15:00:43 <mburns> #startmeeting oVirt weekly meeting
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15:00:50 <dneary> Hi all
15:00:59 <dneary> I will be AFK for a few minutes while I get to the office
15:00:59 <mburns> #chair dneary oschreib
15:00:59 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: dneary mburns oschreib
15:01:00 * oschreib here at last
15:01:01 <jb_netapp> Hi dneary
15:01:08 <dneary> But I'll be here for a few mins first
15:01:17 <mburns> #topic agenda and roll call
15:01:21 * dustins here
15:01:22 * jb_netapp here
15:01:25 <dneary> hi jb_netapp
15:01:25 <mburns> * Release Status
15:01:35 <mburns> * Workshop update
15:01:42 <mburns> * Team reports
15:02:15 <dneary> mburns, Mind if we invert the order of the first 2? The workshop update will be really quick
15:02:23 <mburns> dneary: sure
15:02:29 <dneary> Thanks
15:02:33 <mburns> just give people another minute or so for roll call
15:03:28 <mburns> #topic Workshop update
15:03:33 * mgoldboi here
15:04:25 <mburns> dneary: all yours
15:04:31 <mburns> #chair mgoldboi
15:04:31 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: dneary mburns mgoldboi oschreib
15:04:33 <dneary> The Sunnyvale workshop went great!
15:04:58 <dneary> we had almost 100 registered (about a 30% no-show rate for first two days)
15:05:33 <mburns> #info Sunnyvale workshop went great
15:05:38 <dneary> We got almost full attendance at the board meeting, and got support for our proposed marketing & product plans for the year - we now need to follow up with community
15:05:46 <mburns> #info almost 100 registered (~30% no-show for first 2 days)
15:06:09 <mburns> #info board meeting had almost full attendance
15:06:26 <mburns> #info got support for proposed marketing, now need to follow up with the community
15:07:02 * Rydekull is here, listening
15:07:33 <dneary> Next oVirt event of note: Puppet Camp where Oved Ourfali will present Deltacloud integration into oVirt via UI plug-ins, and the virtualisation DevRoom at FOSDEM, where we are out in force (co-organised with the Xen community and Renzo Davoli
15:08:03 <Rydekull> dneary: FOSDEM and related presentations doesnt count as a "oVirt Event"?
15:08:16 <dneary> (that PuppetCamp presentation is during the buily a cloud day, organised by CloudStack people)
15:08:16 <Rydekull> oh
15:08:26 * Rydekull reread the sentence
15:08:28 <Rydekull> :_D
15:08:31 <dneary> Rydekull, Puppet Camp is in Ghent on Thursday and Friday
15:09:04 <mburns> #info next event:  Oved Ourfali presenting on deltacloud integration into oVirt at Puppet Camp
15:09:22 <dneary> We finalised the dates for the Shanghai workshop at Intel also: it will be on 8-9 May (not sure if I had that for you all last week, I think so)
15:09:23 <mburns> #info FOSDEM -- we are out in force with the virt devroom
15:09:45 <mburns> #info finalized dates for Shanghai workshop at Intel -- May 8-9
15:10:00 <dneary> And I'm done
15:10:01 <Jur> Hi, I have installed ovirt and configed a bonding interface with eth0 and eth1 for de management lan. That ok but when I want to add a VM network to it with a vlan tag that's not possible. So then I wanted to remove the bonding and use eth0 for management and eth1 for the vm networks but how can you remove a bonding?
15:10:18 <mburns> dneary: i think it was mentioned, but not a bad decision to mention it again
15:10:52 <mburns> ok, any questions/comments/concerns on workshops?
15:11:51 <mburns> ok, moving on
15:11:55 <mburns> #topic release status
15:12:06 <mburns> #info test day tomorrow (31-Jan)
15:12:21 <mburns> #info beta announcement ready, to be sent later today
15:12:26 <dneary> Hi Jur! I'm sure that there are people who can help you with your question (not me, though) - do you think you could ask again in ~45 mins? We're just starting a release management meeting (in which you're welcome to participate!)
