15:00:28 <mburns> #startmeeting oVirt Node weekly sync
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15:00:39 <mburns> #chair pmyers rbarry fabiand jboggs
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15:00:45 * fabiand is in
15:01:51 <glafouille> hello, is it a regular way that when creating a gluster volume, the folder is created with root rights instead of 36.36?
15:02:52 <mburns> #topic Release status
15:03:15 <mburns> #info beta is supposed to be posted today for oVirt 3.2
15:03:34 <mburns> #info need to branch and package everything for ovirt-node 2.6.0 today
15:03:50 <mburns> fabiand: jboggs:  any updates on F18 status?
15:04:16 <fabiand> mburns, I'm just installing a recent build
15:05:04 <fabiand> the UI should be in a good shape
15:05:23 <mburns> fabiand: do we have the new installer backend code ready?
15:05:27 <mburns> or is that still WIP?
15:05:30 <fabiand> I work hard to submit a patch today for an updated installer
15:05:59 <fabiand> mburns, it's not as nice as I hoped it would ...
15:06:14 <mburns> fabiand: if it's not ready, that's fine, we can keep the old installer
15:06:14 <fabiand> I'm having a bit of a struggle with some details
15:06:19 <fabiand> otherwise it's quite okay
15:06:22 <fabiand> right ..
15:06:30 <mburns> and merge it later
15:06:42 <fabiand> yeah
15:07:58 <mburns> ok, lets do our best to get node running successfully on F18 and working with ovirt 3.2
15:08:16 <mburns> anyone have other topics to bring up?
15:08:42 <fabiand> I'm good
15:09:05 <mburns> ok, since the others don't seem to be here, we'll close the meeting
15:09:08 <rbarry> Nothing here.
15:09:16 <mburns> ah, hi rbarry
15:09:27 <mburns> #endmeeting