13:01:30 <fabiand> #startmeeting oVirt Node Weekly Meeting
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13:01:46 <fabiand> #topic Agenda
13:02:00 <fabiand> #info beta status for 3.0
13:02:14 <fabiand> #info pending patches
13:02:28 <fabiand> #chair mburns jboggs rbarry
13:02:28 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: fabiand jboggs mburns rbarry
13:02:39 <fabiand> jboggs, rbarry around?
13:02:46 <rbarry> Around
13:03:02 <fabiand> rbarry, nice - good morning
13:03:21 <rbarry> Thanks, fabiand.  Good afternoon to you
13:03:57 <fabiand> thanks
13:04:06 <fabiand> mh - seems as if jboggs ain't around, mburns is also busy ..
13:04:31 <fabiand> so, just for the logs ...
13:04:39 <fabiand> #topic Beta Status
13:04:56 <fabiand> #info Beta release today
13:05:12 <fabiand> #undo
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13:05:19 <fabiand> #info Beta released today
13:06:29 <fabiand> #info RC to be build on 2013-05-15
13:06:33 <fabiand> so about a week left
13:06:45 <fabiand> Let's see what comes up ...
13:06:59 <fabiand> I only ran into an issue with auto installs
13:07:21 <fabiand> #topic Pending Patches
13:07:49 <fabiand> #info Currently 6 pending patches
13:08:10 <fabiand> But this looks good
13:08:24 <fabiand> jboggs mentione dthat he's going to push updates for his patches
13:09:00 <fabiand> #action jboggs to push updates for patches
13:09:50 <fabiand> #topic Other Topics
13:10:05 <fabiand> rbarry, can you say something about the puppte plugin?
13:11:04 <rbarry> fabiand: Feature complete. 100% done.  It'll be packaged in an RPM by Thurs/Fri.  I need to sync with mburns and decide whether the puppet and VDSM plugins are going into topic branches or separate repos, then move it over from github
13:11:34 <fabiand> rbarry, nice! I'm curious to try it
13:11:56 <fabiand> #info puppet plugin code is done
13:12:03 <rbarry> It still doesn't play with the installer the way I'd like it to, but you can't have everything, and it doesn't look like I'll make the RC deadline, though I'm still trying to tweak
13:12:12 <fabiand> #info needs packaging (eta Thur/Fri)
13:12:31 <fabiand> rbarry, ack - I think we can look at the issues once it's merged - or available ..
13:12:37 <mburns> rbarry: they're going to be separate repos
13:13:01 <fabiand> mburns, I suppose we want the puppet plugin to reside in gerrit?
13:13:18 <mburns> fabiand: probably
13:13:38 <jboggs> my irc fails again.... reading backchat
13:13:39 <mburns> fabiand: rbarry:  would the plugin make sense to merge into ovirt-node src repo?
13:13:58 <mburns> vdsm should be separate
13:14:04 <fabiand> I agree on vdsm
13:14:11 <mburns> but puppet, i'm more split...
13:14:17 <fabiand> but the puppet plugin seems to be more generic ...
13:14:24 * mburns would prefer that we integrate into puppet directly
13:14:45 <rbarry> I tend towards separate, given that the provider RPM isn't destined to be installed on the node.
13:14:47 <fabiand> mburns, could you elaborate on how you imagine this integration?
13:14:59 <rbarry> But yeah, I'd definitely like Puppet Labs to pick it up.
13:15:08 <mburns> fabiand: just include the ovirt-node provider in core puppet code
13:15:33 <mburns> but i'm rather indifferent as to whether we include it in ovirt-node or separate
13:15:52 <fabiand> at least I'd keep it as a plugin ...
13:16:08 <fabiand> and if it's a plugin we can still keep it in the ovirt-node repo, because the provider is tightly integrated with our logic ..
13:16:09 <mburns> fabiand: oh...maybe we're talking different things
13:16:17 <fabiand> mburns, could be :)
13:16:32 <mburns> the part that gets installed on ovirt-node should be a plugin and part of the ovirt-node repo
13:16:38 <fabiand> ack
13:16:45 <mburns> the provider that goes on the puppet host --
13:16:55 <mburns> should eventually be posted to core puppet
13:17:01 * fabiand needs to look at puppet terminology ...
13:17:33 <fabiand> yeah - sounds good - that'd make ndoe a first calss citizen in puppet - iiuic
13:17:33 <mburns> fabiand: that part could be included in ovirt-node git repo or be in a separate git tree temporarily
13:18:01 <fabiand> yes, for that component I'd go with a separate repo if we plan to push it upstream ..
13:18:08 <mburns> agreed
13:18:50 <fabiand> okay - justf ro me - how is the component called which get's installed niside node?
13:19:11 <rbarry> The component that goes on the node is handled by a path in the RPM %post and edit-node.  Everything else goes on the puppetmaster
13:19:30 <rbarry> s/path/patch/
13:19:59 <fabiand> oaky ..
13:20:00 <rbarry> And if we get detection for RHEV/oVirt picked up by Puppet Labs upstream, the node component will also be unnecessary.
13:20:00 <fabiand> so
13:20:19 <fabiand> #action rbarry to create repo for ovirt-node puppet provider
13:20:37 <fabiand> #action rbarry to push ovirt-node specific puppet patches to gerrit
13:21:16 <fabiand> right
13:21:17 <rbarry> fabiand: Ack, I'll break it up
13:21:22 <fabiand> cool
13:21:30 <fabiand> anything else, jboggs rbarry mburns ?
13:21:43 <jboggs> im good
13:22:26 <mburns> nothing from me
13:22:26 <rbarry> I'm good.
13:22:32 <fabiand> going _("erstens")
13:22:40 <fabiand> _("zweitens")
13:22:44 <fabiand> _("drittens")
13:22:45 <fabiand> right
13:22:46 <fabiand> thanks
13:22:53 <fabiand> #endmeeting