14:02:50 <fabiand> #startmeeting Node Weekly
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14:03:49 <fabiand> #chair jboggs rbarry
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14:03:54 * rbarry here
14:04:41 * jboggs here
14:04:53 <fabiand> #topic 3.0 respin
14:05:30 <fabiand> The VDSM team (or Engine?) requested a new spin of node-3.0 with some network related fixes
14:05:40 <fabiand> It seems as if we addressed all the issues up to now
14:05:56 <fabiand> jboggs, we agreed on doing a snapshot build today?
14:06:02 <jboggs> yes if possible
14:06:11 <fabiand> yes, do you see any problems?
14:06:17 <fabiand> I can do the f18+19 builds
14:06:44 <rbarry> I can do EL6
14:06:46 <fabiand> Additionally I'd base the builds on current master (which is nearly identical with 3.0+new-patches currently)
14:06:48 <jboggs> none so far.
14:06:57 <fabiand> okay, sounds good
14:07:32 <fabiand> #info plan is to do a snapshot build today or VDSM based on the current master
14:08:13 <fabiand> If the build is fine then we can backport the patches to our 3.0 branch
14:08:28 <jboggs> ack
14:08:38 <fabiand> I guess that won't be much work as all the patches which are currently in master should be related to the requested features
14:09:00 <fabiand> #info Plan to backport patches to 3.0 later on ..
14:09:52 <fabiand> jboggs, apuimedo do you need the vdsm-images or the base-node images?
14:10:18 <jboggs> vdsm, so registration can be tested
14:10:38 <fabiand> right, the vdsm images are created using edit-node, right?
14:10:44 * fabiand didn't build the vdsm images before ..
14:10:51 <apuimedo> fabiand: I believe that the patch I asked fabiand to verify should be on the new iso
14:10:57 <fabiand> apuimedo, sure!
14:11:00 <apuimedo> ok
14:11:11 <apuimedo> and yeah, if I get the time to test over them
14:11:28 <apuimedo> to verify that everything is fixed, I would need the vdsm images
14:11:34 <fabiand> apuimedo, is there a specific vdsm version you would like to have in the image, or is a base image enough for you?
14:12:12 <apuimedo> fabiand: I don't know how to make the vdsm image from the vdsm one and I'm interested in testing the vdsm registration flows
14:12:31 <fabiand> okay, apuimedo . time to introduce you to edit-node :)
14:12:39 <apuimedo> fabiand: the version that should be included of vdsm is ovirt-3.3 branch, the tip of it
14:12:52 <apuimedo> fabiand: cool, send me to the docs, and I'll take a look
14:12:55 <fabiand> apuimedo, can we take a jenkins build?
14:12:59 <rbarry> apuimedo: With the firewall bug in edit-node fixed, it should work for VDSM...
14:13:34 <fabiand> apuimedo, I will :)
14:13:37 <apuimedo> rbarry: well then, I guess we'll have to try if the "should" is a "does"
14:13:39 <fabiand> okay
14:13:44 <fabiand> anything else, jboggs, rbarry ?
14:13:54 <apuimedo> I'll need the info on how to check though
14:14:03 <rbarry> fabiand: Nothing here
14:14:07 <jboggs> me either
14:14:47 <fabiand> okay
14:14:49 <fabiand> going
14:14:53 <fabiand> drei
14:14:58 <fabiand> zwei
14:15:02 <fabiand> eins
14:15:04 <fabiand> #endmeeting