14:04:39 <mburns> #startmeeting ovirt node weekly meeting
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14:04:43 <mburns> #chair rbarry jboggs` fabiand
14:04:43 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: fabiand jboggs` mburns rbarry
14:04:47 <mburns> #topic agenda
14:04:59 <mburns> #info feature update
14:05:04 <mburns> #info release timeline
14:05:08 <mburns> #info other topics
14:05:15 <mburns> #topic feature update
14:05:26 <mburns> let's start with rbarry
14:05:33 <mburns> any updates on your features?
14:06:09 <rbarry> Basically feature complete. Just need to work out registering to engine
14:06:37 <mburns> rbarry: this is for puppet?
14:06:38 <rbarry> kernel cmdline, modularity, puppet providers work as expected, though
14:06:41 <rbarry> Yep
14:06:48 <mburns> rbarry: ok
14:06:59 <fabiand> rbarry, have you got some got some code in the public somewhere?
14:07:18 <mburns> probably a good idea to get the patches posted so we can start reviewing
14:07:19 <rbarry> fabiand: I'll get it up on Github or something today. There's not a repo created for it yet
14:07:36 <mburns> rbarry: excellent, thanks
14:07:44 <mburns> #info puppet is nearly feature complete
14:07:45 <fabiand> rbarry, cool
14:08:01 <mburns> #info still need engine registration
14:08:31 <mburns> #action rbarry to get code posted somewhere for review
14:08:40 <mburns> ok, jboggs`
14:08:46 <mburns> how is upgrade work going?
14:09:13 <jboggs`> slowly coming along, almost done, just working on other items in parallel
14:10:03 <mburns> #info upgrade coming along, slowed by other parallel work
14:10:15 <mburns> jboggs`: any other feature stuff you're working on?
14:10:31 * mburns knows there is efi stuff going on, but that's more bug fix than anything...
14:10:36 <jboggs`> efi testing in general
14:11:13 <mburns> ok
14:11:24 <mburns> fabiand: how about you?
14:11:30 <fabiand> mburns, I'm quite relaxed :)
14:11:46 <fabiand> mburns, the new tui and installer are working quite well ...
14:11:59 <mburns> fabiand: just bug fixing and cleanup for the tui/installer?
14:12:18 <fabiand> mburns, they are merged and right now I'm doing bug triage and upcoming problems with the new ui stuff ..
14:12:22 <fabiand> yep, corret
14:12:38 <mburns> #info tui and installer are merged, just bug fixing/cleanup items now
14:12:41 <mburns> fabiand: great
14:12:48 <mburns> fabiand: anything new in automation land?
14:13:15 <fabiand> mburns, well - I'd like to reduce the dependencies of igor a bit, so it's easier to use and setup
14:13:30 <fabiand> This shouldn't be to hard
14:13:40 <fabiand> It's about dropping the cobbler dep and using only libvirt
14:13:40 <jboggs`> fabiand, get a chance to verify that edit-node bug is fixed?
14:13:51 <fabiand> jboggs`, yep sure! I'll do that right after the meeting ..
14:14:30 <mburns> #info fabiand also working on reducing dependencies for igor (removing cobbler, using libvirt directly)
14:14:38 <mburns> ok, my updates
14:14:54 <mburns> #info mburns working through code base for openstack plugin
14:15:21 <mburns> #info all vdsm related content removed from ovirt-node
14:15:37 <mburns> #info vdsm-plugin codebase to be uploaded soon
14:15:51 <mburns> #info no progress on swap improvements yet
14:16:15 <mburns> </updates>
14:16:17 <fabiand> mburns, could you explain what you mean with swap improvements?
14:16:21 <mburns> any other updates people want to give
14:16:44 <mburns> fabiand: many requests to make swap independent of HostVG disk
14:16:51 <fabiand> right
14:17:27 <mburns> fabiand: so need to expose either AppVG or extract swap from HostVG
14:18:06 <mburns> there are a couple other requests around swap, like being able to detect all swap partitions and activate them (optionally)
14:18:15 <fabiand> okay ..
14:18:26 <mburns> haven't done any real design yet, but it's on my roadmap
14:18:34 <fabiand> swap files came to my mind when you said it should be independet of HostVG
14:18:51 <mburns> fabiand: where do you put the swap files?
14:19:03 <fabiand> mburns, some remote storage ...
14:19:34 <fabiand> depending how Node is used
14:19:37 <mburns> so need a way to specify that remote storage, size of swap files, etc...
14:19:57 <mburns> it's probably not a ton of work, but it's not really insignificant
14:20:08 <fabiand> yep
14:20:08 <mburns> just needs thought and design
14:20:22 <mburns> ok, any other feature updates?
14:20:59 <mburns> ok, moving on to release timeline
14:21:05 <mburns> #topic Release timelines
14:21:11 <mburns> fabiand: this is your topic
14:21:15 <fabiand> mburns, :) thanks
14:22:19 <fabiand> With the move to extract all the oVirt specific bits (VDSM) from Node we should consider also decoupling the release cycle of Node from the release cycle of the overall oVirt Project
14:22:46 <fabiand> That doesn't mean that we are completely ignoring it, but that we don't bind ourselfs to that cycle
14:22:53 <mburns> #idea since vdsm is out of the base image, we should de-couple from the oVirt Release Cycle
14:23:13 <mburns> #info don't ignore, but don't bind to that cycle
14:23:24 <fabiand> The motivation for this is to focus on our code and distro integration - and to provide a stable image
14:23:48 * mburns agrees
14:23:55 <mburns> jboggs`: rbarry:  thoughts?
