavs> oschreib:  didnt u ask about that one before?
14:28:19 <yzaslavs> oschreib:  checking anyway
14:28:26 <oschreib> yzaslavs: no, it was 994604
14:28:52 <yzaslavs> oschreib:  right, similar issues, sorry. anyway this one is in.
14:29:03 <oschreib> the 3.3 branch?
14:29:11 <yzaslavs> oschreib: yep.
14:29:13 <oschreib> so please move to ON_QA or similar
14:29:18 <yzaslavs> oschreib: sure.
14:29:28 <oschreib> #info bug already merged
14:30:08 <oschreib> #info Bug 996962 - [engine-config] /var/log/ovirt-engine/engine-config.log doesn't exist (infra? MODIFIED)
14:30:18 <oschreib> yzaslavs: looks like infra bug, right?
14:30:29 <yzaslavs> oschreib: yes, but relatively new one.
14:30:35 <oschreib> it's modified
14:30:44 <oschreib> is it in 3.3 branch?
14:30:46 <yzaslavs> oschreib: yes, i dont remember if it has 3.3
14:30:49 <yzaslavs> oschreib: i'm checking
14:31:01 <oschreib> it appears in the 3.3 blockers tracker
14:31:04 <yzaslavs> oschreib: yes
14:31:06 <yzaslavs> oschreib: and merged.
14:31:26 <yzaslavs> oschreib:  when i say merge i mean to 3.3 branch, so merged to ovirt-3.3 branch
14:31:37 <oschreib> ok, thanks
14:31:48 <oschreib> you can change its status as well
14:31:51 <oschreib> #info merged
14:31:52 <yzaslavs> oschreib: no prob. it was merged to that branch today, several horus ago
14:31:52 <oschreib> ok
14:31:59 <yzaslavs> oschreib: so, should i change the status?
14:32:04 <oschreib> indeed
14:32:06 <yzaslavs> oschreib: ok
14:32:20 <oschreib> we will build engine later on.
14:32:27 <oschreib> ok, so all bugs are in
14:32:28 <yzaslavs> oschreib: sure, no prob
14:32:44 <oschreib> once should be merged later on
14:32:51 <oschreib> and two merged today
14:32:58 <oschreib> so we need to build a new engine.
14:33:04 <yzaslavs> ok
14:33:19 <oschreib> mburns: I uploaded the old engine, iso-uploader and log-collector.
14:33:31 <mburns> oschreib: so we need new ones
14:33:31 <oschreib> mburns: so you can add them to the repo
14:33:46 <oschreib> mburns: I'll upload them tomorrow I guess
14:33:49 <mburns> oschreib: if you have new ones coming, why upload the old ones?
14:34:11 <oschreib> mburns: well, I uploaded them in the morning already
14:34:58 <oschreib> mburns: I'm missing some other builds as well, but they should be avaialbe soon
14:34:58 <mburns> oschreib: ok, i'll take you're latest and push them live
14:35:28 <oschreib> mburns: we can either do that, or wait until tomorrow for better ones. what do you prefer?
14:35:38 <mburns> oschreib: let's wait until tomorrow
14:35:44 <oschreib> mburns: ack
14:35:45 <mburns> so it's only 1 push
14:35:56 <mburns> oschreib: i'll push vdsm today so we can build node
14:35:59 <mburns> and push that up
14:36:06 <mburns> what else is missing?
14:36:13 <oschreib> #info RC Build will be pushed tomorrow by mburns.
14:36:26 <oschreib> mburns: node, cli, sdk, reports/dwh
14:36:40 <oschreib> I'll coordinate with their maintainers.
14:36:58 <mburns> oschreib: ok
14:37:16 <mburns> oschreib: if you get them to your area, then i'll push them up tomorrow
14:37:36 <oschreib> mburns: cool
14:37:38 <mburns> (other than node, which I'll get uploaded)
14:37:43 <oschreib> nothing more on 3.3
14:38:06 <mburns> oschreib: ok, thanks for handling
14:38:13 <mburns> i should be back up to speed next week
14:38:26 <oschreib> cool, good to have you back.
14:38:32 <mburns> though i may let you handle it anyway, going forward since you've done such a good job!
14:38:37 <mburns> ;-)
14:38:50 <oschreib> damn!
14:38:51 <oschreib> :)
14:39:00 <oschreib> you're taking the meeting from here?
14:39:06 <mburns> #action mburns to upload ovirt-node images to ovirt.org
14:39:32 <mburns> #action mburns to post engine and other packages tomorrow after oschreib uploads them
14:39:36 <mburns> oschreib: yep
14:39:42 <oschreib> thanks
14:39:51 * oschreib over and out
14:39:54 <mburns> #topic infra team update
14:40:06 <mburns> ewoud: any updates?
14:40:50 <mburns> or someone else from the infra team...
14:42:30 <mburns> #info see weekly infra meeting minutes for updates
14:42:42 <mburns> #topic conferences and workshops
14:42:54 <mburns> hmm...no dneary around today
14:43:18 <mburns> so, i guess just a reminder...
14:43:30 <itamar> mburnd, vacance...
14:43:58 <mburns> #info oVirt Developer meetings happening with the KVM forum on 21-23 October in Edinburgh
14:44:51 <mburns> that's all i know about currently...
14:45:06 <mburns> #topic Other Topics
14:45:12 <mburns> anyone have anything else to bring up?
14:47:43 <mburns> ok, thanks all
14:47:47 <mburns> #endmeeting