15:12:50 <mburns> #info ovirt-node packages and image in final testing, to be posted today
15:13:47 <YamaKasY> dougsland: !
15:14:03 <mburns> #info ovirt-node blocked by vdsm bug 905728 (patch:  http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/11527/ )
15:14:03 <oschreib> mburns: superb :)
15:14:16 <Jur> Ow sorry for interrupting dneary
15:14:19 <mburns> #info but we can workaround this issue in ovirt-node for the beta
15:14:30 <mburns> Jur: no worries...
15:14:31 <dneary> Jur, Absolutely no problem!
15:14:50 <dneary> I just didn't want you to be disappointed if you thought that all these people were ignoring you :-)
15:15:01 <mburns> mgoldboi: anything to mention for the test day tomorrow?
15:15:07 <Jur> Hehehe
15:15:19 <mgoldboi> well, yes...
15:15:50 <mgoldboi> all invited to participate, development teams will be available on this channel for questios
15:16:21 <mgoldboi> if you are planing to join please subscribe yourself at http://www.ovirt.org/Testing/OvirtTestDay
15:16:34 <oschreib> just a thought ->  tracker bug to gather all testing day bugs? (
15:16:42 <mburns> #info Test Day:  all are invited to participate
15:17:02 <mburns> #info please sign up on http://www.ovirt.org/Testing/OvirtTestDay
15:17:32 <mburns> oschreib: sure, probably worth it, though that can be done after the fact
15:18:12 <oschreib> indeed.
15:18:22 <oschreib> just might be a good idea to track them.
15:18:46 <mburns> ack
15:20:06 <mgoldboi> mburns: will we have ovirt-node for tomorrow?
15:20:13 <mburns> mgoldboi: yes
15:20:19 <mburns> will be posted later today
15:20:23 <mgoldboi> mburns: wow - good news!!
15:20:31 <mburns> just testing a workaround for a vdsm bug
15:20:42 <mburns> and doing some final cleanup/testing
15:21:21 <mgoldboi> mburns: if you could go over the node section on testday wiki and update relevant items/links it could be great
15:21:29 <mburns> mgoldboi: yes, i will do that today
15:21:39 <mburns> #action mburns to review testday wiki node section
15:21:50 <mburns> #action mburns to send out beta announcement
15:21:59 <mburns> #action mburns to post ovirt-node for beta/test day
15:22:38 <mburns> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/showdependencytree.cgi?id=881006&hide_resolved=1
15:22:48 <mburns> a list of the bugs being tracked for the release
15:23:05 <mburns> #info ^^ a list of the bugs being tracked for the release
15:23:09 <dneary> bye all, stepping away
15:23:25 <mburns> thanks dneary
15:23:51 <mburns> #info Bug 879180 -- https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=879180
15:24:01 <mburns> #info New -- against NetworkManager
15:24:08 <mburns> is this really a blocker for 3.2?
15:24:41 <mburns> it seems to block 869963, but that is on_qa so i'm guessing we worked around it?
15:24:49 <mburns> fsimonce: danken: ^^
15:26:11 <mburns> danken: also:  https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=884990
15:26:15 <mburns> is that a blocker for 3.2?
15:26:33 <mburns> because it appears to be targeted for rawhide and is in the biosdevname component
15:26:40 <mburns> danken1: ^^
15:27:17 <mburns> #action ovirt-node bugs on the list are all targeted for the beta, mburns will update bugs later today
15:27:59 <mburns> #info only bugs not at least on POST in the list (outside ovirt-node bugs) are 879180 and 884990
15:28:13 <mburns> #info both of which are in core fedora components
15:28:19 <mburns> not ovirt components
15:28:48 <mburns> #info not ovirt components
15:29:00 * oschreib taking a look
15:29:12 <mburns> so we should be in decent shape for GA as long as other blocker bugs don't surface from the Test Day
15:31:23 <mburns> any other comments on the release status?
