#ovirt: oVirt Node Weekly Meeting

Meeting started by mburns at 14:02:29 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. agenda (mburns, 14:02:36)
    1. 3.0.0 updates/plans (mburns, 14:04:42)
    2. future plans/features (mburns, 14:04:49)

  2. Node 3.0.0 release (mburns, 14:06:53)
    1. RC spun on Friday (2013-05-17) (mburns, 14:07:35)
    2. new patches fixing compatibility with distros using python 2.6 (EL6 and derivatives) (mburns, 14:07:56)
    3. targeting new build for Thursday (2013-05-23) (mburns, 14:09:13)
    4. systemd update fixed some issues in the beta build (mburns, 14:09:43)
    5. ovirt-node-plugin-vdsm initial build posted as well (mburns, 14:10:02)
    6. some issues with registration due to bugs in the engine_page logic (mburns, 14:10:15)
    7. vdsm plugin is part of the oVirt release, so not under pressure to get fixed for node 3.0.0 GA (mburns, 14:10:44)
    8. f19 needs some additional patches posted (mburns, 14:13:26)
    9. may need update release for 3.0.0 to add F19 support (mburns, 14:13:45)
    10. ovirt.debug.log will move to /var/log and be rotated (due for 3.0.0 RC) (mburns, 14:24:26)
    11. puppet plugin will be included in 3.0.0 RC2 (mburns, 14:24:39)
    12. cleanup of edit node manifests and manifest diffs will be in 3.0.0 RC2 (mburns, 14:24:56)

  3. future plans/features (mburns, 14:25:28)
    1. engine has a feature to create the management network itself (mburns, 14:26:08)
    2. this has an implicit requirement that the device being used is not a bridge device since engine supports bridgeless networks (mburns, 14:26:51)
    3. this requirement currently cannot be met by ovirt-node (mburns, 14:27:04)
    4. plan is to investigate for 3.1 (mburns, 14:27:15)
    5. initial design: make a configuration option that can be set by a plugin to create/not create the bridge (mburns, 14:27:44)
    6. default configuration would be to create the bridge (mburns, 14:28:39)
    7. need to check for where we make assumption of a bridged network (mburns, 14:28:49)
    8. also need to add a configuration for locking out the network management locally (mburns, 14:29:21)
    9. so that the vdsm plugin can lock it without having to depend on finding a bridge named ovirtmgmt (mburns, 14:29:39)
    10. use case for bridgeless management network -- a system with multiple nics where vms only run on the non-management nic (mburns, 14:30:21)
    11. background discussion is on the arch@ovirt.org list (mburns, 14:31:12)
    12. Networking (mburns, 14:31:52)
    13. somewhat related to the previous, but we may want to re-design some of the networking setup (mburns, 14:32:15)
    14. this is somewhat to make it more modular (mburns, 14:32:38)
    15. there is hesitation to making these changes until the NetworkManager bridge support is in (mburns, 14:32:57)
    16. (currently supposed to land in F19) (mburns, 14:33:07)
    17. something to consider doing if it can be done in such a way that we can simply replace calls with calls to NM api (mburns, 14:33:44)
    18. otherwise, i'd rather wait for this support to land in Fedora (mburns, 14:34:06)
    19. also -- unknown if EL will get this support or not (mburns, 14:34:28)
    20. Installation flow (mburns, 14:35:38)
    21. need to rework some of the installation flow (mburns, 14:35:48)
    22. make it more modular so that new things can be easily plugged in (mburns, 14:36:19)
    23. things like plugins, iscsi, different flows, puppet, etc (mburns, 14:37:05)
    24. also need to make the backend more modular and debuggable (mburns, 14:37:26)
    25. this can probably start now and focus on modularizing and isolating (mburns, 14:40:27)
    26. Logging (mburns, 14:40:41)
    27. need to get logging cleaner and easier to read (mburns, 14:40:54)
    28. make sure that everything we want logged gets logged (mburns, 14:41:11)
    29. make it so that we can change logging level for additional debugging (mburns, 14:41:29)
    30. make all components log correctly (and distinctly) (mburns, 14:41:59)
    31. also, would be good to get things that we end up needing if certain areas fail (mburns, 14:47:11)
    32. for example -- if an upgrade fails, would be good to perhaps get the state of various things (blkid, labels, etc) (mburns, 14:47:16)
    33. it may be that we need to add a sos plugin or something (mburns, 14:47:23)
    34. some libvirt logging seems spurious at the moment -- rbarry to work with libvirt/vdsm people to debug (mburns, 14:47:40)
    35. storage config (mburns, 14:47:49)
    36. we may want to investigate the work being done by the anaconda team with blivet (mburns, 14:48:09)
    37. perhaps some of the anaconda work for bootloaders as well (mburns, 14:49:46)
    38. also some generic modularizing and isolating of the various functions (mburns, 14:50:21)

Meeting ended at 14:51:52 UTC (full logs).

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