14:24:04 <jboggs`> im agreeing with that
14:24:12 <fabiand> The idea is that node stabilizes over a time, and by the time that we want to integrate the engine bits, we are already having a tested base ISO
14:24:30 <fabiand> And in addition there might come more consumers of Node
14:24:30 <rbarry> That sounds ideal
14:24:40 <fabiand> nice
14:24:57 <mburns> so, important things to consider for the next release
14:25:08 <mburns> should be *before* ovirt beta
14:25:25 <fabiand> good point :)
14:25:42 <mburns> brb
14:27:32 <fabiand> One thing I want to note is that we got many testers of our Node image, because it was part of the ovirt beta
14:28:53 <fabiand> If we want to provide a stable image before the actual beta, we should really focus on automated testing to prevent regressions so we can still claim to be rock solid ..
14:29:57 <fabiand> The current testcases cover TUI and auto install, but they could be by far more fine grained ...
14:30:19 <fabiand> e.g. checking that all necessary binaries are available (sometimes some don't land in the image, b/c dependencies changed and a package is not pulled in ...)
14:30:57 <jboggs`> fabiand, any example of that so far?
14:31:09 <fabiand> brctl is the latets example
14:31:22 <fabiand> there were others
14:31:27 <mburns> sorry, phone call i had to take...
14:31:40 <fabiand> and mainly happen between major distro releases
14:32:30 <mburns> fabiand: having the generic image does open us to additional testing from people like OpenStack and oVirt
14:32:42 <fabiand> mburns, I agree partially
14:32:51 <fabiand> The testing will only happen as soon as the other parties are using the image
14:32:52 <mburns> but yes, we should concentrate on getting the automation increased/improved
14:33:18 <fabiand> My goal would be to have an already tested and stable image out of the door, which then use to feed our consumers ...
14:33:34 <mburns> fabiand: agreed
14:33:34 <fabiand> that reduces the number of moving components .. so we can focus on the actual integration problems ..
14:33:55 <mburns> and we'll probably have some initial growing pains with each project that distributes an ovirt-node image
14:34:07 <fabiand> yep
14:34:07 <mburns> but i think longer term, we'll be better off
14:34:15 <fabiand> I agree
14:34:41 <mburns> fabiand: fwiw, if we can identify the binaries that we *need*, then we should simply add them to the spec file
14:34:55 <mburns> the problem is identifying them
14:35:09 <fabiand> mburns, can a binary use for Requires: ?
14:35:15 <mburns> if they're in the spec file, then we can be relatively sure that they're included
14:35:15 <fabiand> … be used for …
14:35:17 <mburns> fabiand: yes
14:35:20 <fabiand> oh nice
14:35:26 <mburns> Requires:  /usr/bin/hostname
14:35:31 <mburns> for example
14:35:33 <fabiand> okay
14:35:34 <fabiand> ack
14:35:36 <mburns> must be full path
14:36:10 <mburns> fabiand: but yes, a more fine grained testing is a good idea
14:36:35 <mburns> having a set of test cases that run on any installed image (or any image running stateless for that matter) that verify certain things is a good idea
14:36:45 <fabiand> yep
14:37:29 <mburns> fabiand: before we can start asking people to write tests, though, we need documentation for how to write tests
14:37:33 <mburns> is that up anywhere?
14:37:41 <fabiand> yep
14:37:52 <fabiand> there are docs in the ovit-node tests/igor repo ..
14:37:57 <fabiand> but they'll need an update
14:38:02 <fabiand> (bug is already open for that)
14:38:09 <mburns> #info need better automated testing in igor
14:38:33 <mburns> #info more fine grained approach, set of tests that verify certain content in the base image
14:38:58 <mburns> fabiand: is there a quick wiki howto for creating a simple test?
14:39:07 <fabiand> mh no
14:39:22 <fabiand> But I can add a getting started w/ testing page ...
14:39:43 <mburns> excellent, that would be great
14:39:54 <mburns> #action fabiand to add a getting started with testing wiki page
14:40:41 <mburns> fabiand: i think we should also have a list of features we want in a release that is determined early on
14:40:56 <mburns> at least for post 2.7.0
14:41:27 <fabiand> yes
14:41:28 <mburns> fabiand: pretty sure we have most of that stuff already informally defined for 2.7.0
14:41:45 <fabiand> Yes, but we should really summarize it
14:42:16 <mburns> fabiand: so we should shoot for a mid-May release date for 2.7
14:42:44 <fabiand> yes that sounds good
14:43:05 <fabiand> I'd volunteer to setup the feature page
14:43:09 <fabiand> or 2.7.0 planning page
14:43:13 <mburns> so target feature complete by around mid april
14:43:38 <mburns> #action fabiand to create 2.7.0 planning page with feature summary
14:43:56 <mburns> fabiand: i'm thinking we might want to consider bumping to 3.0.0...
14:44:03 <fabiand> yep
14:44:09 <mburns> completely new UI, no more vdsm, etc...
14:44:17 <mburns> those are major changes, imo
14:44:23 <fabiand> yep, I completely agree
14:45:39 <mburns> #agreed next release will be 3.0, not 2.7
14:46:09 <mburns> anything else for release timeframes?
14:46:14 <mburns> or other topics?
14:46:35 <fabiand> I'd say it's good for now
14:46:40 <jboggs`> im good
14:47:08 <mburns> ok, then /me will close the meeting
14:47:11 <mburns> #endmeeting