15:31:50 <mgoldboi> mburns: i think we would be smarter after testday
15:32:06 <mburns> mgoldboi: yes, i agree
15:32:46 <oschreib> +`
15:32:47 <oschreib> +1
15:33:12 <mburns> ok, then we'll move on and review this again after the test day
15:33:22 <mburns> oschreib: mgoldboi:  perhaps go over this again on Monday?
15:33:37 <mgoldboi> mburns: sounds good
15:33:41 <oschreib> go over what? blocker bugs?
15:33:45 <mburns> oschreib: yes
15:33:51 <oschreib> sounds good
15:33:53 <oschreib> same time?
15:33:58 <mburns> and potential blockers for the release
15:34:10 <YamaKasY> guys can I already update the centos packages from another repo ?
15:34:25 <mburns> oschreib: no, let's do 1 hour earlier
15:34:34 <mburns> infra has their meeting here at this time
15:34:49 <oschreib> ok
15:35:00 <mburns> oschreib: assuming that works for you and mgoldboi
15:35:09 <mgoldboi> mburns: sure
15:35:14 <mburns> ok
15:35:19 <mburns> moving on then
15:35:27 <mburns> #topic Infra report
15:35:43 <mburns> ewoud: can you give an update for the infra team?
15:35:47 <mburns> or is there someone else?
15:35:53 <mburns> #chair ewoud
15:35:53 <ovirtbot> Current chairs: dneary ewoud mburns mgoldboi oschreib
15:35:56 * ewoud just arrived
15:36:28 <ewoud> short update is that we haven't had time to set up the new hardware we got from alterways
15:36:55 <ewoud> we should receive credentials, but we didn't pass that along very well with quaid on vacation
15:37:13 <mburns> #info new hardware from AlterWay not set up yet, but in progress
15:37:45 <ewoud> at FOSDEM we'll at least have a short meeting with dneary, quaid, Rydekull and me to say hi and maybe discuss a bit
15:38:18 <mburns> #info infra team meetup at FOSDEM ( ewoud quaid dneary Rydekull )
15:38:29 <mburns> ewoud: excellent
15:38:52 <ewoud> mburns: I think that's it
15:39:02 <mburns> ok
15:39:05 <mburns> thanks ewoud
15:39:06 <danken1> I believe that BugĀ 884990 -      non deterministic bios dev naming in KVM guests
15:39:06 <danken1> is pretty bad
15:39:06 <Rydekull> \o/
15:39:15 <mburns> #topic Other topics
15:39:30 <mburns> anyone have other topics?
15:39:38 <mburns> danken1: any idea if people are working on it?
15:39:41 <danken1> mburns: and I think we should put some more pressure on biosdevname
15:40:05 <danken1> mburns: not seriously, I am afraid
15:40:07 <mburns> i'm not sure we should hold the release for that, but agree we should put pressure on them
15:40:22 <danken1> I think it is important to flash the red lights about it
15:41:35 <danken1> I have no idea why the heck they've debilitated sane naming once they notice it is a VM
15:42:57 <mburns> danken1: does it block some feature we want for 3.2?
15:43:40 <mburns> sounds like biosdevname isn't interested in doing anything here
15:44:06 <teuf_> the systemd/udev people are introducing another naming scheme for net devices fwiw
15:44:35 <mburns> danken1: i'll read through the bug and see if i can push it along at all
15:44:46 <mburns> and we can review again next week if we should block on this
15:45:03 <mburns> ok, if no other topics, then we can close this meeting
15:45:07 <mburns> going once...
15:46:24 <mburns> twice..
15:46:41 <mburns> gone
15:46:44 <mburns> thanks all
15:46:46 <mburns> #endmeeting