14:12:20 <oschreib> #startmeeting oVirt Weekly Meeting
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14:12:29 <oschreib> #topic agenda and roll call
14:12:41 * lvernia here
14:12:50 <oschreib> #chair ewoud
14:12:50 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: ewoud oschreib
14:12:58 <oschreib> #info 3.2 Updates
14:14:11 <oschreib> #info conferences and workshops
14:14:16 <oschreib> #info infra update
14:14:22 <oschreib> #info other topics
14:14:31 <oschreib> (sorry, had some network issue)
14:14:59 <oschreib> #topic 3.2 updates
14:15:27 <oschreib> ewoud: ping
14:16:00 <ewoud> oschreib: pong
14:16:08 <oschreib> ewoud: can you re-chair me please
14:16:13 <ewoud> #chair oschreib
14:16:13 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: ewoud oschreib
14:16:17 <oschreib> thanks
14:16:23 <oschreib> so again
14:16:24 <oschreib> #info conferences and workshops
14:16:28 <oschreib> #info infra update
14:16:32 <oschreib> #info other topics
14:16:42 <oschreib> #topic 3.2 updates
14:16:59 <oschreib> #info 3.2.2 is live (pushed over a week ago)
14:17:13 <oschreib> dougsland: danken: any update about new vdsm?
14:17:41 <danken> dougsland: could you cover for me here? ^^^
14:18:11 <dougsland> oschreib, pardon? are you looking for a new version?
14:18:34 <oschreib> dougsland: vdsm update for 3.2.2
14:19:07 <danken> oschreib: we already have vdsm-4.10.3-17 in ovirt repos, right?
14:19:13 <dougsland> oschreib, the last build was: vdsm-4.10.3-17
14:19:18 <oschreib> I'll check that.
14:19:24 <oschreib> is it in stable already?
14:19:39 <danken> oschreib: yes, it is.
14:19:45 <oschreib> #info vdsm 4.10.3-17 pushed into Fedora stable
14:19:51 <dougsland> oschreib, I recall that mbetak sent it to update-testing
14:19:58 <dougsland> oops mburns
14:20:01 <dougsland> mbetak, sorry
14:20:10 <danken> oschreib: oh no, not this kind of stable
14:20:23 <danken> it is still on candidate
14:20:31 <oschreib> #undo
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14:20:53 <danken> dougsland: could you promote it to stable, and make sure it's on ovirt's repos?
14:21:01 <dougsland> danken, o> sure
14:21:24 <danken> dougsland: if you need karma for bodhi, I'm sure that people here would like to help
14:21:27 <oschreib> #info vdsm 4.10.3-17 should be pushed into Fedora stable shortly
14:21:42 <dougsland> danken, ok
14:22:21 <oschreib> #info ovirt-node respin should happen soon
14:22:34 <oschreib> anything else on 3.2?
14:23:41 <oschreib> ok, moving on
14:23:47 <oschreib> #topic oVirt 3.3 updates
14:24:02 <oschreib> #info 3.3 Schedule available at:
14:24:08 <oschreib> #link http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.3_release-management
14:25:14 <oschreib> #info many features are still RED
14:26:38 <mskrivanek> virt should make it with the exception for instance types
14:26:58 <mskrivanek> where we still want to push Edit VM dialog redesign which is highly visible. Should make end of month.
14:27:28 <oschreib1> ewoud: another network disconnect, can you re chair me please?
14:27:45 <mskrivanek> still too early to commit for sure, will know next week.
14:27:58 <ewoud> #chair oschreib1
14:27:58 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: ewoud oschreib oschreib1
14:28:21 <oschreib1> mskrivanek: which feature are you talking about?
14:28:52 <oschreib1> #info not much else to discuss until we have the feature information next week
14:29:08 <oschreib1> any updates about storage/SLA/networking?
14:29:18 <oschreib1> ofri: ? danken?
14:29:41 <mskrivanek> oschreib1: http://www.ovirt.org/Features/Instance_Types
14:30:05 <mskrivanek> oschreib1: the rest in orange should make it by end of month
14:31:05 <danken> oschreib we are a bit lagging behind with  Multiple Gateways, I am afraid
14:31:16 <oschreib1> mskrivanek: some of the orange stuff are missing target date...
14:31:16 <danken> but the code is out there, and under review
14:31:29 <oschreib1> danken: will it be ready for 3.3?
14:31:51 <danken> oschreib1: yes. we have two more weeks, and it will be there.
14:32:02 <danken> Network Security Groups and Network Labels, though, have to be kicked out of the version.
14:33:05 <oschreib1> danken: I think they should be removed.
14:33:12 <mgoldboi> danken: if won't make it - should be removed
14:33:29 * danken going to throw them away asap
14:33:57 <oschreib1> #info Network: Network Security Groups and Network Labels won't make 3.3, will be dropped
14:34:32 <mskrivanek> oschreib1: well, just 1, the RAM snapshots. Should be June 17th. It's just matter of getting it reviewed and merged which is always hard to predict...:/
14:34:48 <oschreib1> so please put a date, you can always change it.
14:34:53 <oschreib1> mskrivanek: ^^
14:36:22 <mskrivanek> oschreib1: done. it will get in in some form at least, I still have hope.
14:36:31 <oschreib1> mskrivanek: thanks
14:36:54 <glafouille> hello can anybody tell me where I can find change logs into 3.2.2?
14:37:28 <oschreib1> #topic Conferences and Workshops
14:38:02 <oschreib1> #info oVirt have a booth at Red Hat summit
14:38:20 <oschreib1> #info mburns and dneary are currently in the summit.
14:38:29 <oschreib1> and theron is away
14:38:51 <oschreib1> so I'm not sure anyone is here to report about conferences
14:39:33 <mskrivanek> oschreib1: I started to gather topics from Red Hat for oVirt in KVM Forum Edinburgh. Not much feedback yet...
14:41:39 <oschreib1> #info there will be an oVirt workshop alongside KVM Forum (http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/kvm-forum)
14:42:04 <oschreib1> #info mskrivanek is gathering some info for oVirt in KVM Forum Edinburgh
14:42:48 <oschreib1> mburns is likely to have a talk in KVM forum (iirc from last meeting, we will hear more about it next week
14:43:03 <oschreib1> anything else guys?
14:43:37 <danken> none for me
14:44:24 <oschreib1> #topic Infra Updates
14:44:31 <oschreib1> ewoud: any updates?
14:45:37 <oschreib1> #info No updates this week
14:45:46 <ewoud> oschreib1: sorry, was afk for a sec
14:45:52 <oschreib1> #undo
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14:46:07 <ewoud> we're looking at how we're going to install the rackspace servers as jenkins slaves
14:46:32 <ewoud> we're really lacking computing power to run findbugs on every patch so we're trying to hurry that up
14:47:02 <ewoud> see http://resources.ovirt.org/meetings/ovirt/2013/ovirt.2013-06-10-14.02.html for the full minutes
14:47:12 <oschreib1> #info infra team is working on installing rackspace servers as jenkins slaves
14:47:21 <ewoud> oschreib1: I think that's the most relevant info now
14:47:24 <oschreib1> #info for infra updates see the minutes:
14:47:30 <oschreib1> #link http://resources.ovirt.org/meetings/ovirt/2013/ovirt.2013-06-10-14.02.html
14:47:36 <oschreib1> thanks ewoud
14:47:41 <oschreib1> next.
14:47:54 <oschreib1> #topic other topics
14:48:04 <oschreib1> anything else?
14:48:45 <oschreib1> Going twice....
14:49:37 <oschreib1> gone. Thanks all.
14:49:40 <oschreib1> #endmeeting